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A convergence of emergence: ORockus

A baker’s dozen including the men of Olympus, the men of The Rock and a FNG (Rob M aka Bait) converged on the grandest AO in Area 51 for a true smoker.  We tackled the lungs, the arms, the legs and the core.  YHC is feeling it this morning for sure.  Thanks to Ickey Shuffle and Gullah for bringing a lasting taste of Olympus to us.  Here was the recipe:

After planting the two SFs, greeting Mall Cop, Frasier and Strange Brew who were all there for an early Pre-KB workout (but had to exit for other HCs) and setting up the coupons brought by Ickey Shuffle, we circled up for warm-ups including:

Hopper on Q:

  • SSH
  • Peter Parker
  • 10 count 6 inches
  • Parker Peter
  • Freddy Mercury

Mosey to front lot.  Suicide ladders with counts of 10, 15 and 20 at each turn-around.  Exercises included:

  • Squats
  • Jumping lunges

Mosey back to basketball court area:

Ickey Shuffle on Q:

IS brought equipment for 10 pain stations.  Some allowed for doubling up and the timer for each circuit rotation was one man running from the baseketball courts to the side door of Calvary, touch the building and run back (maybe 300 to 400 yards total).  This continued for roughly 35 minutes with the following circuits and each man rotated through each station at least three times:

  • Throw 20 lb medicine ball against backboard and catch it
  • Jump rope
  • Merkins
  • Dumbbell thrusters
  • Kettlebell swing ladders with 35, 55 and 70 lb kbs
  • Yoke walk
  • Sandbag side to side up and overs
  • Battle rope waves
  • Sledgehammer on tire
  • Upright rows with KB

Gummy on Q:

Time for some Mary.  Mosey to one of the back lots and line up abreast (Gummy fancies himself an abreast man).  Get on your six and complete 15 reps of each Mary exercise…..but wait, there’s more!  When finished with each exercise, stand up and run a 50 yard dash to one of the street lamps.  Turn  around, catch your breathe for five seconds and run back the 50 yards to your starting point for next exercise.  Mary included:

  • LBCs
  • Flutter
  • Dolly
  • Rosalita
  • Protractor

Finish up with a AYG back to The Rock and Olympus shovel flags.

That’s a wrap!


There were several observations made during this workout:

  • Gummy did not look like a man out for 4 months when we ran the suicide ladders.  He was up front the whole time.
  • Squid trained Mayweather on how to jump rope apparently.  The sound of the rope  spinning when Squid was jumping sounded like a ninja throwing stars.
  • Pop Tart has wiped out Dick’s of all Under Armor camo workout gear.  It works for him as he and Ickey Shuffle were leading the 50 yard sprints in between Mary exercises.

This was a great workout!  Thanks again to the men of Olympus for converging with us and helping make it a great morning.  Everyone hung tough the whole time…..great work by the pax! Welcome FNG Bait who was brought by Ickey Shuffle.  We may not see Bait on a regular basis as he lives in Sarasota, FL (he runs his own fish chartering business, hence the name).  We got him thinking about a Sarasota expansion, though!  Glad you made it The Rock, brother!  Great work!

Next up is SlimFast….that man likes to run so be ready!

Gummy, thanks for the ending prayer!

No announcements.

Hopper, out!

Pre Blast for “ORockus”

While our Saturday morning AO competition has spent recent days designing sorority worthy slogans for the golf outing, The Rock and Olympus have been desigining a MAN worthy workout for tomorrow.  Come to The Rock for a convergence with Olympus where you will get a smoker on your upper body, core and cardio.  The pain stations will be plentiful!!  See you tomorrow at Calvary Church at 7:00 sharp!  If you prefer to play with markers and create catchy phrases, then definitely go to Day Zzzzzero.  I hear they might braid each other’s hair tomorrow.

Mud Run……Without The Mud!!

16 hearty dudes showed up at PDS on this beautiful spring morning for a workout.  The number “16” was perfect as YHC had a mud run training plan so we were able to split into 4 four man teams.  For those of you who have been to Providence Day’s campus, you realize it has no mud….they don’t allow it.  That is actually a provision in the school bylaws……maybe.  Nevertheless, we found a way to use this pristine campus to have an “obstacle run”.  Here is what we did:


Mosey to basketball court for quick disclaimer and 25 SSH.  We counted off in fours (that proved to be the toughest part of the workout) and off we went for an orientation lap:

  • Obstacle #1: 10 pull-ups at playground
  • Obstacle #2: 20 Partner anchored sit ups with rock held over head and handed to partner
  • Obstacle #3: Partner carry across lacrosse field (flapjack as needed)
  • Obstacle #4: 10 Jump-ups at wall near kitchen
  • Obstacle #5; Bear crawl/crab walk/bear crawl between cones in upper lot
  • Obstacle #6: 10 decline merkins for each man off the the planked back of a partner
  • Obstacle #7: Run up one side of the stadium steps and down the other
  • Obstacle #8: Sprint AYG from Fieldhouse entrance to headmaster’s house

Each team ran at least two rotations, so 16 total obstacles in 30 minutes…..sweet work!

Circle up for 5 minutes of mary including:

  • 35 LBCs
  • 20 Flutters
  • 15  Freddy Mercury
  • 15 Dolly

That’s a wrap!


Way to keep moving out there boys!  This workout was one where we never stopped… chance for ten counts….no plank exercises to catch your breath.  Just four teammates helping each other in constant motion.  I really enjoyed the 2nd F with Blue Rhino, Gullah and Arena!  Great to be with you guys and great to talk “Buckeye speak” with Arena who grew up 15 miles away from my hometown in Ohio….unfortuantely, I think he also graduated 15 years after me so that is where the nostaglia ended.

T-claps to Joker who asked me to take a second orientation lap to cover the obstacles!  Well played bro!

Baracus, thanks for the chance to lead this morning.  I had a blast!

Also, Baracus, thanks for the great take-out in BOM!

Great work boys!



  • Golf Outing registration is still open
  • Horsehead (Area 51) has a paypal account set up for donations for Zippity.  Medical expenses have been high and he could use the help.  Zippity is taking visitors now.



The Rock Takes Pride….In It’s Numbers!!!

9 pax, including….. 8 men…. and 1 2.0…..tackled 7 obstacles…..2 times over….and covered 4 miles.  #nuffsaid.

It was a Mud Run Training  Day!  The morning was beautiful and so is the best AO Area 51 has to offer… we used it all.  After a quick disclaimer, we got after it with the following:


  • 25 SSH
  • 20 Low Slow Squats
  • 15 Peter Parkers

The Thang:

We did an orientation lap and covered all of the obstacles, including:

  1. Climbing over the Rock at Entrance #4
  2. Grabbing a boulder and running with it around the outside perimeter of the baseball field. Flapjack the carry amongst the team
  3. Crab walk length wise across the sand voleyball pit
  4. Over-Under (Weaver style) on the picnic tables under the pavilion
  5. Partner carry in front lot (third man lunges until flapjack)
  6. Run up ol’ North Face
  7. Bear Slaps; third man backward lunges until flapjack

We broke into three teams of three and off we went.  Each team covered the obstacles twice and we all met at The Rock at Entrance #4 for some plank exercises, then partnered up by the ramp at the entrance for:

  • Partner #1 runs the ramp and back while Partner #2 does CDD’s; Flapjack
  • Partner #1 runs the ramp and back while Partner #2 does wide arm merkins; Flapjack
  • Partner #1 runs the ramp and back while Partner #2 does Freddy Mercury; Flapjack
  • Partner #1 runs the ramp and back while Partner #2 does burpees; Flapjack

Mosey back to the cars.  Harley informed us we had covered 3.9 so far.  We needed to run some sprints to get to 4.0 so 2 dashes AYG in between light posts.

Gummy takes over as Q for Mary:

  • 20 LBC’s
  • 20 Flutter
  • 20 Dollys

That’s a wrap!


Team Harley-Hops-Flipper took the cake today!  They never slowed down and caught up to Gummy-Taffy-YHC by the second round of partner carries.  Well done boys!  Sorry we were playing slow and you had to play through.  (Actually, there is nothing slow about Taffy…..fourteen is apparently Latin for “fast” as he smoked us in the sprints).  Team Cable Guy-Deep Dish-Hammer looked strong and led us through the circuits.

Great mumble chatter out there today and plenty of 2nd F!  Great to see Gummy back at The Rock!!  The man had to ride his bike from obstacle to obstacle, but tackled each of them when he got there.  Thanks for taking the baton on Mary!

As we were taking the orientation lap, we did hear extremely feminine voices yelling to us from 51.  Frankly, it sounded like young girls screaming at a Bieber concert…..rumor has it that was the pax from Think Zero doing a speed walk past us.  We didn’t have time to turn around and mingle, but we hope your zumba workout was good.

As always men, it was my honor to lead this morning.  Thanks for the beast approach on the workout today from all of you!

Hops, thanks for a great ending prayer!!


Hops has the Q next week!!


  • Still time to sign up for F3 Golf Outing on 4/30.
  • Keep our brothers who are running The Palmetto 200 in mind this morning as they finish!!

Preblast: Mud Run Training Plan for The Rock Tomorrow

The USMC Mud Run is three weeks away!  So, come solo (we will find you some willing partners)or bring your teammates for a Mud Run blitz tomorrow at The Rock!!  Following a few warm-ups, the course will look like this, and you will run it as a team:

Obstacle #1: Teammates help each other crawl over the huge rock at Entrance #4

Obstacle #2: Mosey to baseball field; One rock per two men who will trade off carrying the rock as you run around the perimeter of the baseball field

Obstacle #3: Crab walk length wise across the volleyball sand pits

Obstacle #4: Crawl underneath the picnic tables in the pavilion

Obstacle #5: Mosey to the front parking lot and partner carry the distance of the islands

Obstacle #6: Mosey to North Face and run up the mountain as a team

Obstacle #7: Bear slaps: Partner #1 bear crawls and tries to slap the feet of Partner #2 running backwards in front of him.

…..and keep rotating.

See you in the morn!  7:00 sharp at Calvary Church!


March Madness Just Got A Little Angrier!!

Seven pax (including one FNG: Tim G or Flinstone) decided to post to the best AO A51 has to offer and also posted up once the action began (key reference: posting up is a basketball term for those of you who decided to go to Day ZZZZZero and lift sand bags instead of playing a game revered by most everyone….well, at least men).  Here is what this Magnificant 7 got into:

Warm Up:  Jog to the front courtyard of Calvary with basketball in hand for:

  • 25 SSH
  • 20 Mountain Climbers with hands on basketball
  • 20 Figure 8’s through the legs with bball
  • 10 diamond merkins on bball (tougher than it sounds)
  • 25 LBCs OYO while bouncing and catching bball off the wall

The Thang: Mosey to the bball courts for:

21 (well, it started as 21, but YHC audibled to 11….we didn’t shoot very well, frankly)

Partner up.  Partner #1 takes a shot from the foul line.  If he makes it he goes for the lay-up and continues shooting while Partner #2 does 5 burpees for every shot Partner #1 makes.  If Partner #1 misses, he does 5 burpees and forfeits the ball to Partner #2.

Either Dear Abby or Boutique got to 11 first so the whistle blew on that drill and we moseyed to the front lot of the church.

Basketball ain’t basketball without suicide runs so we ran ’em to each island in the parking lot and back.  Flipper and Dear Abby took the lead on the suicides.

Plank Up and then two rounds of partner sit-ups with ankles locked trading the bball back and forth upon each crest (reps of 25).

Let’s go back to the courts!

It’s time for P-I-G, but we modified it to F-F-F.  If you miss, you drop for 5 merkins and earn a “F”.  Word to the wise….Runstopper has a mean “back to the net, throw the ball over his head shot”.  It was NBN!  Flipper, on the other hand, built a whole new Family Life Center for Calvary with all of the bricks he threw up.  Anyway, winner only has to run to the front entrance of Calvary on 51.  Looser runs to the further away back entrance (#4) on Rea Rd. Plank up to wait for the six.

Mosey to back lot of Calvary for zig zag running drills from one light post to another then run backwards to the starting point (rinse and repeat). Plank exercises.

Mosey back to the court for some mary:

  • 35 LBCs
  • 20 Rosalita
  • 20 Flutters
  • 20 Cumberland County Viaduct

With one minute left, we all took one last, long shot at one of the hoops, but to no avail…we were all too burnt.

That’s a wrap!


YHC changed up the typical Rock format today.  We ran less distance and did our fair share of burpees.  That’s mainly because I had a race last weekend and don’t want to think about running for a little while.  Nevertheless, we had a great morning.  There was great mumble chatter, based mainly upon each guy’s basketball prowess.  Lots of “balls” jokes, too….who could have guessed that??? Thanks for putting up with my game plan this morning, boys….I had a lot of fun!

Welcome FNG Flinstone.  He sells rock for a living, so the naming felt more than right today!


Pretty much the norms:

  • Mud run on 4/4.  You can stil sign up if you pay $10 late fee
  • Golf outing is on 4/30
  • BRR is in September and sign ups are still available.
  • Please continue to keep Zippity in your prayers.  He is improving

Thanks for a great takeout Flipper!




The Old Man And The Pax

Since Fast Twitch was shut down last week due to ice and inclement weather, the pressure was already on to lead a worthy workout this morning.  That pressure grew when YHC woke up this morning to read Twitter posts by certain pax buddies who shall remain nameless (fine….it was Haze and Pro) who questioned my ability to deliver a quality weinke given my age.  Oh, the humanity!!! So, I put in my dentures, changed my adult diaper and drove my ’85 Cadillac with the left blinker on the whole way to the FT AO……just hoping I could pull it all together.  Here’s what happened from there:


Quick jog around the SCMS parking lot with karoke left and right.  Circle up for:

  • 25 SSH
  • 25  low slow squats  (at some point Baracus flashed his headlamp on me while squating….#awkward).

And we’re off:

Run from SCMS to the intersection of Windbluff and Raintree via 51.  Two stops along the way for 10 plank jacks OYO.

Plank Up then Partner Up:

Partner #1 runs Windbluff to Providence Rd (1.7 miles, but with nasty hills) and back while Partner #2 runs the Rounding Run loop (about 1.9 miles).  But wait…no so fast (pun intended)… complete 50 merkins before take-off and at landing/meet-up.

We gathered up the six at the end and headed to Smokerise Hill (correctly pronounced Smoker-ise Hill as told by Purple Haze). Mr. Brady amplty pointed out we had not been to that hill since pre-BRR…..I now remember why.

Run the distance of Smoker-ise, but stop at the valley of the street, the cul-de-sac, the valley (again) and the end of the street for 25 LBCs OYO per stop. Rinse and repeat, but with 25 Heels to Heaven per stop. Planking was had between lap #1 and lap #2 and at the end.

Indian Run formation to Rising Meadow, where we stopped.  I understand I broke a coveted precedent whereby no Indian Run is interupted before getting back to the school….mea cupla!  Again, chalk it up to old age.

Lunge walk then jog up Rising Meadow to flat ground.  OYO sprint from street lamp to cul-de-sac (maybe 100 yards), then rinse and repeat. YHC is still not naming names (fine….it was Hairball), but someone never learned how to count to three before running….#scratch.

Indian Run formation again to get us back to the school.  That’s a wrap!


I have been a FastTwitcher now for about 9 months and this group continues to floor me….so many great flippin’ runners!  Slim Fast dominated the Windbluff leg and after a certain point I could not even see him ahead of me until we got back to Raintree. Mr. Brady cleaned up on both rounds of Smoker-ise.  PH was not far behind him!  Too many strong efforts to mention everyone, but t-clap worthy work today, boys….everybody!

I have to also admit this was the first time I have been anxious to Q a site…..again, due to the talent who shows up there every week.  Thanks so much for the privilege, PH and Turkey!

Kudos to Simba and Van Pelt for their first FT experience…..they both came ready and never let up!  Van Pelt is a Winston Salem F3er down here during the week to work, so please keep coming man!!  Impressive first showing for both of you!

I am not positive, but I think we covered about 5.5 miles today.  Sound off if you know!

I hear Bout Time has the show next week.  I am just psyched I Q’d before him rather than after as he would be a tough act to follow.

Old Man out…..and thanks again!


Mr. Brady, thanks for the great take-out in BOM!!


  • Sign ups for USMC Mud Run close on 3/1
  • F3 Area 51 Golf Outing is on 4/30.  See Prohibition for more details.
  • This Sat is the Day Zero Challenge (funny, but every Sat at The Rock is a challenge….#justsaying).  One Hour of Pain is the theme and pax should plan to stick around to help clean-up the campus post workout.
  • Slim Fast was the bomb at the Charlotte 10 miler this past Sat and came in 2nd in his age group.  The man ran a sub 7:00 minute mile pace!!


Isometrics Never Felt So Cold

Posted by Hopper on Behalf of Flipper:

6 Men braved the slightly less dark and slightly less cold gloom at The Rock.  I knew we were in for a lightly attended day when my car was telling me 29 degrees on the drive over, so I was more than slightly happy to see Ripcurl already onsite and warming up when I arrived at 10 til.  Shortly thereafter our ranks grew to 5 and a slightly tardy M made us 6, the perfect count for a Flipper brand beatdown.

The Thang:

Mosey for a few then Circle Up

-Side Straddle Hops X25 in cadence

-Merkins X25 in cadence

-Mountain Climbers X20 in cadence

-Cross Climbers X20 in cadence.

Mosey to the front lawn while explaining the two rules of the day, when you go down complete a hand release merkin, when standing perform a jump knee tuck.

Once at the front lawn we split into pairs to flapjack exercises.

1st partner completes 3 point plank holds X8 (each limb up X2) while 2nd performs ¾ drill.


Mosey to the parking lot for suicide sphinx

1st partner runs 2,4,6,8 lines dropping for a merkin at each line (home and away)

2nd partner performs 3 point forearm plank X8 (each limb X2)


Mosey down around the soccer fields and back to the pavilion to grab some wall

1st partner completes 1 legged chair while 2nd performs plyo-gumps* X8


1st partner holds longer 1 legged chair while 2nd performs plyo-gump with longer holds X4


Indian run to the corner of Rea and 51 for some elevator clap-ups X15ish

Mosey to the park for some playground fun

1st partner 3 stage elevator pull ups while 2nd completes 3 stage decline elevator merkins


Mosey back to campus to complete a “runstopper roll” on NorthFace (plankwalk then roll side ways down the face) before jailbreaking to the cars.

COT and heading out, great fun and a good sweat had by all.

*Plyo-Gumps consist of merkin to side plank to plyo merkin with a 45 degree rotation = 1 rep

Thanks for Qing Flipper!  Next up is Hops!

Back After A Two Year Hiatus!

While many men stayed in their heart-shaped beds and feasted on chocolate assortments, four brave men showed up for a bone chilling morning at The Rock.  One man, M, decided to post after a two year break….and he did not skip a beat!  Here is what he and the pax endured:

Hopper as Q


25 SSH, 25 MC’s, 25 Freddy Mercury

Mosey across church lot to Entrance #4 off of Rea Rd.  Partner up (it is V Day after all).  Partner #1 runs the ramp of entrance #4 while Partner #2 runs to designated street light near baseball field.  Flapjack.  Partners #1 and #2 run a combined 14 ramp laps overall.

Mosey to baseball field for four rounds of Tunnel of Love (it only seemed right given the holiday).

Mosey to soccer fields.  Pair up again.  Starting at midfield, partner #1 runs to end of one side of field (fence), while partner #2 runs to other end of the field (bottom of hill near entrance #1).  Partners conduct said exercise and run back to midfield for 14 hand slap merkins.  Exercises at ends of field included:

  • 14 CDDs
  • 14 LBCs
  • 14 plank jacks
  • 14 diamond merkins

Hand Off to Splinter as Q:

Mosey to pavilion.  Partner #1 does step-ups while Partner #2 runs to desginated light post and comes back;  Flapjack until 100 step-ups are completed by pair.

Mosey back to baseball field to pick up a rock:

Catch me if you can with Partner #1 running with rock while partner #2 tries to catche. 10 merkins upon flapjack.

Mosey back to the soccer fields.  From a 25 yard start line, Partner #1 bear crawls to goal line and back while Partner #2 holds said rock over his head.  Don’t lower the rock or drop it as your partner would have 10 burpees as a penalty….luckily, no fumbles occurred. Flapjack and Rinse and repeat.

Follow it up with Partner #1 running the 25 yards and back while Partner #2 does arm presses; Flapjack.

Follow that with squats and flapjack.

Mosey back to baseball field to drop off the rock.  Then finish up with some mary:

  • Flutter
  • LBCs
  • Parker Peter with Yoga Twist
  • Protractor

Wrap it Up!


So, no kidding, M decided to post after a two-year break.  You would not have been able to tell he was away that long as the man is a West Point grad and still carries that get-it–done mindset.  Cable Guy showed up strong during the bear crawl/hold the rock over the head craziness Splinter came up with.  That one did me in, personally.  Splinter was his beastly self and while he claims he has had IT Band issues, he managed to clobber us with 3.7 miles at The Rock…..strong!

Thanks for your lead Splinter….I know Day Zzzzzero is your normal stop on Saturdays, so we appreciate you coming to see how good life can be at The Rock!  Phemonal lead, man!  Thank you!


Golf outing sign ups are now!

March 1 is deadline for USMC Mud Run sign up

That’s it!  Next Q up is Flipper!!


“What’s Up With O.P.E?…..Yeah, You Know Me!”

16 pax went old school this morning and covered a ton of the Olde Providence Elementary campus with a mix of rock lifting, sprinting, jumping fences and planking.  After a riveting disclaimer recited by yours turly, we moseyed to the back field and got after it with……

Warm Up:

  • 35 SSH
  • 20 civilian count merkins
  • 25 slow squats
  • 15 MC’s

Mosey to east side (I think?) of school to open parking lot.  Grab a partner and while Partner A runs zig zag parking space drill and sprints AYG back to his partner for flapjack, Partner B completes the following exercise:

  • Jumping lunges
  • CCD’s
  • Dolly’s

Plank for a moment to catch our breath, and then mosey across Rea Rd to the church parking lot (church parking lot voices, please, as the staff was already at work at 5:40 AM).  Each pair picks a manly boulder.   Partner A completes the following exercise with boulder while Partner B runs around the parking lot to the other entrance of the church, returning for flapjack:

  • curls
  • tricep extensions
  • squats

Place the boulder (I am embellishing just in case you grant your wives reading privileges to this backblast)  back in its bed and run back to OPE to the playground at the back of the school.  Stay linked to your partner for the following:

  • Partner A runs to track on the west side (again….I think?) of the school while Partner B does pull-ups; flapjack
  • Partner A jumps the baseball fence and runs to home plate and back while Partner B does diamond merkins; flapjack
  • Partner A runs to the concession stand and back while Partner B does Freddy Mercury; flapjack
  • Partner A runs to the far basketball pole at adjoining lot and back while Partner B does plankjacks; flapjack

Plank exercise with ultimate back to back 10 counts at six inch position

Mosey to concession stand area for:

  • 20 dips
  • 20 decline merkins
  • 20 jump ups

Rinse and repeat the above

Mosey to the back field where we started this mess for:

  • 25 Rosalitas
  • 25 LBC’s
  • 15 Flutters

One more thing with 30 seconds left…..line up abreast (I credit Gummy for teaching me that term) near batting cages and sprint AYG 50 yards to the fenceline.  I think DK took home the gold on that one!

That’s a wrap!


Believe it or not, we covered just a little over two miles today and barely left the OPE campus.  It was a great pax this morning with all 16 hanging together which helped for both 1st F and 2nd F purposes.  Lot of good mumble chatter out there, including:

  • FF telling me he liked seeing I would be Q as that meant no burpees….my reputation as a burpee slacker is preceeding me.
  • Comments that DK was only late because he did 100 burpees in the parking lot first…..that’s likely factual!
  • A whispered curse from Champagne (didn’t think I heard that did you, brother?) when I called rinse and repeat on the dips, derkins, jump ups.  When a well-regarded beast like Champagne curses you, you know you have arrived!
  • Cottonmouth delivering the fastest 10 count ever recorded in F3 history!

As I mentioned to Bug ealrier today, I think highly of the Hydra AO, but I think even more highly of the men who show up and give it their all there!  It was awesome.  Thanks for letting me lead, Bug, and thanks to the pax for a great morning!  It started my day off perfectly!

T Claps to Iron Horse and Champagne who ran in for the workout!

Iron Horse, thanks for the great prayer in Ball of Man!


  • Mud Run Preblast is coming soon.  Race is scheduled for 4/11.
  • The BRR is already half way full.  Contact Turkey Leg is you want to enter or get on a team.
  • Volunteers are needed to scrape paint off of a Hoskins Ministry home this Saturday at 9:30.  Hoskins provides housing for formerly homeless men.  Contact Iron Horse for more details.
  • Chico is looking for one more runner for his Palmetto 200 team.  Race is 3/20-3/21.
  • Indian Land will have a convergence this Saturday and OBT and Dredd are Qing.  They will also have “Freed to Lead” books available post workout.

All my best,