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Diesel on Fire


20 Side Straddle Hops
20 Side Straddle Hops (OK, so I forgot that we just did them and glad everyone reminded me) – 20 Imperial Walkers
Moroccan nightclubs
One minute plank
Calf Stretches for Damascus who showed up right after they were done.
Downward Dog
Upward Dog
OK enough Yoga

The Thang

  • 20 merkins
  • 15 diamond merkins
  • One minute plank
  • 20 tricep dips on coupon
  • 15 merkins
  • 10 diamond merkins
  • One minute plank – No Chastain I didn’t say less than one minute 🙂
  • 20 tricep dips on coupon
  • Webb 10 jump squats / 40 calf raises
OK, now to move over to some fun merkins, repeat the following two times.
  • 10 hand in front of hand merkins (scissors, whatever we want to call them)
  • 10 elbow plank merkins(starting in an elbow plank, merkin off the elbows until in a hand plank and repeat down and up)
  • 10 reverse hand merkins (start in a merkin position, rotate your hands 180 degrees so palms facing out)
  • 10 side to side merkins (start in a merkin position, lean to one side and do a pushup, back up to center, lean to other side and do a pushup)
Time to grab your coupon and do some 11’s.  This part took some time and there was some whimpering chatter, but I couldn’t hear well enough to alter the course 🙂
  • Start at one end of the parking lot with Mike Tyson’s
  • Rifle carry with your coupon across the parking lot (sorry for the steps Damascus)
  • Dry Docs
  • Keep rifle carrying back and forth.
Move over to the curb for some Diesel cardio
  • Toe taps for one minute
  • Plank jacks for one minute
  • Mountain climbers for one minute
  • 30 low slow squats
Grab your coupon
  • 30 curls for the girls, as Turnbuckle says.  Did a call out for you Turnbuckle, knowing you couldn’t make it.
  • 30 coupon chest press on the your back
  • 30 tricep kick backs (bricks)
  • 30 outside curls (bricks)

Time to get on your back

  • 20 big boy sit-ups
  • 20 heals to heaven
  • 20 flutters
  • 20 lbc’s
  • 20 barking freddie mercury’s (I asked for folks to add an exercise and Miyagi said whatever these are called and began showing a
    freddie mercury only to pass gas as she did it, hence the barking freddie mercury was born and there was way too much laughter during this exercise)
  • 25 coupon squats (Choice from penalty box)

The Moleskin

I want to thank everyone for allowing me to come to Diesel and share some fun exercises.  I have to give credit to Miyagi for showing up for 3 days in a row after coming to F3 as an FNG this week.  Bunyan received the chain of pain for driving through the exercises and pushing to not take short cuts on completing 11’s.


Blood drive 10/17 9:30-1  connect to and search for F3 to sign up.
Surge is working on setting up another CPR class and would be looking for up to 10 PAX to sign up.

Week 41 at The Floater

As I was asked yesterday to Q The Floater I was not sure what to do. Which hills do we tackle or no hills? Is it possible to only run down hill at the Floater? As 530 rolled around 14 Pax joined me for a little of this and that. DiCCS was given, the mandatory phones, lights, reflective attire, CPR, and Chapstick were present. For the Gazelles today you can knock out Burpees or circle for the 6 if done first.

We started with a quick Mosey around the church to the animal hospital parking lot for a mix of Side Straddle Hops, Merkins, Stretching, Mountain Climbers, and Imperial Walkers. A quick Mosey to the north end of N Providence St for a little Paula Abdul  (two steps forward one step back) 10 Merkins on the way up, and 10 Squats on the way back. Barny Fife wait no it was Recalculating taking the reins of the form police today reminding everyone that a squat was not a back exercise. As we finished at the brewery we partnered up for 200 LBC, 150 Step Ups, 100 Derkins which was audibled to 200, 100, 75. The other partner ran the loop over the tracks to the bridge and Bear Crawled up the bridge, then Mosey back to swap spots. As everyone finished and the grumblings subsided we Moseyed to the other side of Providence Rd for 20, 15, 10, 5 Dips with a hot lap around the block in between.

As time was called for COT and everyone arrived back I am continued to be impressed by Chatterbox, and Ex-Lax. There never stop, never quit, never complain mentality has been noticed and impressive as they continue to get stronger and faster day after day, week after week. Everyone pushed hard and stayed safe, we continue to cross the roads together. It is great seeing the increase in reflective gear and headlamps. All complaints about the workout can go to management Carb Load, and Shake N Bake they will properly dispose in the garbage.



  • Legalized packing party Sunday, info on Groupme
  • Blood Drive 10/17 in Waxhaw, still plenty of spots, sign up or we may lose spots.
  • Floater looking for Qs and will start Voluntelling Pax when they will Q.
  • Continue to keep Hightower, his family, and F3 Grandstrand in your prayers.
  • SOB Q school this Saturday at Best Buy/Petsmart parking lot 6:30 info on Slack.
  • Hoppy Hour next Thursday 10/15 more info to come on Groupme.

YHC took us out.

The American Flag

My 4th Q, My 2nd at Chiseled

I am always excited to Q the Pax but today got me even more pumped, when I showed up FuseBox was sitting up the American Flag and my heart filled with pride.
A Proud American flying our beloved flag, Thank You Fuse Box..

DICCS given, I promised it would loud morning and way we go.


From the COT we did Roundhouse Mosey to get the blood flowing, once back to COT we performed SSH, Merkins, Plank Hold and some Stretching.
Everyone gathered their coupon, riffled walk over to MT Chiseled.

The Thang
Partner up, 1 runs for clock while one performs exercises.
Clock, 1 Lap w/o Coupon, 1 Lap w/Coupon, 2o Big Boys during each lap
Exercise – 100 of  Curls, Press, Bench, Squat and Kettle Swings.

@ 3min mark, Riffled walk Coupons back to COT.


It is always a blessing, honor, and privilege to lead our F3 Paxs.
Brothers, our country means the world to me, I hate to see this divide that we are in.  I pray for this nation and the citizens that she mothers.
F3 helps me keep the faith, God sent FuseBox to fly that flag this morning, it was not coincidences, it is proof, he speaks when you need to hear.

Thank You F3 Brothers.
Gob Bless..
Hi Hat.


  • Blood Drive – October 17th
  • Christ’s Closet folding/give-away nights – Mondays and Thursdays

Stop! Homer-time!

Homer led the crew at The Body Shop and the MASH Unit was in full force.

Lights on the drag

Kirby had the PAX running and doing pain stations at each light on the main road into the school.

Irkins or Derkins? Whats the difference?

Time is running short, so forgive me for the quick BB, but at least it’ll get done.. I had mutiple pax threaten ask to please limit the amount of ab workouts as we had Chipotle burn a record bunch of us out the previous day at Bushwood for a 65% ab, 5% merkin 30% running day. I lost count at 500 reps.. I obliged, but those waiting for the 6 may not have gotten the memo.



Mosey/snake up and down lot.

SSH/IW x20, Low Slow squats x15, Calf Stretch, Up/Down Dog, and runner stretch


Usually those that know me would expect a heavy day of coupon work and running, but this AO usually has a big group, so it was switched up from our normal program.

  • Mosey to front entrance of HS, Pick a partner, one run a loop around, other reps
  • 75 Tysons
  • 150 Press
  • 200 Jabs
  • 75 Dry Docks
  • Mary for 6

Quick 10 count recover, head to back of Middle school, nope, not through the buses, all the way around (safety First).

I mentioned we get some mileage in here.

Individual reps and run around short track with 5 Leap frog burpees at far end.

  • 25 Irkins
  • 30 Dips
  • 30 steps 1=1
  • 25 Derkins

Repeat until Q says so.. think most got a good 6 laps or so before having to cut it short. Looked like i saw some flutters going on as I was hanging near the 6 on the last lap. I didn’t call for those BTW.

Small note, and this is my bone of contention that I have to get over:  Irkins vs Derkins… The Derkin form/position is more like and incline pushup working the upper chest and front delts, while the Irkin is more of the Decline pushup working the under-manboob to help with definition… little confusing, but they will all cut you up if you do enough.. Sorry for the rant.

Sugardaddy gave a 10 count for recover.

Head back to COT, Sort of… Back around the buses (safety first) head to parking lot and Al Gore at trees for 6. 2 mins left, 5 squats at every other tree to end at COT.

Moleskin: The morning temps are becoming perfect to get out and move. Always nice to get out an lead a workout, starting to feel a bit more normal and not quite as odd being in the middle stuttering over counts. had a handful of Pax crushing it, some of the norm, but we have Smuggler the newcomer vying to make us all push harder and not get set in our trance. way to go..


  • Personal thanks sent up as my Mother underwent back surgery yesterday, which is always touchy, but all went smooth sailing. Continued prayers for a healthy recovery to relieve her of her pain.
  • site Q school Saturday at Davinci 6:30 (best buy/Petsmart) and Chicken-Teria to follow
  • 3rd F Monday Nights “Sanctuary” 7:30 contact Ice-9
  • Blood Drive…..finally within sights. Sign up as there is always a need.
  • Marathon Relay 11/7, teams forming from kohls
  • Tomorrow: Chipotle on Q at The Body Shop at Rea View Elementary. Double dippin the week.. What body part will be pinpointed?


11 pax met in the parking lot of Calvary to listen to and swing some metal.  YHC put on the tunes a few minutes early and the first song to come on “Jump”, lined up perfectly with Wild Turkey’s jump roping.

The Thang:

Warm Up

10 windmills, 10 arm circles forward, 10 arm circles reverse, 10 low slow squats.

Main event

20 swings, 1 TGU, 20 swings, 1 TGU other side, 10 swings, 5 snatches each arm

20 swings, 1 TGU, 20 swings, 1 TGU other side, 10 swings, 6 snatches each arm

20 swings, 1 TGU, 20 swings, 1 TGU other side, 10 swings, 7 snatches each arm

20 swings, 1 TGU, 20 swings, 1 TGU other side, 10 swings, 8 snatches each arm

20 swings, 1 TGU, 20 swings, 1 TGU other side, 10 swings, 9 snatches each arm

Ab work, 1 min of plank, hollow body hold, glute bridge.

30 sec of goblet squat hold, 1 min goblet squat hold.


Rousey would have been our 12th pax  this morning but when he realized he was standing in the circle for Meathead and not Anvil he quickly ran away.

Our playlist was 100% Van Halen in honor of the recent passing of Eddie.  It was a spotify playlist and some of the pax expressed their displeasure that some of their favorite hits didn’t play.  I thought it was a little Sammy heavy myself.  Ickey Shuffle said it would be a struggle for him not to cry but he kept himself composed.

I call this weinke KettleHell.  It starts out easy but if you make it all the way through(without modifying) your legs will be jello and your cardio will be tested.


It’s my birthday tomorrow.  Nothing would be a better present than you signing up for the blood drive.

It’s a big day at Da Vinci…Convergence with Stonehenge, FNG/Kotters day, and Q School 201.  0630 Blakeney Petsmart.  Chicken to follow.

SOB Happy Hour next week 10/15 at Middle James Brewing/Driving Range.


Hostile Take Over

Swarm attacks Impromptu

Recal and I have been talking about bringing back the monthly AMRAPs and he asked me yesterday if I could step in and Q Impromptu since his back was hurting.  Swarm was already planning an AMRAP, so we agreed I would take over both today.

Swarm met at 5:15 as usual

Crowd was unusually light with 4 PAX members.  Must be IPC hangovers and were scared.


Ran .50 miles and stretched some then ran another .75 mile back to COT to pick up Impromptu crew.


DiCCs given again

Off we went towards the HS parking lot for warm up.

  • SSH x 15 IC
  • MTC x 15 IC
  • Calf stretch
  • Runners stretch


The Thang

.30 mile ish course with 7 pain stations.  The course was part of the OG AMRAP one.

  • 10 yard walking lunges
  • 20 Mike Tysons
  • 20 Squats
  • 20 Incline Merkins
  • 20 Step ups
  • 20 Dips
  • 10 yard walking lunges
  • Add 1 burpee per round completed


Did not realize how long it would take to get back after finishing the 30 minutes and yes, we were 30/60 seconds late getting back to COT.  Makes me just as mad.  I may have been yelling at people to hustle back so we would be late.  Hopefully, your feelings were not hurt.

Gilda has gotten fast a shit lately however he got bit by the non-IPC bug today.  He is not used to doing high volume of exercise reps.  Maybe he will start doing more bootcamps.   Recal is hurt and was still out putting in his best effort.  Schneider was crushing it today.  He was right up front with the lead Pax.  I love seeing 069 out there every day.  Most days he is alone.  That is a man with a goal and is on a mission.

Ignition goes Off Road

So, I thought we would mix things up a little from the normal road running and go off road. Since its been fairly dry all the XC trails were in good shape. Moneyball’s name was brought up because the grass was pretty wet.


100% headlamp compliant.

Mosey down to hit the trail behind the lower soccer field. Wolverine high stepping it so he would not get his shoes wet. Stopped and did some stretching before we hit the wooded part. Goal was to run the first part at a faster pace. Once we popped out of the woods everyone did 25 merkins. Mosey back to do the section again but with 25 squats.
On to the second section which was a little shorter but ended with a large hill. Did 25 merkins after the first one. Mosey around to do second round but played chase the rabbit. Group 1 took off and group 2 had to catch them. That rabbits got murdered.
Moseyed over to up to the retention pond up by the MS and grabbed a rock and ran around the pond and ended with 25 curl to shoulder press to tricep extension. Rinse and repeat x 1.
Continued to follow the course up to the spirit trails. Did a couple laps around the 400 loop with some exercises after each lap. Headed back out of the woods and followed the wood line around to crazy cabin guys house where we did some mike tysons.
Headed back to COT area. When we got back we had 7 minutes left so we did 4 minutes of hill runs off the MS parking lot and ended with a round of Mike Tysons.

4.75 miles and burned about 200 more calories just from running trails.


11 men joined me today on a crisp, 50 degree morning in the “Gloom”. The stars were out and the moon was bright. Not much need for a headlamp but most of us wore one for safety and just in case Mad Dog’s minions came to spy…

We had a couple of Cotters (Catfish and Til Tok) join us today which was great.

DiCCS were delivered so eloquently announcing we would go off campus for a special treat and we were off.


Mosey along Waxhaw – Indian Trail Rd. to other side of campus and circle up for stretching in the bus lot. 20 X IW, Plank up for calf stretch L/R and then Runners Stretches L/R while we observe the beautifully lit sky. 20 X MC and Up/Down Dog.


Mosey to mailbox depot in Bridgemeade.

Run Around perimeter of neighborhood turning into all culdisacs on right. Do 1 X Burpee at each driveway. Total of 47 burpees and a little over a mile travelled.

Mosey back to basketball courts beside playground at school and do Captain Therkin Web.

Mosey to midway between basketball courts and partner up for P1 run to b-ball court at front of school and do 10 X in/outs, P2 run to opposite b-ball court for 10 X Merkins, Run back to midpoint and do 10 knee ups together, R/R X 2 and Mosey back to COT. Done!


Today is the celebration of my 47th completed trip around the sun. What a journey it has been. I’ve done a lot of things I am proud of and some things I’m not so proud of. One thing I do know is that my intentions have always been good but sometimes best intentions don’t always turn out positively.  I won’t go into any detail but my life so far has definitely had its ups and downs. Mostly ups and no complaints from me about the downs. Everything up to this point has taught me a lesson or two, whether good or bad. I love my family, I love my friends, I love my life and that’s all that really matters. Sure I have regrets and sure I wish I was better with finances but all-in-all, I have a pretty awesome life. F3 has been an incredibly positive force in my life since I joined a little over a year ago. I love being a part of all 3 F’s when other commitments allow. We are a force for positivity in our community and we lead the way with our good souls and our “can do” attitude. I especially enjoy being around like-minded men who see the world around them and make it better for everyone they can. Thanks for letting me lead this fine group of men at Watchtower today. I appreciate all of you!