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ManBearPig Sighting at Food Lion

With a great damp/brisk morning ahead of them, 10 men answered the call of bring headlamps and reflective wear to get stupid. We can say 10.5 men for one hard commit that was there in spirit(Cough Cough, Deadwood). With today marking my 2 year F3versary, I have no complaints on this morning.

Warm up:

Mosey around the block to run our way up to Dreamchasers

20 x SSH

20 x Imperial Walkers

Plank position/6 inches- make circles to the left and make circles to the right

10 x Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

Nice mosey from Dreamchasers to Food Lion

Broad-jump Burpees from one island to the next. Do 20 LBC’s and broad-jump Burpee back to beginning.

Now introducing ManBearPig. Bear crawl to the first parking space line, then crawl bear back one parking space line. Bear crawl two parking space lines, then crawl bear back one parking space line. Rinse and repeat until you reach the end. Backwards run to the beginning. By the end, you’ll be squealing like a pig. That is if you use proper form.

Run to the covered area in front of Food Lion. While facing the wall and toes 6 inches away from the wall, perform a correct squat or you can hit your face on the wall(x 10). Your choice.

On the same wall, balls to the wall. Handstand merkins x 10

Face the wall again for proper squats x 10.

Criss-Cross Diddle Merkins. Diddle Merkins while place one leg over the other. Right over left x 5 and left over right x 5.

Mosey back to Dreamchasers.

Circle up and get in the People’s Chair. While in position side step to the right x 10 and side step to the left x 10.

Still in People’s chair, side step/squat.

While heading back to the cars, run forward one street lamp then run backwards one. Run forward two street lights, then run backwards one street light. Rinse and repeat for the whole block.

Mosey around the block going behind the church only to come back to the front of the church for some Mary.


There were none.


It truly was an honor to lead you today and a bigger honor for you all to follow me. Two years ago, I started my journey with F3 on a whim. Two years ago, I couldn’t do 5 minutes of the workout I lead today. Two years later I find myself doing things, becoming a better man, becoming a better leader, achieving goals, and feeling better than I could ever imagine. I came for the workout, I found and kept coming for so much more. More than I could imagine. I have a long way to go, but I know I will get there. I can do all things through him who strengthens me.( Philippians 4:13)

I did not have the confidence in me before, but through God and F3 I found my long-lost potential that I gave up on. I found myself again and it feels good to see ME again. Thank you to everyone for all the support that has been given to me and the roasting. It is all needed and appreciated.

Shake and Bake, OUT!!!!!

Throw Mama from the Q Jack Train!

YHC was pumped to do a VQ at a newish site to me. Thanks for the opportunity/voluntold Bottlecap. Luckily, yours truly has been tormented…….I mean lead around this area before for workouts. We even had an guest appearance for from eHarmony. In all we had a lucky 13 ready to rock, what could go wrong?


We started with a short mosey around the block. The disclaimer was given and instructions/information on proper form. We will do things at a good pace to concentrate on good form and not high numbers of reps. And of course, during my Q if I yell Shake N Bake it is 5 Burpees on your own. Bad form triggers a Shake N Bake for sure. Let’s circle up and get moving a little. It went as follows:

SSH: x20
Imperial Walker
: x15
Low Slow Squats: x20 Back straight, shoulders back, head up, and squat down as if you are sitting down.
Mountain Climbers: x10
Potato Diggers: x10

Hey what’s that sound? Train coming! Burpees until it’s gone. Felt like 10 minutes, but was maybe only 5 minutes worth. After getting Q jacked by the train, decided to get started with the workout.

The Thang:

We took a quick mosey to the “short” wall. The first exercise was a partner workout. Partner ‘A’ does Derkins with their feet on the wall while Partner ‘B’ is the time keeper doing 20 squats. Flapjack when you are done. Next, Partner ‘A’ does wall/box jumps(Donkey Kicks were the modify) as the time keeper doing 10 in all while Partner ‘B’ holds the people’s chair position.

Now let’s head to the bottom of Keith Jong Hill. It went as follows:

  • Sprint to the top of the hill, rolled dice and did the rolled exercise of 20 Inch Worm Merkins. (The Q was a little overzealous on the amount put on the die so I called an early stop seeing that is was a bit too much for some of the Pax)
  • Run back down the hill. Next was 10 Diddle Merkins(I made them up, so I named them). Its merkins that mixes in regular Merkins and Diamond Merkins by shifting from Widearm Merkin stance to Diamond while alternating between the two in cadence. Yeah I know you don’t get it if you weren’t there.
  • Back to the top of the hill and roll the dice. 20 Carolina Dry Docks
  • Run back down the hill. Next was 10 Hurpees(Hand release Burpees). A little something Madison brought back from one of his trips and shared with us.
  • Back to the top of the hill and roll the dice. 25 Freddie Mercury’s.

That was it for the hill work. Now time for some running. After turning the corner and checking on the PAX, I noticed running was not in the cards for everyone and needed to cancel the last half of what I had planned.

Next up, lunges from stop sign to stop sign. Plank up and wait for the 6. Now time for some curb work:

  • 20 Dips on your own
  • 10 Incline Merkins in cadence
  • 20 Toe Tap LBC’s in cadence
  • 20 toe raises on your own
  • Hold a squat position by almost sitting on the curb, don’t let the cheeks touch. Three rounds with counts of 10, 15, and 20

Now let’s mosey back from whence we came. One the mosey back we performed High Knees, Karaoke(spelling) left and right.

Now for some stretching so we can all work today with minimal pain:

  • Legs shoulder width apart, bend at the waist and extend down as far as you can go. Each time you exhale, go a little deeper.
  • Right leg over left, bend at the waist and extend down as far as you can go. Each time you exhale, go a little deeper. Flapjack and repeato.
  • Right arm extended in front while the left arm comes around to stretch your right arm in from of you while keeping your body square. Flapjack and repeato.
  • TIME!


In the excitement of being on Q and “bringing the pain” we sometimes concentrate more on quantity than quality. It doesn’t take much to give a good “beat down” but it also doesn’t take much to get hurt. I made jokes about it, but having good form is important in the effort of not getting hurt. Stretching and performing exercises in good form is key. When we are leading we must make sure that we aren’t rushing counts/cadences or setting the speed at a pace that the PAX cannot follow in proper form. I was guilty of this twice today. I caught myself both times by paying attention to the PAX.

This is the same in our daily lives. Keep your eyes on your Family, Friends, and co-workers. We are in this together like it or not. Don’t just go through the motions of the day rushing through things just to get done. Take your time and make sure you are taking the proper steps to not only your goals, but the goals of your family or team. By keeping an eye on those that are leading you and following you, you make everyone including yourself better, safer, smarter, and prepared.

That’s enough of that babble. It was a honor leading you guys this morning.


F3 pool party June 8th. Sign up now to reserve your spot so they know how much food/drink to supply. You can pay when you get to the pool if you cannot find the link to pay. It will be at Lawson’s pool.

Shake N Bake, OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shake N Bake Circuits

YHC was voluntold to Q at Watchtower this morning, Thanks Posse. Never been on Q here before, but OK lets do it. I wasn’t totally familiar with the layout, so what should I do? I know its a nice size round parking lot, time for some circuit work. Gave the disclaimer and the explanation of the phrase Shake N Bake during Q. During my Q’s, whenever I yell Shake N Bake the PAX performs 5 Burpees no matter where they are or what they are doing. Lot’s of fun!



We started with a short mosey around the parking lot as I pointed out the four corners of happiness. Let’s circle up and get moving a little. It went as follows:

Imperial Walker: x20
Arm Circle(forward and backwards): x10
Low Slow Squats: x20 Back straight, shoulders back, head up, and squat down as if you are sitting down. We don’t need any “Twerking” squats.
Mountain Climbers: x20

That’s enough of that, let’s do it.


The Thang:

The PAX engaged in three different circuits around the parking lot at the designated corners.

Circuit One:

  • At corners 1 and 3 Merkins x20
  • At corners 2 and 4 LBC’s x 20
  • Three rounds of the circuits

During the second lap of the circuit it seemed as if things were going too smoothly and just needed a little chaos to even things out. SHAKE N BAKE, 5 Burpees on your own.

After finishing the first circuit and giving a 10 count, I looked out into the faces of the PAX and saw that something was missing. I asked if everyone was “good” and I received some low guttural noises that resembled responses. These guys need a snack to get them going, I know what to do. SHAKE N BAKE. After their quick snack, on to circuit two and the threats/promises of bodily harm if shake n bake was called again started.

Circuit Two:

  • At corners 1 and 3 Diamond Merkins x10
  • At corners 2 and 4 Freddie Mercury x 10(each leg)
  • Three rounds of the circuits

The PAX were fearless and strong until the second lap yet again. These guys were starving. I knew that a delicious and crispy treat that comes in the chicken, pork, or fish variety would fill that void. I yelled, “you guys look hungry, I got just the thing!” I heard no don’t, but I know they just did not want to bother me. I’m here to help, so here it comes. SHAKE N BAKE!

The promises of heavy handed encouragement in the form of patting me on the back and face with modified “opened” hands rained through the air if I ever called SHAKE N BAKE again. But we all knew, that time would come again.

Circuit Three:

  • At corners 1 and 3 Burpees x5
  • At corners 2 and 4 Flutter Kicks x 10(each leg)
  • Three rounds of the circuits

Alright, let’s start strong. Hold on, you guys are starting too strong just to go do Burpees. Well, if you are that excited. SHAKE N BAKE, right before the first set of Burpees. I started to get the promises fulfilled from earlier promises right after the first set of Flutter Kicks, I had it coming. LOL

This party isn’t over yet. Time for Bear Crawl Ring of Fire:

  • Get into a circle and bear crawl counter-clockwise until the Q says stop. Upon stopping, 10 Merkins.
  • Now go clockwise and do the same.
  • This was done two times

Next came the Al Gore Ring of Fire:

  • Get into a circle and the Al Gore stance. While in the Al Gore stance, move in a counter-clockwise motion while in position until the Q says stop. Upon stopping, 10 Squats.
  • Now go clockwise and do the same.
  • And one more time counter-clockwise.

During the second round a well placed joke provoked, SHAKE N BAKE.

Wow, it’s not 6:15 yet? Let’s line up for an Indian Run, with a twist. It’s a regular Indian Run but the person in the back does not run to the front until they do 5 Merkins. We did two laps of this.

We concluded our great time with 30 Flutter Kicks and 10 Heels to Heaven.


It’s been hard getting back up to speed with running and working out but I have been getting a lot of encouragement in the matter. It’s frustrating to see myself struggle on things that once were easy. It is my fault and I hold myself accountable. I will make the necessary sacrifices and do the work that is required to get back to what I was and be better. We all started for different reasons, but I hope we all have the same determination to meet our goals. Whether it’s like me and want to be around for your family longer, to look better, feel better, class reunion, or a bet with someone. Just to sum it up, let’s continue to use that determination to push ourselves and others. Either way, with this group of guys there is always that extra push that come early in the morning to get out of bed and do something. Or maybe it is the fear of the cyber bullying. LOL.

That’s enough of that babble. It was a honor leading you guys this morning.


F3 Family day- This Saturday(May 12th) at Cuthbertson. It starts at 9am. Bring your M’s and 2.0’s

Sorry, that is the only announcement I remember.

The Four Corners of Socrates…featuring the PAX of SPARTA

When you can’t think of something creative, you do something simple. Add reps to it and repeat. That’s what happened at F3 Sparta today.

The Thang:

Our band of six started as a band of five. Just when it seemed we were doomed to an odd number, Spartan Smokey sent his message that we would soon be upon us. As promised, the Spartan appeared ready for battle not knowing what was soon to be before him.

We started with a brisk lap around the school as I pointed out 4 points(corners) around the school that would soon become our stations. After the mosey, it was time for the disclaimer.

With the disclaimer out of the way, we now warm-up:

  • SSH X 20
  • Imperial Walkers X 15
  • Mountain Climbers X 20

Enough of that, let’s get to the meat and potatoes. The are four corners that were designated around the school. The instructions were to take five laps around the school. While taking the laps, the pax would do the follow:

  • Corner 1, 25 Merkins
  • Corner 2, 25 LBC’s
  • Corner 3, 25 Merkins
  • Corner 4, 25 LBC’s

After the completing the five laps with exercises included, the individuals that finish early(cough,cough, Smokey) circle back and pick up the six.

Once we were all back together now time to play on the playground(partner work):

  • Partner One runs to the street to do 10 Bombjacks while partner two does Incline Merkins(2 rounds)
  • Partner One runs to the street to do 10 Heels to Heaven while partner two does Dolly’s(2 rounds)
  • Partner one runs to the street to do 5 Burpees while partner two does Flutter Kicks(2 rounds)
  • The Pax ran as a group to the street and did 10 Heels to Heaven.


  • Squat down as low as possible while putting your knees out as far as possible, hold
  • While standing and spreading legs apart, bend at the hip to touch the ground. Exhale to reach deeper. Now, walk your hands over to your right foot and hold. Walk your hands back to center. Now walk your hands over to your left foot and hold. Back to center, now stand.
  • Pigeon stretch


Not much to report but most importantly Madison has gotten a job offer and possibly another on the way. Great news to hear and glad he is getting some lead way so quickly. Prayer works!

It was an honor to lead and a greater honor for you all to trust me to follow me.

Shake N Bake, out!

SPARTA, RUN………….words

Well, I tried to think of something creative to do at Sparta but nothing came up. So I tried harder and harder, still nothing. Then I remembered something………………………THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s just run baby…….so we did.

The Thang:

As we were about to start, good ole Joker came in screeching on two wheels just in time. As someone stated, you can tell who the real runners are. They just get out the car, lace up the shoes, no stretch, let’s run. The disclaimer was given and now……………………………………..we run. Follow me.

We ran gingerly through the neighborhood on our way to Pleasant Plains Road. We ran to about the 2.25 mile mark and then turned around to head back from whence we came. In all we all covered five miles total. There was a great effort by all and encouragement all around.

Arsenal will not admit it, but he was killing it.


Madison led us in a series of stretches:

  • Grab the curb and work back and forth with you feet to stretch out the calf mucsles
  • Squat down as low as possible while putting your knees out as far as possible
  • Stand up with legs shoulder with apart and bend at the waist. Bend further down each time you exhale.
  • Inverted pigeon(AKA dead pigeon)
  • While on back, pull both knees to chest and hold.


Please keep Bennie in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

Don’t forget about Brolympics this Saturday(2/24/18)

Once again, this has been a great year in F3. There has been many first time accomplishments for me that I thought I would never do. Thank you.


Shake N Bake, out!

A Happy Birthday/F3 Anniversary AO called Thrive

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, I decided to Q at Thrive I feel like a dum…

It’s my birthday and I have a great idea, I Q the workout at thrive because it’s my one year in F3 anniversary too. (Insert dumb guy sound here)


Yes, why not other bad choices were already made why not keep going.

The Thang

We started with a quick mosey in the parking lot to then deliver the disclaimer before warming up.

SSH X 20

IW X 20

Windmill X 15

This workout will be a homage to my first day of F3 by doing (as close as possible) the same workout that got me hooked onto F3.

The field was a bit too messy so to the road adjacent to it we went. It went down as follows:

  • Broad jump burpees the width of the soccer field(on the asphalt). Modify with lunges. Plank to wait on the six.
  • Hel….I mean hill work. Do 7’s with Burpees at the bottom and jump squats at the top. Plank to wait on the six.
  • Now back onto the street, run to where the stop sign use to be and increase speed with each light pole that is passed.
  • Next, lunge walk past two light poles. Dolly’s to wait on the six.
  • Backwards lunge from whence we came. Flutter kicks to wait on the six.
  • Mosey back to the parking lot.
  • Not done yet, crabwalk from the stairs leading to the parking lot past three lamp posts flip over and bearcrawl the rest of the way to the open to the covered area of the park. Lunge walk to modify.
  • Still not done yet. To the wall we go. Inverted mountain climbers. (Balls to the wall position and then perform mountain climbers) Regular mountain climbers to modify.
  • Now into people’s chair, 100 air presses.
  • We were going to be done, but I believe Glass Joe was complaining about needing to do more broad jump burpees or something. So…… the parking lot. Broad jump burpees the length of five lines in the parking lot and then return.
  • Is it over yet, yes it is time for Mary.


  • Freddie Mercury X 30
  • 30 X LBC
  • 30 X Flutter Kicks
  • 20 X Rosalita


Please keep Beenie in your thoughts and prayers. Don’t forget about Bro Olympics this Saturday(2/24/18).

Also, a big thank you to all of F3. As I stated to everyone, words cannot express my appreciation for all the encouragement, leadership, prayers, cyber-bullying, and just being there to make me better. I got a lot more work to do on myself(more than physical) and F3 has made that job a lot easier. I could not have done this by myself and will not pretend that I could have. I am a man forever changed by F3.

Shake N Bake, out!


P.S.  BW didn’t come because he HC for the workout.

F3 Sparta’s Dice of Gloom Running Workout

Do you feel lucky punk, you better because Shake N Bake is bringing out the Dice of Gloom. Come Git SOME!

The Thang

After delivering the disclaimer and hearing mumblechatter from a grumpy dare I say Hoffaish Hair Band, the seven PAX started on there journey to gloom. A quick mosey from Socrates Academy to just past the main entrance of Beatty Park and the warm up exercises began. The exercises consisted of 20 SSH and 10 mountain climbers.

The mosey continued. As we reached the “working” street lights the DICE of GLOOM was rolled to reveal the next called exercise. The PAX stopped at each street light to allow the DICE of GLOOM to choose their fate. The exercises consisted of jump squats, bicycle kicks, flutter kicks, and squats.

After reaching the first main parking lot in the park the PAX partnered up to do the next exercise.

Round One: Partner one rolls dice and do called exercise from dice until partner two does two laps around the parking lot. When Partner two returns, the team does 10 hand slap merkins. Now, flip flop.

Round Two: Partner one rolls dice and do called exercise from dice until partner two does two laps around the parking lot. When Partner two returns, the team does 10 Kid N Play squats(Google Kid N Play dance move and use your imagination). Now, flip flop

Round Three: Partner one rolls dice and do called exercise from dice until partner two does two laps around the parking lot. When Partner two returns, the team does 10 partner burpees. Now, flip flop

Alright, give us two 10 counts in all. Let’s saddle up, and roll out! A brisk mosey was done to return to Socrates. Minimal picking up the six was done. There was a maximum effort this morning.

Upon returning, the PAX performed stretches to get thru the day. While a still angry Hair Band continued with mumblechatter.


It was a great effort by all. Great to see people still coming out in the below 50 degree mark. It’s hard to get going sometimes when under the warm covers, but it’s harder to deal with clothes that are getting too small or getting winded going up stairs. Just saying.

2/10/18 CPR classes will be held for F3. The charge is $35. Sorry, I do not remember the location. Please see Madison(Jeremy Draper) for more details.

Through his angry mumblechatter, Hair Band made a great suggestion. Please consider the road ID bracelets for when we work out in case of emergencies and people not know our real names or contact info for family.

It was an honor leading you this morning and I plan to get better at it.


Shake N Bake, OUT!

Just some bells with the roll of the dice

It was another brisk morning in Union County and the PAX were ready to Git Sum. While a certain person was at Fight Club (AKA Fartsack) and another to tired from travelling to a place of light sabers/Wookies the Seven PAX pushed on.

The Thang

Once the disclaimer was given and Bernanke showed up late, the PAX started a quick mosey around the parking lot ending in circling up for exercises.

The exercises consisted of: 20 SSH, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Mountain Climbers, and 20 Squats. Now let’s mosey to the hill for some work.

At the hill the exercises went as followed:

First set: 20 Kettle Bell curls at the bottom of the hill. Roll the dice and that is the exercise to do at the top. Exercise at the top of the hill was 30 LBC’s. Three sets of each running backwards up hill to do the LBC’s and running back down to do the curls.

Second set: 20 Kettle Bell Triceps Extensions at the bottom of the hill. Roll the dice, 20 Jump Squats at the top. Three sets of each exercise while running backwards up hill to do the called exercise and running back down regular to do the rolled dice called exercise.

Third set: 20 Good Mornings at the bottom of the hill. Roll the dice, 25 Bicycle kicks at the top of the hill. Three sets of each exercise while running backwards up hill to do the called exercise and running back down regular to do the rolled dice called exercise.

Fourth set: 20 Oblique Rows(10 on the left side & 10 on the right) at the bottom of the hill. Roll the dice, 20 Squats at the top of the hill. Three sets of each exercise while running backwards up hill to do the called exercise and running back down regular to do the rolled dice called exercise.

Fifth set: 10 Kettle Bell Press Flutter Kicks at the bottom of the hill. Roll the dice, 10 Inch Worm Merkins at the top of the hill. Only two sets were completed due to time.


30 Flutter Kicks, 35 Dolly’s, 10 LBC’s, and done.


It was a great effort by all. Great to see people still coming out in the below 50 degree mark. It’s hard to get going sometimes when under the warm covers, but it’s harder to deal with clothes that are getting too small or getting winded going up stairs. Just saying.

Please keep Bout Time and his family in your prayers/thoughts.

Please remember the Joe Davis run coming up in January. There are 5K and 10K options(I know, I know guys that are rolling your eyes at me right now). Please continue to stay in contact with our guys that are on IR and/or held back from coming out due to work, school schedules, or lack of motivation. Let’s stay in contact with these guys. A call, text, or a little cyber bullying(joke) can make a difference for someone. Stay safe out there and make sure to stretch well in this colder climate. Do not rely on a quick warmup before the workout to stretch you as needed, try stretching before coming out. It was a pleasure this morning.

Shake N Bake, OUT!

A roll of the DICE at SPARTA

Twas a damp morning in Sparta, but that did not discourage the 8 warriors that showed up to do battle with the cold elements and the DICE of pain.

The workout started with a brisk run to Colonel Francis Beatty Park. Once arriving at the verge of the battle field, the warriors stretched and prepared for the journey ahead. After the warmup, the Q gave instructions that the DICE of Pain will lead our adventure. The DICE held the wonders of 15 Burpees, 30 LBC’s, 20 Jump Squats, 20 Merkins, 20 Squats, and five other exercises. While running to the first playground area, the PAX stop at each lamp post and the DICE determined their fate.

When the PAX arrived at the playground area, they split off into two groups. While Group ‘A’ ran around the parking lot twice, Group ‘B’ circled around the DICE to do whatever exercise came up on the DICE until Group ‘A’ returned. Flip flop and repeat. It was a glorious battle between Man and Dice, but the DICE did not waver and the PAX had to retire for the day.

The PAX rallied together to return from whence they came, SPARTA.

Mary consisted of a number of stretches to aid on the way home and during the day. Pigeon stretch and a few others I am not sure on the names. Upon completion, the warriors(PAX) received wise words from one of their leaders. The quote is “Pain is the price of Pretty”. In reference to a new pair of warrior boots(sneakers) that were prepared for battle. It appears that the shoe maker made the boots a half size too small in a different color. LOL


Please keep those that are inactive or absent from F3 in your thoughts and prayers. As mentioned in the workout, sometimes it only takes a “Hey man, we miss you out there” to get someone active again. Also, make sure to encourage those that are hurt. Make sure to keep checking in on Snookie, Sling Blade, and Nekot. If I forgot anyone, please make sure to add them.

Q’s are needed for F3 Conviction for January and February 2018. Also, be on the lookout for a Moderate Convention. Basically going over what a moderate workout should be with some work shops and etc. Trying to make sure that we are not running people off that really need just a moderate workout.

Shake(N Bake) a leg, let’s run!

First time at Q at possible new AO, don’t be late right? NOPE! The Q came in on two wheels at 5:16 for the 5:15 workout. A well placed “I will be late text” kept things moving until the tardy Q joined the PAX. Thanks Madison for keeping things moving.

The Thang:

A short mosey was taken to a quiet spot where the disclaimer was given.

COP (In Whisper Cadence)

Side Straddle Hops X 20

Imperial Walkers X 20

Mountain Climbers X 15

That’s enough of that stuff. Mosey from the start of Weddington Ridge Lane to the end of Weddington Ridge Lane. At the end of the street do 10 Merkins and ping pong back to pickup the six. Now that we are all together again, get into plank position for what was affectionately called Shake N Merks X 10 in cadence.

Alright, let’s mosey on over to the street that one of the PAX lives on to wake up his neighbors. They should love him for that. Mosey to the middle of the road and split off into partners. Partner One runs back to the stop sign and performs 20 Bomb Jacks. Partner Two runs in the opposite direction to the end of the road and performs 20 Monkey Humpers. After each person finishes the called exercise, they start to run back in the direction of the other. When the partners meet, they perform together 5 Partner Burpees. Flipflop and repeat until time is called.

After the “fun” workout(as Gypsy kept calling it) was over, the PAX return back from whence they came making sure to ping pong back to pick up the six. We all got to meet Mary together.

Mary consisted of a couple of stretches that should help on the ride home for a couple of PAX(me included). I do not know the name of the stretch, so I will describe it. Get into plank position, raise your right leg up in the air, draw your right leg forward while bending at the knee, pull your knee forward underneath you body while resting on your arms and your left leg stretched out. For more of a stretch, lean down on your forearms. Flip flop legs and repeat. Now for the Honeymooner. Stand, put your feet shoulder width apart and bend over slowly to touch the ground to stretch. Finally, while standing cross right leg over the left and bend over to touch your toes to stretch. Flip flop and repeat. And we’re done.


It was a great effort by all. The temp was in the 40’s but the burning desire to better ourselves kept us warm. A very special shoutout to Bullwinkle and Radar, those guys are really stepping it up. Thanks to Madison and Smokey for setting a good pace to challenge and to keep the group close. Thanks to Nomad for the headlamp he fashioned from a Stadium Light, he looked like a car coming down the street. I got to get me one of those. Thanks for the push Arsenal and Gypsy. And thank you to anyone I left out.

Don’t forget the Union County Happy Hour is tonight(11/16/2017). Come on out and be seen in clean clothes to fellowship. It’s at Hickory Tavern in Wesley Chapel off of Hwy 84 in front of Target from 7:30-9ish.

Please make sure you try to get some plastic grocery bags to Gypsy. He is helping out a group in SC that are taking the bags and making them into mattresses for the homeless.

There will be several Turkey Trots and F3 pickup football games. Stay posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Slack for details. Ballantyne will be having a Turkey Trot that Speed For Need will participate in, they are in need of riders for the chariots.

Area 51 Christmas party on December 6th or 8th. $20 a person, food is covered.

Thank you everyone for letting me lead you. I apologize for being late again.