One More Again

One More Again

7 PAX joined YHC for a birthday Q this morning. Becky, Funny Farm, and myself began The Valley EC loop for the 1 mile pre-run promptly at 0515. McStuffins enters the parking lot as we’re leaving campus, so we hold up for him to join.  Returning to launch, we’re joined by Cold Cuts, Huddle House, and GOP.  Cold Cuts and Huddle House have the exact same vehicle and GOP is on a bike.

The Thang

No disclaimer given, these guys know the drill.

Head towards the intersection of Huntingtowne Farms Ln and Goneaway.  Stop for COP – 20 SSH, 20 mountain climbers, hold runners stretch, 10 merkins OYO.

Continue on Huntingtowne Farms Ln towards the greenway.  Stop at the parking lot to South Park Swim Club and line up on barrier to keep people from driving on the greenway.  1 burpee on each side of the barrier until 10 total.

Get on greenway and mosey towards bridge to bear crawl across.  Continue on greenway towards South Park Station hill AKS piss your pants. At the base of hill partner up, partner 1  grabs a rock and does curls, triceps extensions, and overhead presses (sets of 10) until partner 2 returns from running up hill and performing 34 squats.  Partner 1 and 2 switch, then as my JV high school football coach would say “one more again” – this time 34 calf raises instead of squats

Continue on greenway towards next bridge and lunge walk across.  Head towards trail in the woods and connects back to Birmingham Dr and Charlotte Tennis Academy.  Before leaving Charlotte Tennis Academy parking lot, stop for Mary.

Recover and move towards Burnt Mill.  At the intersection of Burnt Mill and Tall Oaks, backwards run up Tall Oaks to the first stop light then back down.  Next backwards run up Burnt Mill towards the first stop light and back down.  Mosey back up Tall Oaks towards Huntingtowne Farms Ln.  Stop at intersection for more Mary.

Mosey back to launch to continue Mary, each Pax calling out an exercise.  Recover and move towards end of the parking lot.  Flat on bellies and count of 3 AYG back to the other end of the parking lot.

615 workout ends.


I was able to get Huddle House out by telling him I would boycott his Q tomorrow at Centurion – it worked and he showed up.

GOP stayed on that bike the whole time and joined us for exercise along the way – knee has him on IR from running.

Thanks to Becky for taking us out in prayer.

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