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It was easy to stick together

It was cold, windy and I knew it was only a short time before the rain came back.  Patent Pending sent a note yesterday and said to consider using the parking garage across the street from Stonecrest.  I checked out the potential site for our workout.  Yes, an option, but not for what I had planned, so the commitment was made to stick with the original details and deal with the elements.  A few moments later a car pulled up.  Was solo until that time (5:28ish) and thinking my highly motivational post for being the Q was far from motivational. I will be posting sunshine and rainbows next time when mentioning the weather or free beer.  Out of the car popped Rousey.  Now for the record, Rousey said he normally posts elsewhere on Wednesday’s, but chose The Maul for this Wednesday.  And boy was I happy.  Because had he not shown, the workout still needed to get done.  I am not getting up at 4:40am, dressed to workout and just drive to the site……so with the two of us ready to go, we started promptly at 5:30am.  After a few disclaimers we took off.  Took a light jog toward Firebirds and then over by Jersey Mike’s for warm up.

15 Potato Pickers

15 Lo Slo Squats

Enough warm up, we need to get moving.

Ran to the front to the front of the movie theatre and the full work out began

  • Broad Jump, 10 Air Squats, Broad Jump, 9 Air Squats……down to 1 Air Squat
  • 25 Merkins
  • Then return counting up. Broad Jump, 1 Air Squat, Broad Jump 2 Air Squats…..
  • 25 Merkins

It was time to hit the Horn, Murder Horn that is.  Rain was starting, but still not enough to deter us.  Ran to the rock pile at the bottom.  Grab a rock.

  • 20 Curls, 20 press, 20 tri-ceps
  • Shoulders needed more work, so 4 sets, 25 reps of presses

Time to run, the Horn

  • Run up to the top of the Horn, then on the way back down 10 Merkins (alternate style) and 10 Plank Jacks at each lamp post. Solid running pace. Keep moving as the rain was picking up

Back to the rock pile

  • 4 sets of 25 curls. Make ‘em count

Run back to launch area, but not done.  Tried to find a dry part of the wall, but no luck, until we turned the corner and saw a little covered spot.

  • Wall sits, with 25 air presses. 4 sets
  • 20 more Merkins to get to 100
  • Closed out with LBC’s


Completed COT in the dry covered area.


Got to learn more about Rousey and his experience with F3 and other tidbits.  Less than a year and says he really enjoys it.  Also has a 12-year-old child.  He talked about family and the importance of being there for each other.  Rousey has another Q coming up and we spent a good bit of time talking about how to keep them fresh and shared different ideas.

Yes, the weather was awful today, but was still a great morning to be the Q at the Maul (thank you Patent Pending) and lead another F3 workout.

It does not matter how many you are leading.  1 or 50.  We must be the best leader we can be, because there is always at least 1 person that is expecting us to lead.  This does not just apply to Qing at F3………..

I took us out.

4 Years, 16 PAX (2 FNG’s) and a 6 pack of suds

Let’s start with the fact that today was the 4 – year celebration of Da Vinci, but not sure any of the PAX from today were at the first one, but that does not matter.  The birthday beatdown was going to happen with FNG’s and veterans alike.  In advance of the celebration, Midriff communicated it was going to be leg day.  The YHC hope is hoping everyone is limping around feeling HAZY, except for the 2 FNG’s and one 2.0.  They are not legal.  They can’t feel HAZY.

16 PAX started and finished.  Leg day started with a short mosey to the side of Best Buy.  I am sure the 40 somethings (myself included) were thinking about the high school days when we were only concerned with the ladies and having a kick ass stereo in our parent’s car we were driving, installed by Best Buy or some local shop.  Today, the cars come with those stereos we spent all that money on.  Anyway, I digress, time to get back on track.

4 years for Da Vinci, 4 stations to beat the PAX down.

Warmup- Station 1 (Soft Pretzel said counting skills improving 😊)

15 SSH

20 Merkins

15 Dry Docks

15 V ups

15 Flutters

10 Burpees (Any Q by me will include some burpees)

Exercise – Station 2 we than ran over to 131 Main (no steak dinners yet) and started leg day.

YHC instructed the PAX, start with 25 jump squats (do them right or it does not matter) and then we did a tour a Blakeney with 25 more jump squats at CK, behind Target and back at 131 Main.  Let’s be clear, One Star will never allow down time.  He is the Abs man and kept us going.  Thank you One Star.

More exercise – Station 3 – Cross Ardrey Kell and work the long straight away in the office park for more legs.  Partner up to ensure proper social distancing.  Partner 1, 50 walking lunges, partner 2, 25 Merkins and then rest until partner 1 was done.  Again, no rest for One Star.  More abs. Then partner 2 starts 50 lunges, partner 1 does 25 Merkins and waits for partner.  Repeat.  Then round 3 was 25 reverse lunges and 25 Merkins.  Same process.  Yes, One Star pushed for more abs and when the PAX slowed or complained he pushed more.  It was awesome.  Love the support.

Then it was time for the FNG’s to show their youth.  SPRINTS (again any Q led by YHC will include sprints).  We worked about 6 parking lot islands for sprints, group 1 and group 2 with the FNG’s partnered up, they won every race.  And still had more energy.  For the record, the FNG’s are scholarship athletes in college, so they better have smoked us.

Back to Blakeney and meet at the fountains.  Partner up with 1 doing step ups on the wall while partner 2 ran around the horseshoe parking lot.  Time was running out, so we did not get to our goal of 100 steps ups (2 is 1), but we got close.

Time was up, so we moseyed back to launch for more abs led by One Star.


  • Thank you Midriff for coordinating the donuts and coffee and as always just being a GREAT F3 support.
  • Thank you Soft Pretzel, for always keeping us on track, ensuring the PAX was good and helping out at COT with FNG’s. He also took us out with a solid message.
  • Much appreciation for One Star for partnering up with YHC and ensuring there was never too much rest time.
  • Smuggler had to bolt so the iron would warm up in time for him to iron his Santa suit and make his tee time. Any photo’s?
  • Cable Guy, you brought me out to F3 and you have always made it a priority to attend when I am Q. Thank you.
  • IMO, Stuffing has the best F3 name of the day as his first day was Thanksgiving.
  • Always happy to provide some libations when I can and today the PAX was treated to our newest beer, HAZY IPA.  Super HAZY and Super Juicy.  Big Ben is not a coffee drinker, so his post workout drink was a beer.  Well done!!!
  • Let’s close out with the FNG’s. Two young bucks with some speed.
    • First we have Drew, who is a college baseball player and surfer. He was given the name of War Child. The hair…….
    • Next up is Carson (2.0) who is playing college rugby, from KY, but a GA fan. His nick name lines up right with his dad.  Dad is Stuffing and 2.0 is Green Bean.
    • Welcome FNG’s and expect you to post while home.


Convergence on Christmas Eve at Rea Farms.  6:30am.  Exercise, Coffee and taco’s.  Taco Stand will be Q.

Dwight is looking for some speed workouts that will help his 2.0 (Watson) as he prepares for track season.  Please reach out if you have anything to assist.

Darker Places

10 men arrived for the Weinke at Bagpipe for a cooler time in Darker Places.  YHC was all decorated with headlamp and arm reflectors.  PAX was wondering where they were headed.

Mosey west to a side lot for the warm-up.

15 Side Stradle Hops in Cadence

15 Lo Slo Squats in Cadence (these were not really Slo as Q still working on Cadence)

15 Potato Pickers in Cadence

Turn the corner and stare down 6 islands for a round of BLIMPS.

5 Burpess

10 Lunges

15 Imperial Walkers

20 Merkins

25 Plank Jacks

30 Squats

Hold Plank until all PAX complete.  Mighty_Mite was asking if we were going to hold plank for 7 minutes.

Continue west for 10 Bernie Sanders, run backwards to second tree, then forward back to start for 10 rounds.  Kirby’s fav. There was a lot of chatter for rounds 1-3, then some grunting and complaining.  Then it was quiet.  Olaf gave us a countdown from 10 to regroup.

Head south to Snake Lake (Commish says he friended a snake on the path) for partner work. Round 1. One partner runs lap (.2 miles) and the other does Merkins.  Then swap. Round 2.  One partner runs another lap and other holds Plank.  Then swap.  Round 3.  One partner runs lap, other does Burpees.  Then swap.

Head back towards base, but a few stops along the way.  Stop at the Bernie Sanders hill for a long backwards run all the way up the hill.  Then another stop at 6 island lot for a reverse BLIMP (start with Squats) and then once PAX completed, headed back to base.  Kirby and Midriff closed us out with ab work.

Great job men, but I could have used another 15 minutes to really ruin your legs for the day.  Saved for next time.

COT —blood drive reminder, encouraging all to close out the Weinke with a prayer and Cooter asking to combine the COT moving forward.  Midriff closed us out.

Till next time…….YHC is out.

#420 was the cadence and the prize

The Prep Work

YHC was stoked to get the nod from Tuck on my VQ, but knew the pressure was on.  Have you seen this guy run?  He runs before the run.  He asked the week after I survived his 7 of diamonds Q, so he must of thought I had some skill to lead The Brave.  In full disclosure, I woke up Sunday morning and planned my program and did the workout to ensure the key metrics were met……….minimum 4 miles and 60 minutes of work.  At least that is all that was in my head to accomplish……..There was way more.

The Exercises

8 men arrived for The Brave (several called out by me on Slack) to see what was in store for my VQ.  And thank you midriff for appreciating the call out.  fredo gave a 50/50 nod on the call out….haha.   So we left Gibson parking lot for more space and arrived by the AAA lot.  There was some SSH, Lo Slo Air Squats and Swimmers.  Not sure what that is?  Attend my next Q.  We will do some more.  At this point, 8 fine men, were extremely nervous and ready to question tuck on his choice.  Especially kirby.  The cadence was some of the worst.  soft_pretzel recommended watching some videos on cadence for these exercises.  Yes, in the moment, I was well aware of the poor cadence, but it was too late to step down.  Nor would I.  We did some side stepping on the parking lot lines and lined up for an Indian Run for 1.5 laps around the parking lot.  It was go time.

From there we bolted up Community House, but every two minutes we stopped and did 4 Air Squats, 2 Merkin and 0 Burpees.  Get it?  #420.  Once we reached Johnston Rd, I think there was some feeling of relief from the crew that they were going to get a work out in and everyone was still there……..On the way back down Community House we swapped the Merkin and Air Squats and remained at 0 Burpees.  We turned right after the Hampton Inn and entered the parking garage. I do not recall the exact words muttered by Taco_Stand, but it was something like “here comes the kick to the gut”….he can clarify, but I did feel good after hearing that.  Now it was time for the Burpees.  We did 10 Burpees and 10 Side Lunges rotating the exercises at each turn running to the top of the garage.  On the way down it was 10 Plank Jacks and 10 LBC’s rotating at each turn.  On the main level, there was a perfect lap to get to 50 of each so it was 10 Burpees at turn 1, then 10 Side Lunges at turn 2…… get it……

At this point, I think the crew was thinking we were headed back, but nope.  There was a perfect hill to sprint up right there in front of us, so 5 sprints up, walk down on the minute.  There was some real Rocky Balboa energy working up that hill and once everyone knew the 5th was the last, it was our fastest sprint.

We headed back at that point still with our #420 cadence and then arrived at the end of the Indian Run to run a lap backwards and then half of lap side shuffle and landed back at Gibson.

After a minute of plank, we did our count, showed respect and said a prayer.  Feedback was then given to me (much appreciated and glad I made it through) in prep for the next Q.  We could not end there, so I invited everyone to the car to grab a 6pk of SweetWater 420 and enjoy for the weekend.

I appreciate the support from the PAX.









Till the next time, enjoy your #420’s