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Was it something I said?

Quiet morning at Mt. Chiseled. The air was a bit chilly and without a breeze. If not for the labored breathing and the occasional grunt you might have even called it peaceful. Maybe the PAX were tired? Maybe they were bummed YHC was on Q instead of Surge? Maybe I just worked them too hard? Was it something I said? Not sure, but there was literally ZERO mumble-chatter. So sorry readers, no interesting/funny stories today.

For a better, more interesting and informative backblast, you’d be better off reading Posse’s account of the CPR training from Monday:

But for those of you who insist on reading further…

DiCCS provided


Coupon Rifle Carry to each island with some SSH, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs along the way. Take a right towards the entrance road and leave your coupon on the curb. Quick mosey up and around the entrance at Cuthbertson then back to your blocks

The Thang

  • Phase 1
    • 10 Coupon Curls and 10 Shoulder Presses
    • Sit your block down and run to the base of Mt. Chiseled
    • 5 Squats
    • Back to your block
    • Repeato with 9 Coupon Curls and 9 Shoulder Presses then 6 Squats until you reach 5 Curls/Presses and 10 Squats
  • Phase 2
    • Rifle Carry your coupon to the corner of Mt. Chiseled and sit the coupon on the curb
    • Run down and back stopping at each island (6 total stops) to do 1 Burpee and 5 Bomb Jacks, Pick up the 6
    • Together do 10 Kettle Bell Swings, 10 Big Boi Sit-Ups, and 10 Chest Presses
    • Island Run – 1 Burpee and 10 Dry Docks, Pick Up the 6
    • Together do 10 Tricep Extensions
    • Island Run – 1 Burpee and 10 Squats (first 3 islands) and 10 Big Boi Sit-ups (last 3 islands), Pick up the 6
  • Phase 3 – Grab a partner
    • 100 cumulative Shoulder Presses and 100 cumulative Coupon Curls
    • P1 starts block exercises
    • P2 does 8 count Bear Crawl, 4 Walking Lunges, and 2 Broad Jumps to the middle island and back
    • Partner swap
  • Rifle Carry back to COT

A few PAX used this opportunity to put their coupons away prior to completion of our workout. So we finished the final 40 seconds with burpees.


Seriously. So quiet this morning.

Glidah shared that he’s been running a lot recently (who knew??) and it’s been a while since he’s done a gear workout and he could feel it. A good reminder that we all have areas we can work on to stay well-rounded and to get out of our comfort zones.


  • Blood Drive – October 17th
  • Christ’s Closet folding/give-away nights – Mondays and Thursdays

YHC took us out

Stayin’ Alive

Karen almost died. She shouldn’t have survived. But when she survived, she should have lost so much brain & motor function from being without oxygen for so long. And she certainly shouldn’t have the capacity to turn the thing that almost killed her into her cause to save others.

And yet, there we were last night, learning CPR from Karen. She pleasantly & patiently waited for Wrigley to arrive 20 minutes after 6 before beginning. I thought that was unnecessary to wait for the last guy until she lead with her story of what happened to her that day in her Champion Forest home. You NEED to hear her story in her words. But I will pull some key pieces.

  • Her husband did not know CPR & was unprepared for the unexpected.
  • He ran next door to ask for help, but the woman took too long to answer. He didn’t know that she used to be an RN. She would eventually make it back to their house to help.
  • He ran to another neighbor who was able to come back to the house immediately. He didn’t know that she used to be an RN.
    Together, the women were able to continue CPR until paramedics arrived.

    Yes, both women just happened to be former nurses. And home. I’m sure it was just a coincidence.

Leading with that story set in us a mindset that I haven’t experienced in other CPR classes. I could put names & faces on the dummies. I was no longer learning it just to raise my hand during DiCCS. The infants could have been Mad Dog’s grandkids or Brutus’ kids. The child could be mine or Fusebox’s. The adult could be Grease Monkey or Chatterbox. It could be any one of us.

Performing that knowledge will take a lot of work. You can do compression-only CPR (Chapstickless CPR in BottleCap’s world; a cop-out in Damascus’ world) until help arrives, but it will be a struggle keeping a rhythm of 100 – 120 compressions per minute, going 1/3 of the way down & still allowing the chest to return to normal while keeping arms locked so that you pivot from the hips. You may break bones. You may see boobies. You still have to keep going. We only took turns for about a minute at a time, and there was already some perspiration on the brow. The 2 songs to keep in mind while compressing is “Stayin’ Alive” or “Another One Bites the Dust”. If you just reacted the same way Damascus’ daughter did to those 2 suggestions, then pick any of the songs from the American Heart Association’s Spotify playlist ( or Pandora’s Health Champions Station ( All songs in there have beats between 100 – 120 (I sense a Q coming out of this).

Karen’s story becomes more remarkable & inspiring the more she talks. Not only does she charge the bare minimum per person to get people trained, but she takes that money to buy AED’s to donate to organizations. Those donated AED’s are across Union, Mecklenburg & Cabarrus counties.
“How much is an AED, Karen?”
“About $1200.”
“We’ll get you one.”

Yeah, I committed us to buy her an AED so she could #GiveItAway.
We just raised $10,000. This is easy. It is tangible. It is lasting. We are men of quick impact. Why have her wait to get another AED by nickel & diming her?  Let’s just get it done!

She just sent me a quote from her supplier. It’s $1,216.95. You OK making it an even $1,300?

Venmo @F3Waxhaw
Be sure to label it as “AED”.

If you are looking to have CPR training in your region, I can’t recommend Karen Ledford enough.
$15 per person or

Thanks to Surge for seeing a group of men unprepared to save another man’s life and then doing something about it.

Something to Keep me in Good Standings

YHC rolled up early to Hawk’s Nest on a pretty humid late September day, quickly joined by Snowflake and Sable.  Thunder Road wasn’t far behind, and mentioned he thought Floorslapper was on Q.  I told him I got the 1 week head’s up from Deep Dish with a well thought out blast on Slack yesterday.  About that time Floorslapper rolls up early, walked up to Deep Dish and asked if had the Q.  I offered it to him but off we went.  22 was the count, trifuseniks accounted for, Site Q Hopper down range but Deep Dish present.  Pretty good disclaimer given, not my best, but no one has sued me yet so I’ve got that going for me.


Ran to the office building up Colony for COP.

IW x 15 IC

Low Slow Squat x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Plankjack x 15 IC

The Thang:

Mosey across the street to Summerhill Ridge Dr to the sidewalk just in the front entrance.  About this time before any instructions given, Semi told me they did this same thing last week.  Ran down the hill to the dead end, 10 merkins and back with 20 jumpsquats at the sidewalk.  Ran to Stonecroft culdesac, 10 merkins, 10 wide arm merkins, back to sidewalk for 20 jumpsquats.  Ran to Amberwood culdesac, 10 merkins, 10 wide arm merkins, 10 diamond merkins, back to sidewalk for 20 jumpsquats.  Ran to other culdesack on Summerhill with 10 merkins, 10 wide arm, 10 diamond and 10 burpees.  Back to sidewalk for 20 jumpsquats.  Some mixed up the order a bit, #socialdistancing.

Some American Hammer and Flutter while waiting on the six.

Mosey back down Colony to Hope Church and grab a lifting rock.  We did basically a variety of the beast, but you can’t do the beast in the front yard of the church.  So we modified with 5 reps, 5 times walking across the grass in front of the church.  Several comments about a perfectly good parking lot right beside us were made.  First round was squat push press while holding rock overhead in between stations.  Second round was tricep extensions while holding rock overhead, veterans walked while doing exercises.  Third round was curls.  Fourth was bent over rows.  I guess there technically should have been a 5th, but seemed like a good place to stop.

Headed back to the Colony Place fountains.  20 step ups (10 each leg), 20 dips, 10 decline merkins, 3 times through.  Air press x 50 then back to launch for some brief Mary.

American Hammer x 15 IC

Freddy Mercury x 15 IC

Over/Under x 15 IC

Snowflake with the take out prayer.


Great group today, lots of chatter as to be expected.  Puddin could probably teach Spackler a little patience with the flatulence, sounded forced.  But Spackler did chime back in with some country club golf swagger.  As I was trying to find a Q for Anvil tomorrow Snowflake reminded me I had already asked him and he had it, bonus.  Great connecting with Sweater Set, he leads the Young Life contingent in S Charlotte.  Covid cancelled Family Camp this year but always an awesome time.  Slingshot out front for the Summerhill Ridge set.  Huddle House with a VQ at Hydra Thursday so show your support.  Clover really wants Hawk’s Nest changed to Falcon Crest.  Pretty sure he planned the overthrow while in Bald Head.  Not sure what the posting count is for Limey, but he keeps showing up.  When I asked Deep Dish about the rocks at Hope last week, his eyes lit up and he said, “really nice rocks.”  So we had to check them out.  They were very nice, but unfortunately I still have to give the nod to the large smooth river rocks at Bagpipe.  Only Ballantyne.  Enjoyed it guys, thanks for the ask Deep Dish and Hopper.

Running with Floorslapper

Floorslapper’s BB:

Perfect weather for a trip out into the wonderful gloom:
Warm up laps around the construction site/parking lot. Few SSH, Hillbillies, merkins and mt. Climbers
To Woodfox I think. Merkin ladder to the cul-de-sac, quiet round of Mary three exercises.
To the corner of rounding run with some catch your breath Dry docs.
Along Rounding Run- for two 1/2 mile loops – I’m guessing- meet the partner in the middle for socially distanced Hand slap meekins which became regular Merkins. Second lap meet in middle jump squats. Run back to woodfox. Run back to school with street light merkins.
4 min Mary, two parking lot sprints as a time killer and done.
The intense fitness level of the group has done questioning if this was still a moderate work out. But it was an honor to lead today thank you.
Go Bucks!

4 Years of F3 Q- Red Light District

12 Pax made the correct decision to post at Fast Twitch this morning, after a Mermaid approve disclaimer that they cannot sue myself, F3, Astro(not here due to ditching Fast Twitch for Swift Marathon Training) or Purell(not here being on administrative leave),and that I care about your safety not responsible the pax moseyed. Quick warm up down to the intersection of Swans Run Rd and Swan Meadow Lane(being told by multiple pax Haze, Gummy) that the warm up pace was aggressive followed by a quick COP of 10 Imperial Walkers(silent count to not wake the neighbors), YHC introduced the workout.

Objective: Run the Swans route at whatever pace ranging AYG to Half Marathon or Half Marathon pace from Swans Run Rd to Circles End to Lamers Lane, to Swans Meadow Lane, back to Swans Run Rd. Recover with 10 squats, run the same route again at recovery pace, followed by 10 Americans rinse and repeat originally till 6:05(audible later on to 6:00). During that time(or first route) we had a pax that fell(Flipper) so after listening to the pax suggestion(Purple Haze) an audible was made to the intersection of Swan Meadow Ln and Circles End section of the Red Light district. At 6:00, slow mosey back to the intersection of Springs Drive and 51 then back to launch. Pax miles varied between 5 and 6.64 miles depending on the Pax pace and any technical issues with our watches.


When YHC found out that my 4 Year F3 Anniversary landed on a Tuesday,I immediately messaged Purell and Astro to secure the date as Fast Twitch has been a workout YHC has frequented during my 4 Years in F3. Due to ongoing Hamstring and various issues with my surgically repaired leg, it was only after going to Retread’s aggressive attempt to run Mermaid’s route from the new launch point I knew I could lead the workout. The goal of today’s workout was to keep the pax relatively close together to lead from the six, while the faster folks could add on the miles in a classic Red Light District Fast Twitch workout of Speed, Squats, and Americans.

There was plenty of mumble chatter this morning( Purple Haze, Gummy, Alf, Ductwork) as YHC expected whenever I Q at Fast Twitch. Purple Haze words started off saying we’re going to the Red Light District, this workout sucks Benny. I take that as a complement as the pax worked hard the entire 60 minutes. Big shoutout to Flipper who missed his usual Tuesday workout(Swift) when he learned on Saturday my 4 Years of F3 Q would be at Fast Twitch today, he was flying like he usually is all morning. Followed not far behind by Alf, Turkey Leg, Christmas and Ductwork. Purple Haze, Gummy, Rock Thrill, Lex Luther and 49er weren’t too far behind with Retread and YHC rounding out the six. Huge shoutout to Retread, during our way back him and I talked as he was there for YHC first post in F3 at Peak 51. We both clearly remember someone(Smokey) telling Geraldo we still had 10 minutes left, needless to say Geraldo decided to do peoples chair with his 60+ lbs ruck being passed around the last 10 minutes.

A lot has changed for YHC in 4 years of F3, running the BRR in 2017, PR in Charlotte Half 2017, having a life changing accident in 2018 where I’ve still been working my way back into shape(word of advice cars always win especially coming at you at 45 MPH). Since then, I’ve appreciated all the support the past 3 years as I’ve worked my way back up to a strong performance in the 2019 BRR, a couple of half marathons that same year, while continuing to work my way through Whiplash visits as I get myself back to a respectable form. Career changes, and even lately working through some personal issues on top of working my way back to health. Through all the ups and downs YHC has had the past 4 years, F3 has been a constant that has truly helped me since moving down to Charlotte from New Jersey. Especially lately, I’ve appreciated all the encouragement and support. If you haven’t had a chance to Q a workout or even be a site Q do so. Trust me, you’ll be better off for it and it’ll make you a stronger leader.

–Blood drive: Sign up else or MM will take it from you unwillingly at your house… word to the wise. Details available on Slack

-Makeshift Marathon happening in November, see Run channel on slack for details. Proceeds will go to a good cause, sign up today!

-A51 Board turnover: Voodoo in the role of Nantan, OrangeWhip is 1st F, Hoover 2nd F, Geraldo 3rd F, CheeseCurd Weasel Shaker, Flipper is CSAUP Q, Udder continues his COMZ Q role. See your board members with ideas for how they can continue to make our region great!

A pleasure to lead as always, Benny out

Flash Mob: Cha-Cha


Mosey to Rudy’s Poop Palace and circle up:

20 SSH

15 Imperial Walker

Calf Stretch

20 Merkin

The Thang

Mosey to first circle for 7’s

Start with 6 merkins and 1 Bobby Hurley – work to 1 Merkin and 6 BH

When finished circle back and finish out with others. Foundation and some others in the flash mob got a cha-cha line going. I was able to join for a bit of pickempickempickem’s before hopping back into the mix and back to the start for some flutters until 6 was in.

Mosey to front of middle school

Half Lap around the circle then do exercise. 5 Times


40-shoulder tap




Some did extra lap to bring up the rear. Then on your 6 for 40 American hammers IC, 30 Flutters IC, 10 Big Bois.

2 lines – Indian run back to COT and get a lap in around the parking lot when we got there. FINISH


Appreciate the Chicken letting me come out and lead today. Saw him mention that a gazelle was running Flash today and it still sounds weird to me. I wasn’t always a Gazelle so hopefully you guys who don’t think its possible…it is…there’s no secret pill or formula, just takes a change in mentality and grinding day in and day out! For instance, Tanyatine was out in front of me on the 7’s (great work brother!) so I decided to try and catch him instead of fall back. That work will help me get better for tomorrow and the next day. On our pre-run, Foundation and I saw O69 already crushing it, this guy gets it. Grinding every day, you are an inspiration brother keep up the hard work!  Saw Schneider, Chicken, Sledge, and Rockwell pushing it. This group gave it their all even if it was a little higher on the mileage than usual (everyone remember to thank Cobbler for that). All in all great work and a lot of new faces I look forward to getting to know. Thanks for letting me lead you.


Oct 2 – Blood Drive sign up! Rudy buying pizza if we get 80

Nov 14 – Marathon, half marathon, 10K

This is Ignition…oh wait

Sugardaddy was the original Q this morning, but he’s a HIM that’s out of town taking care of his dad, so the PAX got stuck with me today. They got the smallest hint of a warning that there’d be a good amount of running today, but none heeded it. Suckers.


DiCCS given.  LOTS of headlamps and reflective gear this morning. Good job, guys!


Side Straddle Hops x10 then a tricky switch to SLOOOW Side Straddle Hops x10
Mosey to the cul-de-sac and around the first row of parking spaces for some Imperial Walkers
Another mosey to the back of the Target lot for some Moroccan Night Clubs, little arm circles (forwards and back) then BIG arm circles (forwards and back)
One more mosey to the gates of Wesley Oaks for a calf stretch and some upward dog

The Thang

Into the neighborhood to the bottom of the hill

7s – Diamond Merkins and Speed Skaters (2=1)
Pick up the 6 if you finish early

10 Count Mosey (count while you mosey) to the next cul-de-sac for a brand new exercise!!

7s – Dry Docks and Big Boy Sit-Ups
Pick up the 6 if you finish early

I attempted to do a 10 Count Mosey back to the bottom of the hill but got some complaints, so we did a Posse 10 Count instead (ask Posse if you don’t know what that means)

10 Bomb Jacks at the bottom
10 Merkins at the top
Al Gore til the 6 gets in
Al Gore some more while Chatterbox stalls fixes his knee/sock/brace/thing

4.5 minutes left so mosey to the Petsmart lot for some 4 Corner Deconstructed Burpees

10 Squats
10 Merkins
10 In-and-Outs
10 Bobby Hurleys (with a clap at the top)

Time enough for 10 Donkey Kicks on the Petsmart wall

Jailbreak back to COT


Full disclosure: I knew there’d be some running today. I actually planned to do 4 cul-de-sacs with 7s at each one. However, I didn’t remember the cul-de-sacs being as far as they were. Regardless, my watch read 4.07 miles by the time we were done. Not bad for a 45 minute workout. Or bad, depending on how you look at it.


Christ’s Closet – Mondays and Thursdays – Details in GroupMe

Blood Drive – October 17th – Details in GroupMe

CPR Certification – TONIGHT! 6:00 to 8:00 at Weddington United Methodist Church. $15 See Surge (Jim Connell) ASAP for information

YHC took us out

Progression Post

The Thang

DiCCS given, let’s roll …

Warm up mosey to CHS parking lot and loosen up exercises.  Parking lot warm-up run/exercises.  Champion Forest Burpee/Merkin Mile.  Dangerous run thru the cemetery, roots, trees down, ghosts and spiders too (sorry Easy Button).  But we survived and burst into Lawson for some excruciating exhilarating hill work!  Worked in more merkins, heel touches, speed skaters and a little Alphabet for Mary.  Deep into Lawson territory and the 4th qtr, it was time to set cruise for COT.

Dasher was sneaky quiet today, and rocking the reflective ankle wraps – setting a great example for all PAX, love it!  Whose next to up their reflective game???

Halfback – simply amazing and with one heck of kick at the end, see you at Pursuit brother, no excuses and bring Mad Dog again!

Goodfella says he’s wants to get back in shape, what??? I was struggling to keep up with him on the Burpee/Merkin mile.

Easy Button simply does not know how to stop, even after twisting an ankle in the cemetery, he kept on crushing it.  Hope your ankle is feeling better.

Hollywood was in another (high) gear all morning way out front, pushing the pace after a half-marathon this weekend.  Good work dude.

I have not ran with Carb Load in a while but that guy has clearly been working hard and was crushing it today and always impresses me!

Ice 9 was keeping his distance today (just precaution) today but was heard clearing his throat as he does not know half speed, mosey, recover, etc …. 🙂

Legal zoom had his zoom on today, always right there with the group, clearly pushing the tempo pace with a strong finish.

Big time respect to Mad Dog today, jumping in with Ignition, we put on some mileage today and he handled it like a champ, hill repeats included!  See you at Pursuit!


Felt like we started slow and really built-up as the workout progressed.  Great combination of cardio and strength.  Logged 5+ miles, plus hill repeats and exercises.  And in our last 15 minutes, we were a long way from home.  But Ignition PAX buckled down, mumble chatter at a minimum, and set cruise control for COT.  Nice strong finish guys, especially Half-Back, no half effort there, congrats again for that push!  You guys are all simply amazing.  That was a tough workout (for me anyway) and you guys nailed it.  Thank you for allowing me to lead you this morning, I never take that for granted, being on Q for you guys is always special.


Blood drive – signs up ending real soon.  Rudy’s pizza and beverages offer still stands (nice job Rudy, first class man!)

Fall Marathon is Nov 14.  Get a team together and do a relay with the rest of us.  Located in Marvin, aid stations available, free of charge.  Let’s go.  See Wolverine for details.

Smithers took us out, nice job brother!

A soccer BB, because why not?

We keep pushing the goals back as we again broke the Sunday record with 13, even with several regulars out.

The Thang

We played soccer


  • Unfortunately we have to re-set the “No injuries in X days” at the F3 office. Cheese Curd went down with a mystery pop in the back of his calf. He looked back at Level 10 thinking his teammate took a swipe at his heel, but his body just betrayed him and we’re hoping it’s just a muscle pull.
  • Mr Brady came rolling in with a handful of pinnies and we all looked around thinking the same thing. Citgo came out and said it “I’m not wearing one of those”. The Pavlovian response mechanism of puke entering your throat from remembering being 10 years old,  sticking your hand into a mesh bag and grabbing a damp and moldy pinnie causes immediate stomach ailments.
  • Level 10 has done at least one move each week that makes me want to practice more. This week he pretty much owned me on about 5 different occasions on defense. At least he had the courtesy of telling me his secret today.
  • Cage came in and left with a Batman type exit. Love that guy.
  • Good to see Snowflake out for the first time. The last time he played soccer he lived in Alaska so he was pleasantly surprised to find that the ball didn’t go flat after 3 minutes, and that you don’t have to wear gloves and skis.
  • Slim Fast came in with some crazy good footwork. I’d heard the rumor but it was nice to see it in person. Guy is legit.
  • That goes for Citgo as well, the long distance & speedy runner can clearly play futbol too. Pretty sure he was our goal leader today.
  • Scratch and Win was intimidating everyone early talking about how his team was sponsored by Umbro back in the day. He was killing it as well but wanted to get his goalie gloves on.
  • This was my first week playing against Christmas – not fun. I’d rather him be on my team from now on. He can run, he can kick and he can….crow! Movie?
  • Benny has been getting better each week as well – he had some nice defensive plays and almost an amazing own goal from a pass from Ductwork. Hey, a goal is a goal.
  • Pepe keeps bringing new skilled players from the Metro area.
  • We heard our first F bomb this morning. A clear sign that you’re working out with Metro guys. Guys this is South Charlotte. We’re all dads that go to Chick-Fil-A, homeschool our kids and only speak in scripture – know your audience!!!
  • The 1978 Korean National team continues to pressure us to play them. I say if they post at Fast Twitch on Tuesday then we’ll agree to play them.


  • Bring a light and dark color each week.
  • Don’t bring pinnies
  • Wear shin guards if you’re playing near Mr. Brady
  • Go to church
  • Don’t do drugs