Where does this workout meet

Where does this workout meet

11 men started and 12 men finished Centurion this morning.   None of them were Chelms or Margo.

Gather up for a somewhat proper disclaimer that ended about 45 seconds early and left and awkward pause before the workout started.  #PrematureProclamation

Mosey on over to the highschool for COP in front of the stadium.  SSH, Merkins, Lunges, Squats, Mountain Climbers.  The 12th pax sneaks in at this point from the OG parking lot at Catholic.  He must have missed the memo on the new launch point.

Head over the parking deck.

Up one level of stairs, one burpee, sprint to middle stairs.  Up one level, 2 burpees sprint back.  Up one level, 3 burpees, sprint to middle.

Do some Mary while the six comes in.  Run back down the ramps with stops for 15 Mike Tyson’s, 15 Floor to ceiling tap jump squats, and 15 donkey kicks.

Repeat with 4,5,6 burpees, and 7,8,9 burpees.

Last lap reprieve, we ran the stairs and sprints with no burpees.

3 stops for shoulder taps and hip slaps on the way home.

Plank Jack Web while we wait for 45 minutes to be up.


Unfortunately Centurion is too far out of my comfort zone to attend regularly.  And by comfort zone I mean I have to set my alarm 7 minutes earlier AND pass several workouts on the way there.

Not sure why Bout Time was wearing a hat as it wasn’t that cold out.   But he ran in, ran out, and still smoked everyone on the burpee/sprints so I guess that hat works.  I had to push just to keep ahead of Snuka who is somewhere between 10 and 150 years older than me.  Some combo of Limey, Sable, and Clover were chatting it up this morning.  Way to much talk for the burpees and sprints.  Next time more burpees.

Buckees either has a bad shoulder or doesn’t like to get his hands dirty.  Every time we did a plank he pulled out a rubber and stretched it.  Better than fake stretching when you modify (not calling out any PAX, but you know who you are)

I appreciate the opportunity to lead a fine group of men this morning.  Thanks for letting me speak a bit at the end.  Go out there and check in with those around you.  Be an impact in your local community as it will be felt far more than the impact of any national election.



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