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4 x 100 corners

As usual for YHC’s latest Qs, the rain is always in play the night before so making the weinke is tricky since there are many high maintenance PAX.  Luckily, the rain held off and the BoomBox actually worked today so we were off and running.


  • DISCLAIMER given before . . .
  • Popeye pulls up lame . . . Hopefully it is just a cramp
  • SSH x 40
  • IW x 30
  • MC x 20
  • Flutter x 10 (Get used to the 40-30-20-10)


  • AYG to first Alcove
  • Derkins x 40
  • AYG to second Alcove
  • Derkins x 30
  • AYG x third Alcove
  • Merkins x 20 (who doesn’t put benches in an Alcove?!?!)
  • AYG to curb
  • Derkins x 10 (Thank goodness Doc McFormPolice fart sacked today)

Mosey to back parking lot for 4 corners

  • Speed Skaters (40-30-20-10)
  • Burpees (10-10-10-10)
  • WWII sit-ups (40-30-20-10)
  • Burpees (10-10-10)
  • Mary waiting for 6 in between (Unless you are Transporter and Goodfella going for extra credit with HS Merkins)

Mosey back to start with some SSH, Plank Jacks, and Maktar N’Dyias on the way with a closing jailbreak.


Tried to get to 100 of everything but ran out of time for the last 30 Burpees.  #raincheck.  Great push by all PAX.  Not a lot of mumblechatter today or maybe YHC couldn’t hear it over the pathetic groaning in my head.  Why are Burpees on the Weinke again?

  • Popeye blew out a tire early . . . Get better in time for the military Q on Monday (#Clipboard&Whistle)
  • Transporter joined in at the 15 min mark out of the shadows . . . Of the outhouse
  • Yeast pushing so hard he nearly spilled his merlot . . . Or was it IPA?
  • Jingles always has something left in the tank . . . Maybe time for a VQ after you get done being the F3 Shirt model?
  • Segue is in it for the long haul . . . Nice work doing this “non-running” workout
  • Goodfella always at the front of the pack . . . Doesn’t need to cut corners  but occasionally doesn’t follow directions
  • The Paparazzi captured Shampoodle and Moneyball holding hands throughout the workout . . . Or was it just on the grass for support?
  • Legal Zoom with a strong showing today . . . Perhaps buoyed by the rest of non-Qing his own workout (#TurtleMove)
  • Rockwell continues to post everyday YHC posts . . . Take a day off so YHC can start beating you
  • Speaking of days off, Posse has apparently satisfied his 1 day of F3 vacation requirement and is back as strong as ever
  • Great job by Dirty Bird pushing and running in between the stations . . . Definitely stronger and faster
  • Hollywood’s internal motivation is impressive, sprinting in between some of the stations today with nobody to chase . . . Time for the weight vest


  • Speed for Need:  Are you living in a hole or just don’t do social media?  Get online and figure out a way to support this amazing endeavor being driven by F3 brother JRR Tolkien.  Check out this awesome video:
  • Memorial Day Family races at Anne Springs Greenway:  Lots of different options for the whole family.  Check out link for more details:
  • Prayer request:  Foundation lost his Granmother this week.  He is traveling with his family for the funeral.  Strength and comfort during this difficult time.
  • Sanctuary:  Monday nights at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel at 7:30pm.  Studying the book “Un-Offendable”.  Join in at anytime.

Thanks Moneyball for the takeout.


“Logging” some miles at Impromptu

Posted on behalf of Goodfella:

With lots of chatter the past few days about turning ankles, soccer arms and tennis chest, yoga not being “manly”, and Doc needing a “recovery day workout”, I decided to challenge the PAX with a “manly” workout.

Circle up:
· SSH x 25
· Peter Parkers x 25
· Potato Pickers x 10
· Imperial Walkers x 25
· Plank Jacks x 25 (in between, some Yoga Upward and Downward Dog stretches in honor of Frack, who failed to show up for the “manly” workout today)
· Merkins x 10 (Doc preferred Pulse Merkins)
· SSH x 25

Mosey to the woods and retrieve the logs stashed away discretely by the Lawson crew after cutting down a tree recently. Return to the Parking Lot for some fun as a team.

Partner up with your carefully chosen partner and log, for 3 Rounds each of:
· Log Burpees x 10 each (Burpee then jump over log and repeat)
· Team run with the log to the opposite side of the parking lot
· Alternating Shoulder Presses x 10 each
· Team run with log back to starting point
· Repeat 3 times

· Team Thrusters with Log x 10
· Team run with the log to the opposite side of the parking lot
· Team Bicep Curls with Log x 10
· Team run with log back to starting point
· Repeat 3 times

At this point, YHC noticed the sweat pouring and heard someone (not mentioning names, Bottle Cap) say their upper body was “smoked”, so I decided to end the Log Fun even though I had more planned. We returned the Logs to their resting place and Mosey’d over to the front of the school.

Partner up again for “100’s”:
· P1 Dips (x 100), P2 Run to opposite side of lot and back
· Plank waiting on the Six, 6”, Plank, Recover
· P1 Merkins (x 100), P2 Run to opposite side of lot and back
· Plank waiting on the Six, 6”, 6” Plank Jack (some chose not to do this!), Recover
· P1 Seated Leg Extensions (x 100), P2 Run to opposite side of lot and back
· Plank waiting on the Six, 6”, Plank, Recover
· P1 Derkins (x 50…since upper bodies were “smoked”), P2 Run to opposite side of lot and back
· P1 Air Squats (x 100), P2 Run to opposite side of lot and back

Mosey on back to parking lot for Mary:
· Heels 2 Heaven x 13 (we worked around the circle of 13, with each man counting 1 rep in cadence…proud of Recalculating for staying in cadence today!)
· LBC x 13
· American Hammer x 13
· Flutter x 13
· Freddy Mercury x 13
· Dolly x 13
· LBC x 13

Great workout by the crew today, and I appreciate everyone challenging and supporting each other to throw some weight around. Our FNG revealed he sells Pediatric “Implants”, which led to YHC calling out Doc’s special implant procedure he had done recently to increase his…you know! As a result of the Implant sales, the PAX came up with the name “The Hoff”, in honor of David Hasselhoff and Baywatch (lots of implants on that show).

· 2nd AMRAP special on 5/26 at Impromptu (Bottle Cap)
· Jimmy Johnson Fit Fest on Memorial Day (Posse)

The difference between Sweat and Wet

With the overnight rainstorm, there were a few serious questions:

  • How many PAX would show up?
  • Would YHC have to put together a “Sweat” weinke or a “Wet” weinke?
  • Would the 2 HC FNGs actually post?

What YHC didn’t know was the Coke welcoming committee likes the rain.  When the PAX showed up, we were greeted by a huge inflatable Powerade bottle to show us exactly where to park and to get us pumped up for the big event.


  • Mosey around front and side lots with Karaoke, High Knees, Buttkickers
  • Disclaimer given
  • SSH x 25
  • IW x 25
  • Merkins x 10
  • MC x 25
  • Flutters x 25


Grab some frisbees and a 3lb weight disguised as a speaker and take off towards back of school.   Along the way, we stopped for some coupon work:

  • Curl to Press x 15
  • Thrusters x 15
  • Steering Wheels x 15

Mosey to Brick pile.  2 bricks per PAX.  Mosey to hill behind baseball field.  Split into four teams of 3 PAX for 150 of called exercise with bricks

  • P1 at top of hill doing AYG exercise (Round 1: Man-maker Merkins, Plank Jack Burpees)
  • P2 carries bricks on hill
  • P3 at bottom of hill doing called exercise (Round 1:  Squats; Round 2: Thrusters)

Recover to top of hill.  Mumblechatter about hill and bricks was prevalent.  PAX plank up on bricks shoulder-to-shoulder.  While remaining in plank position, pass Brick in right hand all the way to furthest PAX on left.  Pass Brick in left hand all the way to furthest PAX on right.

Got no complaints from PAX when told to leave bricks, grab frisbees, and mosey to practice football field through some puddles.  Kept same teams for a frisbee hairburner race.  P1 does hairburner, P2 & P3 do 3 Burpees, catch P1, and trade out with P1 until end of LONG field.  More mumblechatter ensued.  Can’t please this PAX.

Time to make our way back to bricks.  Kept same teams for Frisbee throw & sprint.   One partner throws frisbee as far as he can, team sprint to the frisbee.  Repeato until you reach bricks.  Apparently, you CAN please the PAX!  Lots of smiles/jokes on this one even though some serious sprinting.  Return with the bricks to the pile area for some IC exercises:

  • Shoulder side raises x 10
  • High knees x 20
  • Shoulder front raises x 10
  • High knees x 20
  • Steering wheel x 20
  • High Knees x 20

Mosey to concession stand for some wall work:

  • People’s Chair with Air Presses x 25
  • 6 count Doc McMerkins against wall x 10
  • People’s Chair with Jabs x 25
  • One-legged Dips x 10 each leg

Mosey to front parking lot for a few mins of Mary:  Flutters, Dolly, J-Lo, and closed with the alphabet.


Lots of interesting activity/chatter today.  Started with the 6am Posse wake up GroupMe text with a beautiful picture of Team Coke/Powerade invading the AO. Although YHC briefly thought he drunkenly sent a preblast email to “DL – All Employees” it turns out they were there for a Powerade Flag Football event.  Posse continues to impress with his postings and was the only one for a 6am pre-run.  UNLESS, you count Jingles showing up “early” to try and get in on the action.  He actually stated he never knew we give a “one minute warning” prior to start.

Damascus rocked the bricks part of the workout, even lifting the bricks on the Burpees.  Rumor has it that each Brick weighed the exact amount of a wine bottle so hence the expertise.  Some PAX even noticed his pinkies being out as he toted the bricks.  Well done Sommelier.

Goodfella dominated the frisbee hairburners.  Keeping his @ss low is not a problem apparently.  But he seemed more intrigued with the J-Lo movement during Mary.  Shop Dawg keeps bringing it strong; great to see him teaching the FNG Slim Jim a few tricks.  Maple Syrup fought hard through the Brick pile up.  Popeye and Gator Cub got stuck with YHC on the hill exercises and had to help out my soccer arms performance.  Jingles continues to impress and get sneaky fast at each workout.  Foundation harkened back to his old football days by rolling around in the mud on the hairburners.  Shampoodle lived up to his nickname by enjoying the frisbee run and catch the best, even trying to catch a few in his teeth.  And welcome to FNG Slim Jim (thanks to Posse for the name).  He hung tough under the tutelage of Shop Dawg and wasn’t afraid to get after it, even though he is a self-professed member of the Soccer Arms Club.

Great work today fellas.  Appreciate you letting me lead while not taking things too seriously.  Good to see some smiles during the frisbee throws.  We will have to incorporate more of that.

Thanks for the takeout Shop Dawg, and thanks to Goodfella for the reminder about being grateful for the amazing women in our lives.


  • Union County F3 shirts on sale now. Deadline 5/24:
  • Speed-for-Need is officially launched.  Check out the details to see how we ALL can assist with this amazing project:
  • FIA:  Encourage the ladies in your life to attend Saturday morning workouts at 7:30am at Cuthbertson Middle
  • Sanctuary:  Mondays at 7:30pm at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel.  Studying the book “Un-Offendable”.  All are welcome.  Don’t need to read to be a part of the conversation.  But do need to be present to enjoy the beer and pizza

AMRAP Wet T-shirt contest

Since becoming Site Q, Hollywood has suggested an AMRAP challenge to test the PAX progress on a monthly/quarterly basis.  To get the word out, Hollywood and YHC have taken to all the major airwaves to attract the finest PAX in Union County and beyond (i.e. Doc McMecklenburg)

All the latest and greatest technology was used to get to the masses including telephone calls, postcards, 911 Beeper pages, Text messages, Instant Messages, and even Email,  With that comprehensive marketing campaign, we got HCs from 3 Respects.  While that is good, we knew we had to reach more PAX.  After extensive research, we spared no expense and utilized the latest and greatest technology . . . Slack!

As Hollywood and YHC rolled into the parking lot in the gloom, it looked like “The Haw” channel on Slack was for REAL.  Parking lot was loaded with cars at Cuthbertson Middle.  We got a little nervous that our Weinke would be a little much for all the FNGs who showed up.

Turns out there was a Middle School field trip sooooooo . . . Disclaimer given as we moseyed down the path behind the school circling up along the way a few times for Warmup:  SSH x 20, MC x 20, Flutter x 20


AMRAP challenge.  Consists of about a 1/3 mile lap with 7 exercise stations along the route.  30 minutes to complete as many laps as possible.  Stations included:

Merkins x 20

Dips x 20

Box Jumps x 20

WWII sit-ups x 20

Curl to Press x 20

Suppines x 20

Burpees x # of laps completed

After 30 mins, we gathered up the PAX and headed back with some Mary along the way to get to the COT.


Other than a couple “veteran” PAX who seemed to be sandbagging their baseline number, tremendous effort by the PAX.  It will no doubt be tough for each of them to go further than their result today but this group continues to impress.  As “The Mouth of the South” so eloquently put it, he “would have won a Wet T-Shirt Contest.”  After reviewing the videotape from COT, YHC realized that there were a number of PAX who would give Posse a run for his money but YHC thinks that is best left to others’ imagination.  Great effort by all.  We will try and beat these distances on the last Friday of every month:

Goodfella:  3 (Laps) and Rocks

Doc McStuffins:  3 and Sit-ups

Transporter:  2 and Supines

Shop Dawg:  3 and Merkins

Hollywood:  3 and Rocks

Dirty Bird:  2 and Merkins

Posse:  2 and Rocks

Foley:  3 and Box Jumps

Shampoodle:  3 and Merkins

Recalculating:  3 and Box Jumps

Foundation:  3 and Sit-ups

Legal Zoom:  3 and Sit-ups

Rockwell:  3 and Dips

Gator Cub:  3 Laps

Moneyball:  3 and Merkins

Bottlecap:  3 and Rocks


F3 Sanctuary:  Mondays at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel at 7:30pm   Studying “Un-Offendable.”  Come join the discussion and/or come for the pizza/beer

Q-School:  Saturday at 6:30am at Bojangles across from Sun Valley High School.  Learn from the best cadence counters in Union County

Moneyball – Thanks for letting us make fun of your shape-ups and the take-out prayer


YHC knew there would be some pax coming back from some spring break time away. There were also going to be those waking up this morning after consuming far too many non-F3 approved Easter treats yesterday (likely the same guys). Both groups of pax were in need of a much needed beatdown. And so I did my best to help them out and give them what they needed.
Since I wasn’t sure how many were going to be present (YHC has been missing too many Flash workouts lately), my plan was pretty much to do what I prefer to do, which is run. The Weinke would be updated as we go.
16 showed up ready to work.

Warm Up:
Mosey through the parking lot, Disclaimer provided
10 Burpees OYO, then SSH x 25, MC x 20, Plank jacks x 20, Low Slow Merkins x12

The Thang:
Mosey to the path that leads to Transporter’s Home Away from Home.
At each light, complete merkins and jump squats. Begin with 3 and increase at each light by 3. Made it to 15 of each before completing some plank work (Makhtar ndiaye, Peter Parker, etc.) while waiting for the six.

Continue mosey with plank work at various spots (we all need to work on those 6 inch plank jacks).
Stop at the traffic circle.
Triple Nickel-5 burpees at circle, run to grassy area and complete 5 bomb squats — 5 x total.
Mary/plank work while waiting for the six

Run to side of high school.
15 Donkey kicks, 15 Mike Tysons, run to curb and back, x 10 of each, run, then x 5 of each, run

Run to front of high school. Derkins x 20 IC, Jump/step ups x 20, then Derkins x 11 IC (Q fail, couldn’t make it to 15), Jump/step ups x 11, finally Derkins x 10 IC, Jump/step ups x10

Run to Middle School-time for Mary
Heels to Heaven x 25 IC, Dolly x 25 IC, hold 6 inches, Rosalita x 20 IC, American Hammer x 20 IC, Pistol LBC x 15 each leg

Jailbreak back to start

Solid work by all as the Pax brought it today. I will say that my goal was to keep the heart rate up the entire time and offer little to no rest in between exercises and while waiting for the six. Despite this, the pax did not slow down the entire 45 minutes. It was good to see everyone pushing themselves out there this morning.
According to those who care, we logged over 2.5 miles. Not overly far, but we were constantly moving with a very fast Mosey (some would say run) throughout.
There was some mumblechatter when it came to the Triple Nickel, otherwise the pax were a relatively quiet group this morning.
Thanks to all who showed up today to make my 1.13 year anniversary Q a good one.

Sanctuary Monday 4/17/17 @ 7:30pm. Wesley Chapel Brooklyn Pizza, new book study begins tonight, Unoffendable
Fuel Event, 4/25/17 @ 7:30pm at ShopDog’s house– Speaker Kid Rock
Family Night-date TBD
ShopDog took us out 

Fun with Logs

A special day down in “The Haw” (trademark).  A Site Q handoff has been in the works for a few weeks.  Between Hollywood’s son’s lack of sleep schedule, Bottlecap’s travel schedule, and Doc McStuffins’ Mecklenburg schedule/Below freezing boycott, it has been tough to get a firm date to make the peaceful transfer of power, err, shovel flag.


  • Doc took the reins.  Quick mosey lap followed by Chilean disclaimer
  • SSH x 30
  • IW x 25
  • Merkins x 20
  • Squat x 20
  • LBC x 25


  • Hit play on the bad music playlist and did a fast lap around parking lot until we got to some man-sized logs.  Seemed like everybody heeded YHC’s pre-blast warning and wore long sleeves except YHC’s “Capri sleeves” (#QFail).
  • Partner up with two teams of 2.  For those counting at home, that is 4 to a group.
  • Team 1:  Called exercises with a log AMRAP
  • Team 2:  Run a lap


  • Shoulder Presses x 2 laps
  • Goblet Squats x 2 laps
  • Clean & Jerk x 2 laps
  • 1 arm Shoulder press x 2 laps
  • Merkins while T2 brings log down and up hill
  • Upright log rows x 2 laps

Deliver Logs to their new resting place at bottom of hill (be ready for future use at Impromptu)

COT with some Mary


The pre-blast touted Logs even though YHC hadn’t done anything like this before.  Got a quick reminder from Recalculating that the disclaimer/pre-blast should have included goggles due to the bark shedding everywhere.  With some thanks to the Sky Q, just enough PAX showed up, even a couple newly-named FNGs, Yeast and Duck Dad decided to join despite the poor marketing efforts.    Those 2 are quickly fitting right in with the group with memes on the group text and even offering some new recipes (i.e. bourbon and eggs).  Doc and Hollywood were very impressive as usual by sprinting on every lap.  Dirty Bird and Yeast pushed each other the entire day.  Chipotle and Big Tuna quietly threw around the biggest log.  Recalculatmg and Striker got stronger as the workout went on, especially on a jailbreak on one lap where Striker showed last week’s marathon didn’t slow his legs down at all.  Rockwell and Foundation were pushing YHC which was/wasn’t appreciated at different times.  Posse and Duck Dad kept the conversation about bedazzled gloves to a dull roar, except when Hall and Oates came on which got them VERY excited.

YHC and Hollywood greatly appreciate Doc McStuffins’ and Transporter’s service to Impromptu.  They have been a great example of leadership by continually and positively pushing the PAX to get better each workout.

YHC and Hollywood’s campaign promise is to “Make Impromptu Great Again” (#MIGA) so the plan is to use gear and incorporate AMRAP-type workouts.  We appreciate this opportunity and are looking forward to this challenge.

Thanks to Recalculating for taking us out.


Convergence at Commitment on April 1 at Weddington High School at 6:30am

April 1:  Shop Dawg looking for help moving “real Logs” in his backyard to complete roofing structure on outdoor patio

Perfect Brick Form

A near record crowd of PAX at Watchtower on a cool morning.  Maybe everybody was showing up to see the much anticipated school yard brawl between Hollywood and Doc McStuffins about who has better merkin form.  Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, one of those guys can’t post two days in a row in Union County.


Turn on some Sweet Child O’ Mine and mosey to front of school

SSH x 30

Merkins x 15

Imperial Squakers x 10

Morrocan Nightclubs x 20


Mosey to Brick pile with a stop along the way for some PC with Air Presses x 20

Grab a pair of friends for the rest of the morning

Shoulder Presses x 20

Mosey to top of hill for Plank Brick pass: Bricks to left followed by Bricks to the right

Mosey to tennis courts hill and Partner up for Dora (P1 exercise, P2 runs hill)

1st:  Man-Maker Merkins x 100 / Run down hill with bricks, backwards up hill

2nd:  Brick curls x 200 / Run down hill with bricks, Bear Crawl with Bricks up hill

3rd:  Flutters holding bricks overhead / Run down hill with bricks, backwards up hill

Mosey to top of hill for Plank Brick pass: Bricks to left followed by Bricks to the right

Mosey back to tennis courts for some Brick Chest flies x 25 with protractor

Say goodbye to your Lil Friends and mosey back with a quick stop for BTW Shoulder Presses x 10

Stop at circle for 2 AYG laps


Some claimed that YHC was “angry” today so maybe that means it was a good beatdown.  Or maybe it was all the “Form Police” that have been out lately.  Or maybe it was because the Bricks wore out the grip strength and made YHC feel weak.  Either way, it is clear that YHC needs some work on demonstrating/explaining exercises a bit better.  The Man-Maker Merkins “might” have had a false demonstration count.  And the second go round with the Plank Brick pass went much smoother than the first   But YHC is blaming that one on Posse.  And YHC won’t bring up the simple “counting to 4” to partner up.  BAD FORM as usual for YHC.

Great to see Recalculating making the LONG drive to Weddington on a Thursday finally; he continues to make his way to the front of the pack.  After FartSacking yesterday, Shampoodle and Moneyball brought it today.  Shop Dawg has got serious strength . . . And still had energy to callout YHC on Flutter/Brick form (rightfully so).  Goodfella was crushing exercise reps today despite his grip strength tank being on “E”.  Posse’s endurance is evident by his fast mosey at the end with bricks.  Hollywood’s AYG is FAST . . . And that probably wasn’t all he’s actually got.

Thanks to Moneyball for taking us out (was that a cough or a laugh?)


Shop Dawg is taking the Q tomorrow at Impromptu (Cuth Middle at 5:30); bring out your 2.0s if out of school

FIA (Females In Action) launch:  Saturday at 7:30am at Cuthbertson Middle.  Support and encourage your M’s to attend

365 days in F3

Can’t believe it has been a year since YHC was EH’d by the SOG (Screech Owl Gang).  Much appreciation for all the PAX that have pushed and pulled YHC along.  Grabbing the Q today was easy to give back and take a trip down memory lane . . .

Pulling into the lot, dissappointed not to see Dirty Bird “Rise Up” as there needed to be some words exchanged.


1 “year anniversary” lap


Disclaimer – 1 year does not make a professional

SSH x 36

Burpees x 5

IW x 36

Burpees x 5

MC x 36

Burpees x 5

Flutter x 36

Burpees x 5


Now that PAX are starting to catch on, we continue with the 3-6-5 theme

Mosey down sidewalk

36 reps at the 5 cones for MADAP


American Hammers

Dry Docks

Air Presses in Air Chair

Patriot Plank Jacks (on your FIVE fingertips)

Plank Work and then Rinse and Repeat

Some Mary and then head to “Transporter’s house” for some wall work

AP x 36

Mike Tyson x 5

Jabs x 36

PATRiOT Mike Tyson x 5

Partner up and get a lifting rock, err, running rock.  Goodfella thought I said “Frack rock” apparently.


P1 runs backwards with rock

P2 does 3 Burpees and catches P1 to flapjack

Mosey to front of school

Dips x 36

Decline Merkins x 5

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to start for some Mary and COT


PAX are like the Patriots . . . wicked smaht.  They figured out the theme real quick.  Not a lot of idle chatter so hopefully that meant some work was being done.  Couple snide remarks about the Patriots but just jealousy.  Couple snide remarks about the lifting rocks but just jealousy of Goodfella’s boulder.


Debbie’s house project is happening Pres Day weekend.  Lots of opportunities to pitch in: Money, Time, Materials, Food, etc.  More info to come from Transporter, Shop Dawg, and Troylette.  Nice job leading this fellas.

SB 51 prep – Oh-Line workout

In the mind of YHC, his Weinke was fit for a Super Bowl 51 practice that even the legendary Bill Belichick would be proud of.  However, as his headlights hit the gathering PAX in the gloom, Ice9’s silhouette ominously appeared.  That’s when YHC started thinking he needed to add some tougher drills to ensure Ice breaks a sweat.  The music started and we were off for a warmup lap (and a sneak attack by Dirty Bird trying to injure a Patriot already) and then a Belichickian dull disclaimer.


  • SSStrops x 50
  • Merkins x TB12
  • Jump Squats x 20
  • Spider Crawls x 20 (Left hand to right foot in plank position)
  • Real Crunch x 20
  • Cotton Picker x 15


LINEmen are vital for TB12 to bring home #onemore so that was our focus.  Quick mosey to the front circle parking lot to use the lines.

Opening Drive:

  • Run 2 lines, backwards run 1 line, Run 2, Back 1, etc to end of lot

1st Half drives:

  • Side lateral left 3 lines, 3 jump squats.  Continue to end of lot
  • Side lateral right 3 lines, 3 jump squats til the end
  • Bear Crawl 3 lines, 3 JLo’s til the end
  • Mary at the end of each drive to hear Transporter and Frack whine about their hidden appreciation for the Patriots

Half Time (Partner up):

  • P1 planks, P2 does rabbit jumps with hands on back x 20
  • Flapjack
  • P1 planks, P2 holds P1 feet and Squats x 20
  • Flapjack
  • Mosey to entrance wall
  • PC x 20 with 1-leg air presses
  • Flapjack

2nd Half drives:

  • Frog Jump 3 lines, 3 merkins til the end
  • Lunge walk 3 lines, 3 jump lunges til the end

2 minute drill:

  • Merkin Ladder
  • Sprint to end of parking lot, 10 merkins
  • Sprint back to start, 9 merkins
  • Rinse and repeat (like the 03-04 Patriots) til 1 merkin

Mosey back for COT with 51 SSStrops and DONE


It is truly inspiring to see how much effort the PAX give . . . To bash the Patriots.  Lots of chatter today.  And surprisingly enough, NONE of it was about the music.  Always great to have Ice9 post . . . To humble Hollywood a bit (even though Hollywood still lapped YHC).  If Dirty Bird’s prep was any indication, the Falcons are going to play hard next week.  Unlike his Steelers, Shop Dog’s effort is impressive.  And speaking of Championship game runner-ups, Transporter PACKED a punch today with the American Hammers.   Thanks (I think) to Rockwell for being right next to me in almost every exercise lately pushing hard.  YHC usually likes to bust Turtle’s balls, but he gutted through despite a knee/snip injury.  Posse is half the man he used to be but twice the speed, what gives?  Frack must have been inspired to finish towards the front so he could bash the Patriots during each Mary.  McFly is in “Back to the Past” form; would be even faster if he shaved the kitten on his face.  How do Goodfella’s legs allow him to be out front during the lunge walk?  Das Boot’s mind is always at work thinking of his next Q with additional “partner work.”  Leave it to the Jersey boys, Troylette and Recalculating, for calling in one of their “friends” to pull into the parking lot during bear crawls so they get an “automatic first down.”

There is no doubt this PAX is getting stronger and faster.  Tough to keep up but appreciate the push.  #leadingfromthemiddle


F3 Sanctuary SERVICE OPPORTUNITY:  Great chance for PAX to “be the hands and feet” for an amazing yet struggling Monroe Grandmother.  In her rundown house, Debbie has 4 kids, 3 of which are young grandchildren, as well as a young boy who lost his parents recently.  Transporter has visited the house and succinctly explained how dangerous and unhealthy the living conditions are for her and the kids (floor sinking, kerosene heaters) WHAT ARE THE NEXT STEPS?  Looking for the 3 M’s and the big P:  Manpower, Materials, Money, and Prayer.  Transporter will be sending out specifics on materials needed but if you are led, please contact him to donate your time and money.

Goodfella – Thanks for taking us out

Emeril’s Running Show

7 PAX showed up with their beards and Bubba Gump hats for a day that was promoted as a running workout.  Props to Ranger for dragging his dad out of the fart sac to arrive on time for a change.  YHC started the music and we got rolling.


Mosey and pick up friend “Jenny” at rock pile

SS-Strops x 30

Jump Squats x 20

Merkins x 10

2-footed Peter Parker (kind of) x 20

Crunches x 20

Side Crunch Shoe Touches x 20

Cotton Pickers x 15

Lunge knee dips x 20


Tote “Jenny” over to the track.  Check Gate 1 – Locked “so we kept running.”  Check Gate 2 – Locked “so we kept running.”  Check Gate 3 – Locked so we . . . hopped the fence.  Transporter offered to discuss this “life lesson” with Ranger.

Let Jenny sit on side of track while we do 3 laps

400m @ 2nd F pace, 400m @ 1M pace, Jog 100m, Sprint 100m, Jog 100m, Sprint 100m

This is when Emeril showed up . . . BAMS!

5 Burpees, 10 American Hammers (with Jenny), 15 Merkins, 20, Squats (with Jenny)

Jog 100m, Sprint 100m, Jog 100m, Sprint 100m


Jog 100m, Sprint 200m, Jog 100m


Jog 100m, Sprint 100m, Jog 100m, Sprint 100m


Side Shuffle 100m, Run Backwards 100m, Side Shuffle 100m, Run Backwards 100m


Hop the fence and bring Jenny back home

Circle up for some Side Straddle Strops x 33


While Forrest, Jenny, and Emeril were there to help us get through the workout, the PAX didn’t need them.  Ranger is making the most of his school break by impressively leading from the front on the runs.  Transporter got even faster after he got a little lighter after the warmup.  Frack muscled through another running workout after yesterday’s 5 miler (at least he had shoes on though).  Gator Cub continues to be sneaky fast.  Shampoodle keeping up with everyone despite being out a couple weeks.  Posse not letting his 2.0 get the best of him with an All You Got sprint with Jenny at the end barely beat, errr, lose to Ranger.

Always great to Q at this AO; lots of options.  Lots to be thankful for this Christmas season but F3 and this group of MEN are near the top of my list.  Appreciate the leadership, accountability, and servant attitudes that each of you bring to the table that push me to be better everyday.  Merry Christmas!


F3 Sanctuary:  7:30pm Monday nights at Brooklyn Pizza Wesley Chapel.

Monday 12/26 “Swift”:  Moved back an hour to 6:30am at Cuthbertson Middle

Joe Davis 5/10k:  First Saturday in January in Fort Mill (flat course)