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Mobile Backblast

Only three of us this morning, which was nice, we stayed together and grinded out a good workout.
Long opening mosey, stretch and headed to CF for the Merkin Mile, rotating hand release merkins and burpees.  Found our way over to Chisholm Ct for hill work, big boys and monkey humpers, 3 rounds was enough of that.  Back to CHS campus for more running, squats and dips, 3 rounds and it was time to go, 4 minutes until COT, yikes.

Great running with Ice9 and Sugar Daddy, 2 good dudes.  We were all pushing hard. Got in about 6 miles plus exercises.

Missed all the rest of you.  I’m having knee surgery on 1/27 and will be out a few weeks but I will be back quickly.  I’m in a good place because I have all of you.  Someone of you have been thru much tougher injuries and come back, and you inspire me.  I have the mashers to look forward to.  And of course F2 & F3.

I’m traveling today and posting via phone, so keeping this short, but wanted the guys to get credit for their hard work this am!


Fun Night! at Clyent Dinner

If you have seen the picture that Gerber posted last night look again at the kids….they made it FUN!!!!! Also, I think Gerber summed it up well when he noted below the picture “the pandemic has made pax hungry for fellowship, hungry for exercise, hungry for family time, hungry for positivity. Nowhere, is that more evident than by the explosive growth of these evening 2.0 friendly workouts”. Well said Gerber!

He is right! As the pax (and 2.0’s) made their entance last night a different vibe was in the air. It was a fun vibe. An exuberant vibe. A happy vibe. A positive vibe. The adult pax were in turn all smiling and we were all taking in the youthful enthusiam, energy, and exhuberance of the kids!



DICCS given- we have cell phone, CPR trained, reminder for non- related pax to keep socially distanced -its go time!

Mosey down the trail– to keep the energetic pax together I interrupted the usual mosey with 10 SSH at every 3rd light—this kept our big group together (still socially distanced) until we reached Rudy’s shed and circled up for some more exercises and light stretching – SSH. IW, Moroccan NC, LSS etc..more of the usual suspects.


Kids vs Adults—- Guess who won??????

I wanted to make it fun! What do kids like to do for fun?   Compete and Win!!!!

We moseyed to the two roundabouts and it was kids vs adults- like we normally do circle the two roundabouts doing 5 merkins at each one—fastest back to the start wins. (kids only have to reach the roundabouts-not circle them—distance shorter) Ready go!!!!!….They were pumped to beat the Adults! Baby Gazelles are off. Adults are smiling then gettting gassed as this is hard. Kids win round one. Adults are punished with MERKINS.I wanted to get a good w/o for the adults while stimulating the kids. No rest for the Adults —Round 2 begins. Time for revenge??? No–Kids win again. More MERKINS for the adults. The THANG was to have the adults run as hard as they could and still lose-made possible by the much shorter distance for the kids without being too obvious to them —then Merkins for the Adults. Kids were happy.

Time to mosey and bunny hop our way to the Stadium parking lot…..It is now time for the Adults to pair up with the kids and LEAD them in 4 corners –they needed guidance on where to go and what exercise to do—-it was so great seeing all the adults (parent or not) LEAD the kids—Then lineup on the parking lot lines for bear crawls, frog jumps, backward run etc…. Now race to the lightpole—Who won? Did more kids win or did more adults win? KIDS win again….more MERKINS for the adults—Kids do five adults do 15 rinse and repeat…..Kids win again.

Mosey back to the roundabouts for exercises down to Rudy’s shed to finish the evening—Adults time to call out different exercises—-then its time to (5 Minutes)-to race back up to COT—finshed!!!



FUN:…lots of energy.

IMPRESSED and HUMBLED: I witnessed Pax in a different environment. I saw some really terrific Dads! You are good men! Great Leaders to your kids! Very inspiring!

Special shout out to Posse, Rudy and Driveby—They were 3 Pax without their own kids tonight—they were HIMS tonight—each of them helped lead the kids and assist and got a great workout in…Selfless. Great job men,

High Hat, Zinfandel, Gerber, Cobbler, C3PO, Carbload, Rubbermaid—it was easy to see what your priorities are in life! All your kids look up to you and I could see the love and respect.



  1. Reminder: CSAUP-Feb 6th–Starts and Ends in Downtown Waxhaw- F2 to follow
  2. Blood Drive: Saturday January 30th Five Stones Church-Zinfandel announced that the information and link is now posted on Social Media-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—share with friends and family.
  • Cobbler was the 6th man-found F3 on website-got his name because he likes to build”stuff”
  • Thanks to Carbload for sharing a conversation with us he had with his daughter about us being “brothers” or as she said “cousins”…..the meaning we are all family-lets continue looking out for each other.
  • Special shoutout to Zinfandel who ran “rucked” with his daughter—(that was awesome) she did great!
  • YHC took us out


Exploring uncharted territory (DO NOT ENTER)

Why not come back from injury to Q. Took away some sleep the previous night, but being on Q made me commit.

DICCS given.

Mosse to Animal hospital parking lot for some warmups (SSH, Imperial walkers and Moroccan nigh club).

The thang: Mose to start of N.Providence St. Run around the uncharted territory.

10 Jump squats / 10 bobby hurries and 10 squats at each of the triangular loop. Repeat 3 times. Fuse tried to push me to run faster, but today was not the day.   Back to COT for some exercise for the core (Big Bois and Merkins). Had couple of mins left, so decided to run a short loop with dips in between. End with some stretching.


I missed F3 so much and was glad to be back. Learnt importance of stretching after the workouts, let’s not forget to stretch.  It is good to Q, it helps to commit and push harder. 

Glad to have (FNG) Josh Tutwiler (Blood clot) join us today.

Always glad to be out with fellow PAX who support and push each other. 


  1. Blood drive on the 30th this month. Share it on Facebook

Five Stones Church

1117 Cuthbertson Rd

Saturday, January 30 09:00 AM – 01:30 PM 

  1. Help need at Christ closet today at 5:30 pm to load a truck with with things to take to Wilmington.

The Joy of Shared Suffering: 100 Burpees and 3 Miles

I hate burpees with a passion. They are pointless, painful and plain. But they’re ruthlessly efficient. And for that reason, they remain a staple of F3 workouts. There’s even a nation-wide #CSAUP happening right now centered on these bad boys #MakeAmericaBurpeeAgain

I’m challenging myself to #EmbraceTheSuck in 2021 by leading workouts in areas that are outside of my comfort zone. I suck at pull ups too. *Reminder to get back to @Das Boot with a commitment to lead this at Body Shop soon*

With a heavy focus on burpees in the event preblast, I knew this workout would scare away a few. I’m okay with that. To be honest, I wouldn’t have attended if I was on the receiving end of that message. But I knew that I needed the accountability of leading a workout (and Q juice) to tackle these frivolous things head-on.

And so it began. 0525 rolled around and lo and behold, @Atlas and @Brexit join me in my pointless endeavor! Together we embraced the burpee suck and we all learned a thing or two about the joy that is found in shared suffering.

The Thang

Run a lap in the teachers parking lot. 10 SSH’s, 10 Hill Billies, 10 Mountain Climbers and 10 Burpees (CUE THE GROANS).


Mosey to football practice field (football field is locked) for 100 meters of Killer B’s: 1 burpee + 2 broad jumps + 4 bear crawls


The Burpee Mile: Perform 12 burpees, run 1 lap around practice field (.25 miles/lap). Repeat 4x Plank until all three are in.


The Big Boy Sit Up Mile: Perform 20 Big Boys, run 1 lap around practice field (.25 miles/lap). Repeat 4x. Recover with 12 burpees. Atlas reminded me that burpees are not an appropriate cooldown exercise, that would be stretching. Whatever.


Offer choice between tire flips and repeating Killer B’s for another 100 meters. @Atlas and @Brexit were in immediate agreement to go with tire flips. 15 Freddy Mercuries to round these out. Mosey back to launch. Would you look at that – we ran 3 miles! Round out the morning with remaining burpees until time.



  • Announcements: Waxhaw and SOB blood drives coming up in February. Waxhaw CSAUP in early February.
  • I’m quite grateful there were only three HIM that attended this one. It provided ample opportunity for 2nd F, with topics ranging from Brexit’s dank man cave (complete with NBA 2k arcade machine and microbrewery taps) to how Atlas’ 2.0 wakes up at 1:30 in the morning to watch cartoons. Both are holding on to way too many CD’s and records that they’re now trying to get their kids to enjoy to justify not throwing them away
  • T claps to Brexit for punching the fartsack in the face despite limited sleep due to 2.0’s. We c
  • T claps to Atlas for the 2-mile prerun and prairie doggin it until he could make it home for much-needed relief. He made it back in time 😉
  • The site continues to amaze me as there’s so much territory to explore here between the fields and school parking lots. Brexit also said something about hills nearby, which was immediately rebuked by Atlas

Truth Nugget

My life was upended in many ways in 2020, some driven by the pandemic, others not. Like many others, I fell down. Over and over again. But it meant that I had to get back up. Again and again.

And what is a burpee except falling down and getting back up?

I first posted at an F3 workout on 1/11/2020. As I reflect on the this last year, my F3 brothers and friends are with me when I fall down and need to get back up. Sometimes I’m the one falling. Other times I’m the one helping get someone else back up. But the constant is that I’m not doing it alone.

We get knocked down. We get back up. Again and again. Together.

This workout (and many others) helped me see how there is joy to be found in sharing the burden of hard things.

It took 3 miles and 100 burpees to realize how much joy being miserable would bring me.

midriff out

The Gloom Shall Be As the Noonday

The truth is, the gloom is always quite gloomy at 4:55am.  But, the gloom has been extra gloomy these days. I look back on the AO’s that became shield locks and the pax that disappeared. The parking lot zoom workouts that were led.  The stories from pax about juggling working from home and the kid’s virtual school as if work wasn’t stressful enough. We all learned about the life cycles of stars and planets in school. Now we know a lot about the 24 wife cycle. Not to mention the added pressure of the pandemic on the soul/psyche when dealing with so much unfamiliar ground.  And the News… or should I say propaganda. To quote my late pops, It feels like “We are all going to hell in hand basket.”

But then comes the gloom.  I for one have said on multiple occasions, “guys, I’m sorry for my rant, but I really needed to get that off my chest.”  I’ve been using these F3 workouts as inexpensive mental health therapy. Really it’s been soul therapy.  Not only has the pax listened to my puke fests, they’ve encouraged me through it.  As a pastor, this has been a bad dream.  As a small business owner, this has been a nightmare. Nothing is consistent. Everything is cancelled. It’s all up in the air.

Except for Jesus… and the gloom. The gloom is always quite gloomy at 4:55am, but at 5:55am, though it’s still dark outside, it appears as the noonday.  Why?  Because the light of men is shining forth in the darkness.  I’m not talking about headlamps and heartrates. I’m talking about Isaiah 58. The context of the passage is true and false fasting.  It could be true and false praying.  Or true and false religion.  The important thing is that it’s true.  And in that truth (which is so hard to find these days) “your light shall rise in the darkness and your gloom will be as the noonday.”  In the morning gloom, beneath the mumble chatter, the sweat, the push and the pull there is truth.  The opinions may differ, for there are as many as there are pax, but at 5:55am, when your gritting your teeth pushing and pulling or being pushed and pulled, the façades are dropped and you find only truth and the gloom becomes as if noonday.

That’s what happened today at The Valley.  How was your workout?

Oh and these 13 pax also did these movements:


  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Squat x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Sharon Towers x 12 IC (I got bored)

the Thang

  • Mosey to the greenway bridge
    • Bear Crawl across the bridge
    • plank o rama
  • Mosey to the rock pile and pick your poison
    • Curls x 20 IC
    • Squats x 11 IC (I got tired)
    • Overhead press x 10 IC
    • Curls x 15 IC
  • GOP gave a 20 count while we walked to the start of “piss your pants”
    • Sprint to the top and plank when you get there
    • Plank o rama with hold highs and lows
  • Mosey UP through Park South Station to the clubhouse parking lot
    • 4 corners – 10 merkins/15 wide arms/20 LBC’s/25 jump squats then plank at the start
    • Plank o Rama
  • Mosey to the circle at park south station entrance for partner catch me if you can
    • 5 merkins then catch your partner
    • flapjack ad nauseam
    • Plank for the six
  • Mosey down Archdale back to the greenway
    • some sort of mary until the six arrived
  • Mosey down the green way to the cut through to the Charlotte Tennis club
    • Heals to heaven IC until the six
  • Mosey through the woods to and up Tall Oaks Torcher Topper
    • Mary until the six
  • Mosey back to the Flag


We went 5 minutes over and but covered 3.5 miles during ME; 4.6 with EC.  Nice work gents and thank you.  Thank you for the gloom.


What are you doing with it?

7 men got fast, powerful, and mentally tough during the 2nd running of cowbell. They slung heavy bells, they sprinted, and never stopped. These are some of the fittest men in the nation. Yet at the end, some were literally unable to lift their bells for another rep. Others appeared to be swaying on their feet, breathing hard. These men were and are complete bad-asses.

Why inflict brutality on themselves this cold winter morning? To get fast, strong, and mentally tough, of course. Each man next to his brother knew he could accomplish what would be impossible alone. No matter what trial he faced later that day, it would seem smaller. These men do this most every day. You see, the men of F3 inflict trials on themselves for a reason. They know that trials produce perseverance, and perseverance produces character. With character, the really good stuff is right around the corner.

That brings me to Zinfandel’s semi-reluctant take out. For those of you who don’t know him Zin, he has one of the biggest hearts in F3. He urged us this morning to hug our neighbors, to think of them, to love them, and to think bigger than ourselves. Implicit in what Zin said was that each of us has been given a kind of power that most others are missing. We have the obvious: speed, strength, mental toughness, and the character that comes from it. And we have each other: other men to come alongside us with their own speed, strength, and mental toughness.

Let me ask you. What are you doing with these gifts? Consider your answer. And consider how to use your gifts going forward if you are not satisfied with your answer. Your brothers will support you. And when the world sees you and your brothers, using your strength, character, and relationships, acting sacrificially, in love, for others, without profit to you, they will ask WHY. Only good things come from that question. It is the 3rd F.

Ice9 out.



Sweat Sixteen

Sixteen braved the foggy cold morning, several in summer shorts.  Note, they do sell sweatpants on the F3 Gear site or really tall socks (just ask Geraldo).  Hoover destroyed my legs with an AMRAP (crap) session on Monday, but I braved it out this morning.

Warm-up:  Ran to oval.  15 each of side straddle hops, imperial walkers, low slow squats, mountain climbers, and Peter Parkers.

1st series:  Ran to nearest entry to north parking lot.  Started at entry with 20 merkins, then ran to end of lot and did 20 LBC’s, then ran to the other side of lot across from the start area and did 20 jump squats.  Then back around to the start and repeated three more times but lowered to 15 reps, 10 reps, and ended with 5 reps.

Planked to wait for all to finish.

2nd series:  Ran to hot box and partnered up.  Partner 1 did step ups, while partner 2 ran to the 2nd light post and back.  Swapped.  Next round partner 1 did dips and partner 2 ran to the 2nd light post.  Swapped.  Then repeated the routine.

3rd series:  Ran to rock pile past cemetery and got a lifting rock.  Partner 1 did curls while partner 2 ran to the last tree island in that parking lot.  Swapped.  Repeated next with presses, then triceps, then squats.

4th series:  Ran back to starting parking lot.  Circled up for Mary’s.  15 flutters with hands to the side.  15 dolly’s with hands to the side.  15 heals to heaven with hands to the side, all in cadence.  Then finished with 1 burpee.

Announcements:  Spackler’s Beef Curtain persona announced himself.  Mighty Mite (aka Dracula) is advertising another blood drive on slack, so expect a visit from him.

Prayer request for About Time and his son Jennings.

Thanks to site leaders Lorax and Point Break.

Rubbermaid is a liar

Rubbermaid is a liar. 4 pax went to Morning Woods. They expected trails. The expected darkness. They even expected fog. They were TOLD the trails drained well and not to expect mud. Rubbermaid is a liar.

Fortunately, only the Chicken fell.

+1 to your post count.

Set It and Forget It

So when Cooter asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would Q Bagpipe on 1/12 I said “Sure”.  Looked at the calendar and nothing stood out so sign me up.  It wasn’t until about Sunday evening that I put 2 and 2 together to realize that Tuesday morning was the day after Bama would be playing in the national championship game.  Keep in mind that these games typically involve my family coming over to watch it and win or lose it means YHC getting to bed late.  Hmmm, it is going to be raining and I will undoubtedly be dragging.  I need a set it and forget it workout to hold in the Ballantyne Village garage.  Then it dawns on me that I Q’d such a workout 2 years ago but I can’t quite remember what I did.  And thus reason #164 to write a Backblast…went in and found my Backblast from 2 years ago and I was set.  I did have to modify some of the exercises for Covid (we miss you hand slap merkins and can’t wait for you to come back) but for the most part things stayed the same.  6 gentlemen rolled up eager to join YHC in celebrating Bama’s win (at least that’s how I interpreted it) and we were off.

The Thang:

Mosey to the Ballantyne Village parking garage and circle up for:

SSH x 18

IW x 18

Mnt Climbers x 18

YHC asked the group if they sensed a trend.  Tagalong must have done his research knowing the Q and correctly replied 18 national championships for Bama.

At this point YHC divided the group up into teams of 2 and gave each team a number.  I explained that we were going to run up one level where YHC had placed pieces of paper numbered 1 – 9 with a different exercise noted on each piece of paper.  Each team was to run to the piece of paper that corresponded to their team number and do that exercise.  Once both guys were done (main rule is to wait on and not leave your partner) then run up a level where there were 9 more exercises laid out.  Same theory where you find the piece of paper with your team number on it and do that exercise.  Then run down and find the next sequentially numbered exercise, back up to the corresponding number and so on until each team works through all 18 pain stations.

The actual order of the below is not 100% accurate as YHC did not write them down anywhere but you get the gist.

Lower Level:

#1 = 15 diamond merkins

#2 = 60 second elbow plank

#3 = 15 goblet squats with kettlebells

#4 = 24 J Lo’s

#5 = 6 inches with legs for 1 minute

#6 = 15 shoulder tap merkins

#7 = 25 Heels to heaven

#8 = 20 merkins

#9 = Some guy or gal drove their car into this spot so we lost the exercise. It became Pax choice at this point.


Upper Level:

#1 = 15 Carolina dry docks

#2 = 60 seconds protractor

#3 = 10 lunges (R+L = 1)

#4 = 20 big boy situps

#5 = 20 wide arm merkins

#6 = 24 chippy cross’s

#7 = something with legs

#8 = 10 staggered right arm and 10 staggered left arm merkins

#9 = 15 dying cockroaches

Quick plank work while the final teams finished.  Just enough time to run back up and down collecting the papers.  It was my plan to leave the kettlebells and drive back to pick them up.  Midriff had other ideas and so no no, we are carrying these bad boys back.  So we took turns handing the bells off on our mosey back to launch.


Being the odd man out I hopped in with team #1 (duh) of Cable Guy and Rousey.  Had a great time working out with and catching up with these guys.  I was a bit of form police because the reps were relatively low with the intention of keeping good form.  Cable Guy makes it look so effortless and Rousey never runs out of energy.  I believe team #2 was Cooter and Jazz Hands who were first to finish.  Cooter is Mr. Reliable and always puts in work while it was great to see Jazz Hands back out.  The man has not missed a beat.  Team #3 consisted of Midriff and Tagalong who I think probably finished first officially and I think took on an extra round of exercises.

Some observations:

  • Upon arriving Rousey regaled us with tales of his bathroom results prior to leaving for the workout.
  • Great call Midriff on running the kettlebells back to launch.  Everyone got a little bit of that and it was a good topper to the workout.
  • In hindsight we could have used the car that pulled into our last pain station to our advantage.  I think it was a Prius or something that we could have all lifted and moved.  That would have been a one-upper to the gear workouts.


  • SOB/Area 51 blood drive February 19th and the Brace YMCA.  See Mighty Mite’s post on Slack for the link to sign up.
  • Continue to keep Bout Times son, Jennings, in your thoughts and prayers.  Hops has done a great job posting updates on Slack.
  • Bring gently used kid’s clothes and toys for Escobar’s annual collection for sending to Columbia, South America.  Kirby and War Eagle are collecting at workouts.

Always a pleasure to Q at Bagpipe and thanks to Cooter and Cable Guy for the opportunity to lead.

Your Gateway Drug to F3


Warm Up

Mosey around parking lot, with some carioca, butt kickers and high knees.

Circle up and 10 reps of: SSH, IW, Moroccan NCs, LSS, MC, Peter Parker, Plank
Stretch: Can Opener (2. elbow low, .3 hand high), flapjack, then up for 5x of Sun Worshiper to Cossack Squat each leg

The Thang

Kick off with some tunes doing 45’s, which is 45 seconds of an exercise to music. I choose two songs that cover 9 minutes, so we get in 2 rounds.  Based on the mumble chatter I reduced the time for the planks on the second pass:
1. Superman hold
2. In and Out and Merkin
3. Bobby Hurly with floor slap
4. Crab Cake
5. Side Plank Left
6. Side Plank Right

Run to the start of the course and divide into teams of 3.  With the team staying together but socially distanced, compete in a race against the other teams to complete four two laps. The course circles the parking lot with an optional detour.  Reps at most stations are up to chance, at the mercy of the dice being rolled by the PAX.

1. Slalom course – fast mosey rounding 6 cones (easily had room to add 2 more)
2. Speed skater (reps = die roll x3)
3. Broad Jump to next cone
4. Merkin (reps = die roll x2)
5. High Knee to next cone
6. Mike Tyson (reps = die roll x2)
7. Bear Crawl to next cone
8. Lunge 2=1 (reps = die roll x1)
9. Butt Kicker to next cone
10. Team decides how many Burpees to do, choosing A or B. Who’s feeling lucky?
A. roll one die for burpee reps & then take long route to the start
B. roll two dice for burpee reps & to earn a short-cut to the start

6 MoM

With about 6 minutes to spare we circled up for some Mary and did PAX called: Heals to Heaven, Box Cutter, American Punch-out, BigBoys, Freddie Mercury, American Hammer and Crab Foot Raises? (Just ask Twinkle Toes to demonstrate) and maybe another one or two.  Note to self, think twice about which 2.0 you call during Mary #littleAbsOfSteel


Today: The workout was tougher than expected, but the feedback was very positive, so mission accomplished. Special thanks to T1000 for giving me a great Christmas present of 6 oversized dice, which were perfect for a goofy game in an Appetizer workout.

Tomorrow+:  If you’re reading this, you’ve already drunk the kool-aid and don’t think twice about setting your alarm to 5AM.  But I bet you also know a few guys who were interested in F3 – until you mentioned workouts start at 5:30AM.  This is a large untapped group of men who know they need F3, but they ruled it out not knowing they have options.  The Appetizer & Clyent Dinner can be the teaser that eases these guys into F3 without the leap of rearranging their sleep schedules.

So don’t just think of these evening workouts as a make-up for fartsacking, or as a chance to spend time with your 2.0s with a bunch of other dads where you build bonds and lead by example, it is also a great time to introduce F3 to those harder to reach guys who need it just as much.  Share the word and EH these guys and bring them to our AO.  After a taste of F3 in the evening workouts, they’ll show up to some Saturday workouts, and before long setting the alarm to 5AM isn’t so crazy and they’re actually looking forward to it.