Monthly Archive January 2021


As we waited for an important ‘cog’ in the Rock Zero wheel to show up, we began our cold weather beatdown next to the cars, but it was not to be–Geraldo was warm and cozy–he may still be sleeping or getting ready for a nap! Hoover was there.  We reviewed his talented writing of what Joust used to be (A MUST READ) He—PRE RAN–along with Slingshot and a few other studs!  Proehl came out of the bushes about 10 minutes before 0700 with his jammies and a RUCK on his back.  He had no gloves, no hat, no tights–which is how I knew he was not Bigfoot/Sasquatch.  He had been ‘rucking’ about 2.5 miles with 50lbs before he dominated the workout.  How did I know he was there early?  Because I was there….on time!  Horsehead and Boondock sat in the Tacoma until about 6:58 when they decided to move the vehicle to another spot—it seemed like a show of disrespect to EE, who was in mid sentence during a conversation with them as they relocated.  It was great to see Iron Horse–He likes to wait until it gets really cold so he can make sure all of his body parts and his car can be tested. McGee was guest Q for his patented 6 minutes of Mary (feet don’t touch ground) VERY NICE!  And Dr Floorslapper has a new reason to celebrate!  We all watched Proehl march off into the horizon with his ruck….as we pondered things like: Is he cold? How old is he?  What motivates him?  Cool dude!  Because that’s what we do. #nosocialmedia #sasquatch #moderndaycaveman #iwanthimonmyside
Over 3 miles of running–The Beast-Rocks-abs-Good conversation and Great job everyone!
Prayer from McGee–remember those in our midst who are challenged with various things and need support of other men.
Mighty Mite announced…………………………….an opportunity to give blood on February 19th….PLEASE HELP!

Winter Olympics!

The first ever Winter Olympics was on January 30, 1924.  Everyone loves curling and that other event where you ski and shoot guns so of course, we had to have our own version of the Winter Olympics to celebrate.  Since we didn’t have any bowling balls with handles, and we can’t bring guns on school property, we had to go with some different events.

Warm up

Mosey to the back bus parking lot and did:

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Mtn Climbers, Merkins, Calf Stretch, runners stretch.

First Olympic event:  Ski Jump

We all lined up in a plank and for the first jump we ran 10 paces, did 10 burpees, ran back and did a plank till everyone was back.

2nd jump:  run 20 paces, do 20 merkins, run back.

3rd jump:  run 30 paces, do 30 of something, I can’t remember because I had a different pax call out each exercise.

4th jump:  run 40 paces, do 40 of something else.

5th jump:  run 50 paces, do 50 of another something else.


Snow Angels

What do you do in between events at the Winter Olympics?  Snow angels, of course!

30 snow angels on your back, just like it sounds.  Run a lap around the parking lot.

30 Austrian snow angels (on your stomach).  Why are they called Austrian?  I don’t know, I guess they are weird over there, no offense Von Trapp.  Run a lap.

30 WWI snow angels.  Do a snow angel on your back, do a WWI sit up.  Run a lap.

Olympian Training

Next we did some upper body shoulder training which every Olympian needs more of.

30 big arm circles.  30 reverse big arm circles.  30 seal claps.  30 overhead claps.  Wow, those felt great!


Next Olympic Event: Bobsled!

I had a course set up around the parking lot with cones (which were supposed to be track turns) marking off exercises, 30 of each, and we started with a short bear crawl to get our sleds moving fast!

The stations were 30 each of: Bobby Hurleys, Merkins, Speed Skaters, LBC’s, Low Slow Squats, Heels to Heaven, Plank Jacks, Side Straddle Hops.

More Olympian Training

Time for some lower body work which really helps with the downhill skiing.

20 each of squats, lunges, speed skaters, bobby hurley’s.  I don’t know why I didn’t do 30 of each, I guess because my legs were already dead.

Next we circled up and each pax called out an exercise that we all had to do while he ran to the other end of the parking lot and back.  No one called out burpees, but one guy did call Smurph Jacks which are almost as bad.

Our last fun activity was another tribute to the number 30 (Jan 30th, 1924) we all ran in a big circle around the speaker to the song “Lick it up” by Kiss, and every time they said “lick it up” we did a burpee.  There happen to be 30 “lick it up’s” in that 4 1/2 minute song, which felt like a lot more than 30.  Zin almost drop-kicked my speaker at the end.  Then we did 45 seconds of Have a Nice Day and the next song on my playlist was Lovely Day, so it was perfect.  And that was time.

There were a few comments about my playlist which included some country, some 80’s, some current stuff, and a few weird songs that I have no idea how they got on there.  I can share my playlist with anyone who is interested.

Welcome to FNG David Marsh, new nickname is “Berry” because he’s on the waiting list to become an elevator mechanic and Cherie Berry is our current Commissioner of Labor and her name is inside of every elevator in the state.  Zinfandel came up with that one, very good!

I’m looking forward to being the c0-site Q at Homecoming this year with Zinfandel.  My one word for the year is “lead”.  That’s lead as in being a leader, not lead as in lead weight.  I don’t really like to lead, I’d rather be on the back row and just do my own thing.  But I guess God has other plans for me right now and I’m being asked to lead more at my church, and now at F3.  I like being a part of something bigger than myself.  F3 has so many core values that I share, and it’s full of great men who I enjoy being around.  I’m looking forward to a great 2021 with all of you, my brothers.  Thanks for pushing me to be better!

Carb Likes Long DICCS??

Diccs Given

Warm Up

Nice long opening mosey down Walnut Creek Parkway to side road and circle up


walk out into a plank

runners pose

upperward dog and downward dog ( 3 times each)

calf stretch

mosey back up Walnut Creek parkway to courts on left

The Thang

In Parking lot

1 Mike Tyson , 4 dry docks , 4 ( either big boys, pistol LBCS, or LBCs) Qs choice – increase Tyson’s by 1 and AB exercise by 4 each round – Dry Docks stay the same

Mosey up road passing COT to next road on left – Hancock and down to Curve on Pennington for 3 corners

5 burpees in curve head left on Pennington to stop sign sign on Alston 10 Bonnie Blair’s head up Alston to Hancock for 10 bomb jacks – head up Hancock to Pennington for 10 speed skates and return to curve for 5 burpees— rinse repeat 3 times

road across Walnut Creek parkway on Hancock to first street on the left for some cul -de-sac work

1st – 10 Bobby Hurlies 3 burpees

2nd -10 Jump Squats 3 burpees

rinse repeat 2 times

head back towards COT stopping twice for 3 burpees and 10 speed skaters

Arrive at

COT for 3 mins of ab work


Great group today on this fine brisk morning in the Palmetto State . If you have never Qed or been to Blackhawk I would advise you to get over there—- great campus with plenty to do. All the PAX pushed hard today and stuck together for some banter and chatter.
It was awesome seeing Shop Dawg back out with the boys dude is rock solid!

I was completely shocked to see Schneider out at a Saturday working —I think the whole Dryuary has him all out of sorts. Schneider did show up with a cooler of beer so be on the look out boys he is looking to get after it today.

Twinkle Toes is a mans man — dude has a crazy bet about accountability amd he is not afraid to put his money where is mouth is— 150 workouts or he has to pay up. He has already wrote the check out and gave it to his accountability partner if he fails  – respect brother!!  Saying of the day Quit Quitting

Carb and Sugar Daddy- my fellow Antelopes crushed it as always and your boys make me better through accountability! Appreciate you and the Antelopes of Mad Dog and Premature ( hope knee gets better)



– keep Shop Dawg and his family in your prayers

– give blood today

CSAUP- is next weekend and it will have a hard start at 7:33 at Floater site arrive early and be ready to roll after Carb Load gives his LONG DICCS which starts at 7:30

I Don’t Apologize for Length

Twas a cold morning at Centurion.  Temps in the low 20s.  The Pax eagerly questioned the Q whether or not we would stay moving, I answered with an affirmative but not knowing how true those words would be.  YHC offered up a pair of extra gloves to Overdraft, my brother who came out for the Q.  Those also would be important.  With a few thoughts in the head, we headed out after a quick disclaimer, then turned around and went the other way.


Mosey to the top of Palantine Hill for COP.  Granted it was pitch black and I had on gloves, but pretty sure there was some heavy frost resembling snow/ice.  Overdraft was pretty happy on the glove call.

IW x 15 IC

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Low Slow Squat x 15 IC

The Thang:

Mosey down the other side of Palantine, circled the back of the shopping center to the other side in front of Party City.  On the way back to Amelie’s there were 12 crosswalks (not speedbumps, crosswalks I tell you.)  We would be running a suicide using these 12 crosswalks and back to Party City.  At each crosswalk the following exercise, back at Party City 10 calf raises each time.  I did mention I had no idea how long this would take and we may audible, we did not, and crushed it.  YHC even counted right.

1 – 10 Merkins

2 – 20 Merkins

3 – 30 Merkins

4 – 40 Merkins

5 – 50 Squats

6 – 60 Squats

7 – 60 Walking Lunges

8 – 50 Walking Lunges

9 – 40 Dry Docks

10 – 30 Dry Docks

11 – 20 Dry Docks

12 – 10 Dry Docks

Circled back for the six.  Stopped in front of Chuck E Cheese, grabbed some wall as we waited on everyone to come in.  50 air presses, 20 donkey kicks, 30 air presses, 20 donkey kicks.

LBC x 20 IC

Freddy Mercury x 20 IC

Flutter x 20 IC

Rosalita x 20 IC

Held plank for the last minute.

Mosey back to launch.


I was telling Margo how ill prepared I was for the Q beforehand.  He was saying how he usually has 3 separate things planned and I agreed.  YHC had one, but apparently today that’s all it took.  I had no idea how long the suicide would take, but knowing the AO well, figured I would improvise once it wrapped up and head to the rock pile, other shopping center, parking deck, etc.  But after a quick yog and COP, suicide was a good 30+ minutes, leaving a few minutes for some air presses and Mary.  Point Break did 450 calf raises earlier in the week and was still feeling it Wednesday.  I added 120 for his quest to be Phil Mickelson.  Apparently YHC does not have the pull with the Valley guys that Sable does, but he came out nonetheless in the lead pack.  Snuka was there, the only guy that gets faster with age and colder temps.  I had over 3 miles with the new watch, not sure that constitutes a boot camp or not.  But stayed close to home, group stayed together, and was a tough one.  Margo stared down the group at COT and came away with Point Break and Snuka on Q the next 2 weeks.  Mermaid on IR with some shoulder issues, ice up son.  YHC took the group out in prayer.

By By Miss American Pie

Well, you realize that when you volunteer to queue for Clean Slate, you better have plenty of gas.  Twenty minutes into the drive, I had to stop and pull a Rudy.  Normally this happens during a workout but not when you are prepping to run clean slate.  Fortunately, Catfish has said he will be mailing out gas cards for the drive.

The Thang

Mosey out and back to the circle in from of the stadium

  • Low Slow Squats X20
  • Mountain Climbers X20
  • Calf Stretch
  • Imperial Walkers X20

Mosey to the pie-shaped piece of the parking lot for some American Pie

  • Alternate 10X SSH and 10X Plank Jacks at each island winding all the way through the pie-shaped asphalt
  • Hip Thrusters While you Wait

Mosey to the second piece of pie marking lot

  • Alternate 10X Inclined MErkins and 10X Decline Merkins as you wind through the second piece of pie

Mosey to the center of the Tennis Courts

  • At each corner and intersection 10X Squats,
  • Return the center of the box after each set for 2X Bobby Hurley
  • Finish with some Big Boys while we wait

Mosey to the bus lot

  • Bear Crawl to Each Bus, 1X Merking at each Bus, Finish 16 buses in length
  • Four Corners of LBCs, Bicycles, Big Boy Situps, and HEals to HEaven
  • 2 ROunds of 10 at each corner

Run back to the start

At the end, 4.0 Miles, my fair share of pie, and we got to welcome two new FNG’s to the PAX.  Welcome Matt Helms as ReDistrict and Jim Bower  as DrainO


  • Blood Drive Today – If you missed today, look for an opportunity at SOB – aiming for 10000 pints of blood
  • CSUP February 6th
  • Future Beer Mile Run
  • Rooster in March – 5 guys sharing a Marathon

Flagpole up

6 PAX came out for some boating with at The Body Shop, accompanied by 4 MASHers. The rain did hold off while Ironsides led the PAX for a long-distance series of 11s with merkins and bent-over rows. There were burpees, planks, maybe one ab exercise.  Solid mumblechatter, especially with the joy for long 11s and the biting wind hounding the PAX the entire time. Flags and flagpoles were at full attention and that’s no euphemism.


MASHers did stuff with blocks.



Better Wet then Never

Better late then never. I kinda forget what was done, but know it was raining…

Mosey through MC with Warmup at Turkey trot.

Back to the clubhouse for two rounds of the OneStar Star Blimp.

Then some Rock work with Pax and laps. Curls/presses and a bunch of others..

Wish i could remember more, but as always, the Pax had a great time.


Coming in Hot!!!!!!

So does the cop who sits at the top not care at all? Or was he just taking a nap? Eating breakfast? Checking GME ‘s current stock price? Or does he know its just the ole F3 guys at this time of morning?….so leave them alone? Thankfully, one of the above is true! (He never budged) Maybe it was Enos —remember him–Waxhaw cop– use to workout at F3 last Summer for a short while.

Anyway, Diccs were given….Its 9 seconds until 5;15 am– were ready to roll and all a sudden we all look up and there is a car coming in on two wheels—can’t make out yet what kind of vehicle -then someone yells out “IT’S ZIN”—and we all perk up seeing if he is going to get nailed—WHEW!!!! …we mosey around and pick up Zin as he get out of his Jeep.

I got to admit that got us all fired up and it was great seeing Zin and he put us all in an amped up mood on an otherwise cold boring morning,…Thanks for the adrenaline rush Zin. (We couldn’t have planned  it any better)


Long mosey across the front of the schools to the parking lot by the football fields for some SSH, MNC, IW, and various stretching to get ready to run….

The Thang

Headed to Champion Forest to take advantage of the long stretch of road to the first cul de sac…run the entire length doing 10 merkins at each lightpole on the right side then 10 merkins at the bottom—that will equal 100 merkins when finished.

Go to the second street for some gassers up the hill and jog back down —do 5 Dry Docks at top and 10 squats at bottom–rinse and repeat for three rounds.

Head back on same street stopping at every other stoplight on the left for 3 burpees. Then back on campus.

Get a few ab exercises in at the rock to rest a little before we mosey to the stadium parking lot and then run the hill up the parking lot until you get to the island then jog back down and repeat 4 times. Everyone pushed it and is gassed right now! Great work by each Pax.

Mosey for more ab work—-each Pax calls out an ab exercise—-time to head to Rudy’s shed to prepare for the final push back to COT.

Stop at first two lights-and complete 5 merkins –then give it everything you have back to COT.


I want to thank- you men for coming out and for the support today—I was thinking with the 20 ish degree weather it may have been just me….You all crushed it today!

Zin: Thanks for making it fun right from the get-go! Also, man you are killin it in January—and you killed it today.

Ice, Gerber, and Dasher—The Gazelles just doing their thing!!! Way to lead!

Carbload and Premature- Representing the Antelopes in fine fashion today—- I know you guys racked up the miles yesterday at Pursuit so I appreciate you working hard again today!

Blue Screen!- Great work -You had one helluva week—Turned 62 , showed your compassion at Rice N Beans, then crushed it today.

It was truly my pleasure  and alot of fun to get to workout with each of you this morning.  Thanks for letting me lead your workout.


Blood Drive tommorrow! Congrats to the Dryuary guys.

CSAUP on Feb 6th—Downtown Waxhaw

Continued prayers for Shop Dawg and his family.

Ackbar took us out.

A Funner Impromptu (sorry for the inflated numbers)

Good day gents, Ackbar here. Recalculating was originally leading today but is on the mend (get well soon Recal). So I came up with this over the last two days, no titles, no themes, just knowing it was cold so we got to work. Oh when I joined the group before starting everyone was talking about GameStop. That makes be happy, because I love videogames! Also when gents were comparing notes of how Recal dresses in this weather compared to me, I said we were polar opposites. Get it?! ….I didn’t get so much as a groan. Time for payback! 😉

Warm Up

  • Mosey to the front of the middle school
  • 50 LBSs (get warm)
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • Calf Stretch (received much positive feedback)
  • More stretching of the legs, felt good.

The Thang

Quick mosey to the bus pickup/drop off roof. Gotta make our way to Rudy’s shed. This meant…

  • Bear Crawl through the roof area
  • Take a left to the picnic tables, 30 triceps pushups
  • Continue, take a left on the basketball court, Bunny Hop across and back
  • At Rudy’s Shed, 20 Bobby Hurleys

At Rudy’s Shed, find some wall and then…

  • 50 Air Presses
  • 15 Donkey Kicks
  • 5 Derkins

Oh, we must return to the Bus Stop, but repeat the above, just in reverse order. Then find some wall, and do the Air Presses again and etc. The Air Presses were a bit much this time.

Mosey back to Rudy’s Shed, saying this was going all downhill. Got some groans this time, progress! At this point I said “now we will have some fun.” “You mean it hasn’t been fun yet?”  ….good point. Well now it’s going to be funner! Funner is a fun word.

  • Run to the first light, 3 Burpees, return to the start.
  • Run to the 2nd light for 3 Burpees, but every previously “Burpeed” light you must do 5 Merkins (at this point I heard much groaning…told you it would be funner).
  • Return to the start. The goal is to make it past every light to the parking lot and return…
  • ….but time ran short, and I am no gazelle right now, so we returned to the parking lot for some LBCs, and TIME.
  • See, funner!


  • Impressive turnout considering it was 26 degrees today and kept dropping.
  • When we planked up waiting for the 6th, Mad Dog yells, “Get your butts down!”  And he was right, even without looking. I wasn’t looking either, but I was doing a downward dog…so guilty as charged.
  • It is impossible to recognize Fuse Box with those high beams on.
  • Shop Dog was killing it today, very impressive!
  • Schnitzel lapped me on the final run. Amazing work!
  • So I’m having trouble remembering who was all in Impromptu vs Swarm this morning, and with our check-in I recorded everyone…..and I do not want to leave anyone out, so Swarm & Impromptu is in the “attendance.”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Thanks Schneider for keeping everyone moving while waiting for the 6th with Heels to Heaven and LBCs. You rock!
  • Good times had by all!


  • WAXTRAVAGANZA next Saturday, starting at 7:30 at Floater. 3 hours with good mileage and boot camps, and finish at Waxhaw Taphouse 11 or so.
  • The Rice & Beans/Christ’s Closet giveaway is Feb 20th.
  • Apparently everyone has been the 6th man, except Nails & myself. Nails shared his F3 journey, ups and downs, and losing 60 lbs last year, wow!  That’s like my kids, rock on, and you do look amazing! Thank you for sharing your journey; it was both encouraging and awesome!
  • I took us out…partly because I figured someone would yell, “What about the preacher…” Trying to stay ahead of y’all, for once! 😉

May the Force be with you! Peace!

Last Call….Lollapalooza


I am not a professional, you cannot sue me, f3, this site! Covid Disclaimer

Let’s Mosey around parking lot till entrance close to school


Ready position, in Cadence on my count!! Exercise!

  • 20 Imperial Walkers in Cadence
  • 20 SSH in Cadence
  • 20 Mountain Climbers in Cadence
  • Calf stretch
  • 10 Merkins in Cadence with a 10 second hold to end

The Thang:

Mosey to the globe and back to 1st alcove with 10 merkins/ 10 Low Slow Squats at each light!

Alcove Exercises with Club Fiji in Full Effect

25 Freddie Mercuries

25 Heels to Heaven

25 LBC’s all in cadence

Run to 2nd alcove and back for

25 Wall sit Jabs

25 Wall Sit Air Presses

10 Donkey Kicks all in cadence

Run to 2nd alcove and back!!

Rinse and Repeat both with the Alive and Kicking by Simple Minds in the background!


Mosey to Globe and towards Middle School entrance! Mosey entailed side kareoke’s, backwards run, shuffles, and all other last call stumbles!

Merkins, bearcrawls, lunges at Bball court before a mosey to benches by cafeteria!

Dips*20 in cadence followed by 10 donkey kicks

Steps Ups*40 followed by 10 donkey kicks


Mosey to COT and finished with a musical tribute to Mr Freddie Mercurie “I want to Break Free”. 3 min of Freddie Mercuries followed by 30 seconds of Have a Nice Day Fellas!!


Great workout today gents, the new speaker definitely brought the heat this morning and possible long term loss of hearing, some great mumblechatter, an accidental iWatch Butt dial by YHC to a patient at 6am! Not the last call booty dial I was looking for!!!   Thanks for opportunity to lead you fine gents this chilly morning!

Announcements:  Next Sat 2/6/21:  WAXTRAVAGANZA  7:30 Start at Floater:  3 hour or so of some fun mileage and mini boot-camps followed by some well deserved libations at Waxhaw Taphouse around 11ish!!!  BE THERE GENTS!