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Don’t you remember you told me that you loved me baby…

I tweeted last night that I made the rookie error of agreeing to sub Q for Witch Dr who claimed to have a “dodgy back” before looking at the forecast.

I knew the numbers would be light and almost hoped for a no show so I could listen to the Weather Channel while sipping my hot tea in the car. Alas there was a car in the Elizabeth Lane Elementary parking lot but could it be a school employee? No it was Mighty Mite who had driven 15-20 mins from SOB land.

Quick conversation:

BD: You want to do this?

MM: Well I drove from Ballantyne…

BD: Bollocks! (in head) Well lets do it then! (out loud)

We headed for the covered awning as the wind blew and the rain swept in and as I set up the Beats Pill and the tunes muffled the awkwardness.

The only other time I have worked out alone with another man at 5am was with Header in the days of Pre-KB. That day we swung bells in perfect unison to the entire Bangles collection. We bonded and found ourselves singing along just like Chris Farley and David Spade in Tommy Boy:

I didn’t feel that Mighty Mite was as sensitive a soul as Header so the tunes were a little more rock themed – Red Hot Chilli Peppers, AC/DC and the like. Before we knew it we were sweating it up and Header was long gone in the memory.

Great workout. Not a great deal of mumble chatter but I knew the pax enjoyed it as I could see it in his eyes…



Bro Gym is Back!

18 of Charlotte’s finest joined together for a Friday fun day workout bringing back the old family favorite – The Bro Gym!



Jog to parking lot for a warm up and partner up:

Partner 1 sprints a lap – Partner 2 jump squats. 10 hand slap merkins and flapjack x 2.

Partner 1 sprints a lap – Partner 2 sister mary Catherine’s or alt lunges and flapjack x 2.

Mosey to bro gym area – 45 secs on and 15 off. Various exercises with equipment.

Medicine ball merkin circle.




Today was the day to bring back the Bro Gym. In that little shed if you can get past the dust and the cobwebs and the smell of cat (hopefully) urine there is a treasure trove of fitness equipment. Stretchy bands with handles, medicine balls, shot puts, rusty weight bars  and even an old wind bike all of which are ideal for putting together a fun Friday workout. Mix that with some Eminem, the headlights of a Hyandai Sonata, and 18 sweaty men you have a pretty intimidating looking group.

It began with a partner warm up which involved a little touching but not the Joker kind! Hand slap merkins then lead into partner burpees with a double high five or partner chest bump whatever the preference. The size of your partner helped decide on that one as pax like Turkey Leg and myself may have bumped into something less appealing than the chest of a middle aged man. Coordination was a huge factor on this one and some modified and I don’t blame them!

Nightcourt looked a little spent today within the first 11 minutes of the workout as he said he was on the verge of losing his breakfast. Witch Dr enjoyed leading the springs thanks to Rhapsody and Cage decided to go against the flow and run the opposite way to the rest of the group! Rachel and Purell were cruising after a 3 mile pre run where they came back hardly sweating!

Have a great weekend. Thanks for the privilege of leading.



Meathead Music Montage

Meathead pulled in some guest visitors from the south as we swung away to a mixture of music to appease all the pax!




1 min rounds – two handed


40 sec alt snatch 20 sec manmakers

30 sec alt snatch 30 sec manmakers

20 sec alt snatch 40 sec manmakers


40 sec tea bags 20 sec jump squats

30 sec tea bags 30 sec jump squats

20 sec tea bags 40 sec jump squats


40 sec OH press 20 sec dry docks

30 sec OH press 30 sec dry docks

20 sec OH press 40 sec dry docks


40 sec bicep curls 20 sec tri press

30 sec bicep curls 30 sec tri press

20 sec bicep curls 40 sec tri press


40 sec swings 20 sec merkins

30 sec swings 30 sec merkins

20 sec swings 40 sec merkin


Single arms 25 secs and 25 secs rest 25


Single arm swings

Clean squat and press

High pulls




Jack Webb

1 swing – 2 upright rows

2 swings – 4 upright rows

3 swings – 6 upright rows

4 swings – 8 upright rows

5 swings – 10 upright rows


1 swing – 2 goblet squats

2 swings – 4 goblet squats

3 swings – 6 goblet squats

4 swings – 8 goblet squats

5 swings – 10 goblet squats








Solid turnout at Meathead today with some lads joining us from south of the border. C-Span was curious about the accent and the choice of music as the Beats Pill blared out “Sweet Home Alabama!”

The plan today was to keep the bells and the body moving and gauging by the sweat it was mission accomplished. Good group of lads after the Meathead anniversary last week.

Thanks for joining and allowing me to lead. I’m back on Q at Kevlar tomorrow for more of the same!



Disproportionate men and KB’s

Great crew out at Skunkworks today for a death by suicides combo.


The Thang

SSH x 10

IW x 10

Suicides at 5 cones adding 5 merkins each cone.

Partner up.

Partner 1 – upright row

Partner 2 – run lap

Partner 1 – goblet squat

Partner 2 – run lap

Partner 1 – OH press

Partner 2 – run lap

Partner 1 – thruster

Partner 2 run lap

Flap jack each time


Ladder work (30 secs on 10 secs off)


1) snatch right

2) snatch left

3) Clean and press right

4) Clean and press left

5) OH press



1) t bag squat

2) good mornings

3) lunge right

4) lunge left

5) jump squat



1) bicep curls

2) tricep press

3) Clean right

4) Clean left

5) swings


Suicides with swings 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

Suicides with abs

Suicides with burpees 1, 2, 3 4, 5




Ye Olde Naked Moleskine

Good to see some olde timers at Skunk today. No pre KB and no pre-run so the lads knew that the 45 mins would be enough!

18 pax showed for a bit of KB’s with some short sharp mileage which usually means some lung busting cardio and lots of sweat.

Some mass confusion at some points over who’s bell was who’s and the old “fat handle” comments that ensued with some friendly banter!

Thanks for allowing me to lead and to Tackling Dummy for taking us out.



British Invasion!

11 beasts braved a beatdown to some British beats at Meathead.



40 swings 10 clap push-ups

30 swings 20 wide arm push-ups

20 swings 30 military push-ups

10 swings 40 regular push-ups


40 teabags 10 upright rows
30 teabags 20 upright rows
20 teabags 30 upright rows
10 teabags 40 upright rows


Two handed Rounds :

30 secs – upright rows

30 secs – goblet squats

30 secs – overhead press

30 secs – combo of all three

Repeat x 3


One handed:

30 sec snatch right

30 sec snatch left

30 sec high pulls right

30 sec high pulls left

30 sec alternating swings



30 secs Louganis

30 secs Freddie Mercury no bell

30 secs flutter press

30 sec American hammer no bell

Repeat x 3


Thrusters and curls

1 thruster – 2 curls

2 thrusters – 4 curls

Up to 5 thrusters and 10 curls

Back down the ladder




Good crowd at Meathead today. Stone Cold was admiring his shadow in the streetlight swinging to “Don’t you think I’m Sexy” by Rod Stewart. The rest of us were sweating our butts off trying to complete 50 sets in the warm up. 30 seconds on the timer seemed a long time for some of the rounds but we pushed on and got it done. Definitely a few odd looks from the Elizabeth Lane moms watching us complete our ab workout in cadence to “Come on Eileen!” Enjoyed it and a pleasure leading!

Rockin the Road Trip Radio

A last minute sub Q for Blazing Saddles meant a hodge podge of exercises and tunes today for the men of Kevlar.


SSH x 10

IW x 10

Merkins x 10

Honeymooners til it hurt

Mosey to parking lot and partner up

Partner 1 runs a hot lap while partner 2 does called exercise and flip.

  1. Wide arm merkins
  2. Lunges
  3. Carolina dry dogs
  4. Jump quats

Mosey to soccer field still partnered up.

Partner 1 runs lap while partner exercises and flip:

  1. Tractor tire flip
  2. Louganis with weight plate
  3. Tri extensions with KB
  4. Suicides
  5. Dry docks on tire
  6. Push ups on exercise balls
  7. Squat press with KB

Indian Run around track with half group sprinting and others jogging – flip.

Suicides combos

Jack Webb with diamond merkins and ab exercises



Been a while since I had ventured out to Kevlar due to a dodgy back but good crew today. “Saddle Bags” had not realized he was on Q but I had heard he went under the knife yesterday so checked in last night and considering he cant lift anything for 2 weeks I took on the Q.

Random music today from  the Road Trip Radio Spotify playlist. Only pax I heard singing along was Busch and Nightcourt and plenty of dodgy tunes to grunt and groan to! Lots of cardio today cos I needed it so hopefully the lads got something out of it too.

Have a great Masters weekend fellas #goTiger!


Shakin’ that Weight

Happy days were back at Kevlar for a fun Friday!


Jog to parking lot for warmup – SSH and the like

Hit the hills 5 times adding a burpee at top for each hill.

Mosey to the bro gym for some exercises (see moleskine)

To the field for sprints and mary



There are days where you may pop over to a neighbors because you are out of milk or need to borrow a tool or need a helping hand to move something heavy. I liken this to my dilemma last night when handed the Q last minute by Tackling Dummy. I was certain that there was one thing needed to bring the fun back to Fun Friday – The Shake Weight. We generally bust this device out just after the New Year but despite my desperate texts no one seemed (or claimed to) have one handy…

Enter Tiger Rag. I texted. Nothing. Left a voicemail. Nothing. And then at 8:24 pm it was the return call I was waiting for. Tiger Rag not only had one Shake Weight – he had two! Not only that – he had actually stopped by Covenant Day and dropped both off in the long grass next to the fence in the dark much to the shock of a dog walker who appeared out of nowhere! That’s a true friend. It does so happen that TR has been on a strict Shake Weight exercise regimen these past six months in a bid to get back in F3 shape. His forearms look like Popeye’s.

Speaking of forearms the Shake Weight shaker during the bro gym segment had to stand on the picnic table displaying their skills for all to see. Singles to doubles to behind the head – everyone had their own style and tried to work it to the music. When “Beat it” by Michael Jackson came on the pax took it to a whole new level.

Enough of those shenanigans. Good workout. Beautiful weather and have a great weekend lads! BD



Guess that 90’s tune

12 studly men ventured out for a monster of a Meathead workout.


Warm up

10 x Two handed swings
10 push-ups with right hand on Bell
10 push-ups with left hand on bell

Repeat down to one.

10 deep goblet squats
10 lunges right leg without bell
10 lunges left leg without bell
Repeat down to one

10 two handed up right rows
10 kettlebell high pulls right arm
10 kettlebell high pulls left arm

Repeat down to one

10 bicep curls with kettle bell
10 cleans with Right arm
10 cleans with left arm
Repeat down to one
Doubles with partner – swing, clean, squat, press rounds of 3,4,5 & 6

Big Finisher

Snatches x 5 each arm

Thrusters x 5 each arm

Goblet squats x 5

Single arm swings x 5 each arm

5 burpees


Repeat x 2






Record turnout for 2018 at Meathead this morning and it may have something to do with the temperature being above 20. YHC likes to think it was the promise of a tough workout and quality tunes of the 90’s variety. As I pulled into the parking lot Fireman Ed was already yapping away and I considered tapering the workout to allow for his green bell and lack of form but we ended up sticking to the plan banging out 124 merkins in the first few minutes. Here are some things we learned this morning:

  1. Country Livin was born in 1989 and his mum would not let him listen to “Pretty Fly for a White Guy”
  2. Young Love and Fireman Ed were talking about the dangers of the “fake pill”…
  3. Tackling Dummy came out for his first F3 workout of 2018 #kotters
  4. Been Around the World by Daft Punk is one of the most annoying tunes ever.
  5. MMM Bop is not the theme tune of Marshville, NC.
  6. Witch Dr and Blazing Saddles are getting dangerously close to 50!
  7. High Tide hinted at a name change to Roll Tide.

Good crack today fellas. Thanks for coming out and keep up the momentum for 2018.


Announcement: New Third F named the ManCave meats at Arboretum Panera Bread at 6:30 am on Fridays. Going through the daily study of





F3 Dads – Paintball Sat Dec 30th


I hope that you had a great Christmas. I have spoke to many of you about a paintball day this Saturday from 12-3pm at Palmetto Hills Paintball in Rock Hill, SC.

I have a private ref scheduled for our group and it should be a good chance to blast your kids on some fun courses! We have around 20 committed right now and we could easily double that. Here is some info to help you make the decision:

Location: Palmetto Hills Paintball, 1481 Anderson Road S, Rock Hill, SC 29730

Time and Date: Saturday 12/30/2017 from 12pm-3pm (get there 30 mins early to rent equipment)

Cost: $20 ish per person for rental guns, masks, air, field time etc depending on amount of paintballs you use. I usually go to Dicks and get 4000 paintballs for $55 to save money and have plenty to play. Paint is more expensive on site.

Other info: Kids are supposed to be 10 or older and you have to sign waiver. Games are high powered so no pansy kids who may cry and it will be cold and it will sting. Have them wear layers and you can always rent a protective vest if you want for $3.00

Fire away with any questions. Hard commits so far are YHC, Header, Busch, Bananas, Tackling Dummy, Spackler, Hops, Sidecar, with maybes on Horsehead and VooDoo.

Hope to see you there!




Skunkworks screamer!

21 at Skunkworks today for a bit of a mean one that got the lungs and heart rate going just a tad!


Warm up – SSH, IW etc

Light jog to the rock

20’s – 5 snatches per side, sprint, 15 manmaker merkins each side, sprint back,  repeat with 10 snatches and 10 manmakers, 15 snatches and 5 manmakers

30’s – 10 t bags, sprint, 20 jump squats, sprint back, repeat with 15 tea bags and 15 jumps squats, 20 tea bags and 10 jump squats

40’s – 15 OH press, sprint, 25 dry docks, sprint back, repeat with 20 OH presses and 20 dry dogs, 25 OH presses and 15 dry dogs

50’s – 40 x 2 handed swings, sprint, 10 diamond merkins, sprint back, repeat with 30 swings and 20 diamonds, 20 swings and 30 diamonds

100’s – 100% suicide sprints

Partner up

Louganis until partner gets back

High pulls til partner gets back

Upright row, catch, squat, press combo til partner gets back




Good crowd today with some blasts of the past. Country Livin came back from a 4 year hiatus looking buff and obviously married life is treating him well! Crotch Rocket killing the sprints looking way less than the 50 years he admitted to in COT #respect. Bananas is back in the F3 groove and he finally stopped yapping about 20 mins in! Lots of guys pushing it hard today after the snatch/manmaker combo at the top of the ticket about caused me a #Qfail. Sorry about the sound system today lads – need to get back to the Beats Pill so all of you could enjoy the 90’s anthem inspiration.

Thanks to Tulip for taking us out and for Tackling Dummy’s recap of a great weekend of F3 support for the Exceptional Foundation.

Have a great day fellas and fire away with anything I missed.