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All About the Benjamins

A “Balmy” 75 degrees at launch this morning.  What is this going to feel like to these 15 brave souls after 45 minutes of pain stations? Let’s find out…

DiCCS Delivered and we launched


Mosey around the lower parking lot and up to the buses via the stairs to the right for some stretching

Imperial Walkers X 20, Plank up and do Calf Stretch L/R, Upward Dog, Downward Dog, Runners Stretch L/R, Jimmy Doogan L/R/C


Grab a Rock and head over to the sideline of the soccer field and do 25 curls, Lung Walk 25 steps while doing triceps extensions each step, 25 bent over rows, Walk Lunge back to side line while doing Shoulder Presses each step. Repeato X 1 for total of two sets and total of 50 of each arm exercise and 100 Waking Lunges (All About the Benjamins).

Mosey to beginning of side walk that goes around back of MS and do Burpee Ladder to the end of the path stopping at each path light for 1….6 burpees for total of 21.

Mary for the SIX and stay on you SIX for Captain Thor – Started with BBSU up to 5 and American Hammers Up to 20, Changed it up to V-Ups 6-8 and Heals to Heaven 24, Flutters 2=1 28 – 36, Then BBSU 9-10 and American Hammers X 40 to close it out.

Merkin Mile – From the next intersection at the teacher parking lot, run up to mid point of the Tennis Courts ~0.2 Mi and do 20 Merkins, run back to starting point and do 20 more Merkins …. Up to 100 Merkins and 1 Mi.

Mosey to Globe and at each Street light on right along front driveway do 10 X Speed Skaters to the end.

Long Mosey back to COT and Have a nice Day for 30 seconds, Done!

No a lot of mileage today on the ole Strava (~2.0 Mi) but definitely felt the burn on the legs from those Walking Lunges X 100. Everybody pushed themselves to their limit and I’m pretty sure none of the PAX were willing to hold onto those rocks any longer than was called for. YHC struggled a bit today on the Merkin Mile. Unexpectedly it wasn’t the Merkins that got me but the running.  I guess giving blood does have an adverse effect on conditioning. Baby Ruth (Noonan’s 2.0) was leading the way a lot today. Transporter and Sprinkles took turns in the front of the PAX while YHC stayed somewhere in the middle most of the time and I’m ok with that. 75 degrees felt like a sauna at the end but we made it through relatively unscathed.

Announcements: Waxhaw Region AO’s going back to 5:15 and 5:30 launch next Monday. Set those clocks!, A lot of good choices tomorrow for posting with Fuse Box on Q at Body Shop and YHC on Q at THE Floater.

I took us out #ctg


Soggy bottom boys

10 men rose from the fart sack to take the DRP on a moist hump day morning.

YHC arrived a tiny bit early to scope the terrain. Luckily, Calvary hadn’t moved anything.

Disclaimed and already sweating we launched.

Mosey one lot over for COP. IC – SSH x 20, Squat x 20, IW x 20, Merkin x 10, CDD x 10

All warmed up we hit the rock pile by the baseball field. Grab a manly pressing rock and circle up. Civilian count Curls, Overhead Press and Tricep extensions. Set 1 x 20 / run down around light pole. Set 2 x 15 / run. Set 3 x 10. Drop the rocks off at the pile. But wait, there’s more. Superset with smaller rock. 50 x Curl, Press and Tris. #smoker Deposit rocks in pile and mosey to the hotbox.

Leg work OYO: 3 sets of 10 jump ups, 10 split squats and 10 side step ups (Tks for the third exercise Puddin’) then run down soccer field sidewalk and back up between sets. Plank up when done.

Mosey out front to the circle entrance. Grab a less aggressive rock for some ab work. 3 sets of  LBC rock press, American Hammer and Flutter Press with a lap around the circle between each set. 20, 15 and 10 reps per set. Drop the rocks and mosey back to the launch with a little flyby of the Meathead PAX. They have gained quite a following.

Line up abreast at bottom of launch lot for 10 WWII sit-ups and all u got to the cars. Mosey back down for one more round. That’ll do it.

NMM: Haven’t been out to a workout in quite a while. It felt good to be among the PAX again. I dusted off my Q skills and we had a good time. To say it was humid is an understatement. We were all very moist by the time we got around to the ab work. Sweat angels were in full effect on the pavement. Lorax was missed, most were huffing and puffing and Clover was “chatty”. I recall breweries, shows and a pseudo cross fit work out conversation. Thanks for having me and reminding me to get my six out to more workouts. We are made for fellowship with other men.

Announcements: Nothing new in A51.

Prayers: Runstopper’s brother – health concerns

Stay strong and healthy during this trying time.

Pudding Pop with a strong take out.

Watchtower Backblast

Mosey around to the front of the middle school over to bus lot for warm up.

Warm up

20 x SSH

15 imperial walkers

Calf Stretch

The Thang

Head over to the neighborhood next to the school for some 4 corners.

Round 1: Start at corner 1 with 5 burpees.  Corner 2 = 10 T-merkins, corner 3 = 15 Bobby Hurley’s.  Back to corner 1 and complete 20 Speed Skaters.

Round 2: 10 T-merkins at all 4 corners

Mosey back over to school and head to bus lot and find some curb for the dreaded Lawson webb.  1 derkin and 4 dips on the curb.  Increase by 1 until you get to 10 derkins and 40 dips.

Mosey to back of school near the track and partner up.  P1 does donkey kicks squats (had to audible here, my shoulders were smoked). P2 does a lap around the track.  Alternate until each partner does 2 laps.

Head back to COT.  Done!!

Pretty easy day.  I mean we only did 5 burpee’s and nothing diamond related ….you’re welcome. Thanks to a great group of guys who joined me way too early this morning to run around the school grounds.  I hope I made it worth your while to wake up that early.


  • Welcome FNG – Chatterbox
  • Prayers for Schneider’s Father in law (Charlie) who is having open heart surgery.
  • Prayers for Chopper’s son Alex who is going through personal struggles
  • Prayers for Radar who is struggling right now.
  • September 5-12 Mayhem is taking a church group to Panama City.  Reach out to him for details
  • Prayers for Fuse Box dad who is having surgery
  • Pray that Blue Screen’s so gets his orders for the next step in his journey.

Record numbers at SWOLE

12 pax posted on a sticky July morning for swings and other assorted goodies. After an admittedly weak disclaimer (hey, at least I remembered one!), we launched into the Warm Up:

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Windmills x 10 IC

On to the Main Event:

  • 15 swings followed by 5 presses on your non-dominant side (alternating to dominant next round) and 5 goblet squats. Recover until the 2:30 mark
  • 35 swings followed by 15 explosive merkins. Recover until the 4:30 mark

We did 4 sets and on the 5th set, we combined the swings into 1 set of 50 swings, followed by 5 presses per side, 5 squats, and 15 merkins. #crowdpleaser

We then did 1:00 overhead carries (switching to suitcase when you wear out) with 1:00 recovery, twice with each arm. Elbow plank for a little over a minute to finish it off.


  • The Impact Local 5k/10k raised $4,500 on 7/17, which will be distributed to 5 different charities. Keep an eye out for a backblast and thanks to all that contributed. Kirby and Strawberry did a great job of organizing it and getting the word out.

Naked Man Moleskine:

  • Great turnout for a Monday morning with 1 FNG (Tri Delt, née Mike J.). He was a fraternity brother of Madison’s, hence the sorority nickname that Frehley’s came up with. We also had a kotters with The Worm joining us. Another recent gear junkie, Beetlejuice made his 2nd or 3rd gear post after getting EHed to bells at the RockZero COT a couple of Saturdays ago. The rest were regulars that were getting after it as per usual. Wild Turkey got there early to jump rope and Unplugged did his “old man yoga.”
  • This program looks easy on paper, but really builds up over 5 rounds. If you’re finding it’s not challenging in the last couple of rounds, reach out to one of the regulars about borrowing a larger bell.
  • If you’ve got feedback on the program or would like to Q (the weinke is pretty straightforward), please reach out to Mighty Mite or YHC.
  • Thanks for posting and allowing me to Q. The pleasure was all mine.



Hey Sprockets…where are you going??

An even 20 for this weeks addition of Hawks Nest (remote edition).  After 12 days being out of touch in the woods of northern WI, I emerged more rested and slighlty out of shape, as I did nothing but consume beverages and snacks.  Enough about me, lets find out what happened to Sprockets….more on that.  GPS hit 5:30, no FNG’s, weak disclaimer and we were off.


Warm Up

Head out the parking lot, around the DD back to the far lot for a short bit of ladder work


The Thang

Of Course we hit the appetizer- SSH x15 / IW x15 …what can I say, love the oldies, but then hit main course

Ladder beginning at 10 reps down to one

6 count Burpee / Monkey humpers / LBC  / Merkins


Mosey to the Church with the rocks…near DD

Some ab work to have the group catch up


Rock work

Grab a lifting rock and line up at the first light.

Curls, Triceps ext, Squats all x15 and then hold rock over head to the next light and drop rock. Back peddle to first light and back to rock //Repto 4 lights in total

Some ab work in between

Mosey to the Harris Teeter fountain


Fountain work

Incline merkins x10 / Decline merkins x10 / Bulgarian split squats x10 each leg / Dips x20  after each round run around nearest bush and  repto 2 more times


Finish up with some AB’s to kill the clock and head back to launch….well, Sprockets did an all out, but too where???


Announcements: None

Take Out: Thank you Snow Flake


Ye Old Moleskin:

– Thanks for Hopper and Hops for putting me on the Hawks Nest schedule- would be great to actually see Hops, but whatever, his better half was there

-So glad I had the Q today, I am sure I would have fartsacked this morning away otherwise

-For the ladder work, some refused the Burpees in the beginning….hell, some of you may have refused them the whole time.  I was to busy counting and trying not to F’it up. You be the judge and comment…if not, I did an awesome job.  Much better then the last time I did this in SOB land

-Thanks Duct Work (also not in the Pax this AM), but apparently he really liked the Rock work from 2 weeks ago which he recycled from my DMZ q 2 weeks ago.  I guess some of you that showed up at Rock Zero over the weekend already saw this.  Sorry, no BB, so I don’t believe you..and we did it again

– Lastly, yes Geraldo…technically the fountain work was 4 exercises, but rather then listening to, “you called for 20 Bulgarian split squats, is that 20 per leg?” I said it was 3 – 10 per leg

-We only covered 1.7 miles, but that felt longer today with the humidity

-Did you think I forgot about the Energizer Bunny..Sprockets??  So I hit him up mid day today to check on him.  You see when I said, “lets go back to home”, he shot off like a rocket and before we knew it, he rounded the corner at the HT and was never seen again.  But where did he go and why?  Well, early speculation was he had a code Brown and based on the speed, plausable!  Some quietly thought he lost his mind and went to the wrong “home”- Hydra/ OP- but who would do that?  Honestly, I was behind him and yelled his name 2-3 times, but like a hunting dog chasing his prey, Sprockets heard none of that and headed back to OP.  Based on the text message, he was at Hydra doing pull ups waiting for us.  Seriously dude, you are not that fast.  Also, who calls an all out from HT back to OP @6:14…kinda a long run.  Either way, eventually he figured out that today was Tuesday and ended up coming back to HT to pick up his boys to run home.  PLEASE NEVER LET HIM FORGET THIS!  Honestly this was so funny on so many levels.

-Always a good morning to be out in the gloom.  Have a great week!


A lesson in fire ant bite protection

DiCCS given (Disclaimer, Cell Phone, CPR, Safety).  YHC mentioned we’d be crossing Providence during the Safety portion of DiCCS, thinking this would be the most dangerous part of the workout.  Boy was I wrong.  Here’s what went down…

Warm Up

Mosey down to ABC parking lot.  20 SSH, Jimmy Dugans, Calf Stretch, 20 Merkins, some Moroccan nightclubs.

The Thang

Mosey to hill adjacent to apartment parking lot.  7’s.  Squats/Bobby Hurleys.    After a few reps, I gave the Q to Fusebox.  I knew if I continued with any more Bobby Hurley’s (jump squats) I was going to empty my dignity in my pants or in a nearby bush.  Being that I am known to succumb to these bouts of intestinal rage I strategically started the morning by the Quick Trip Gas Station, whose facility was top notch by the way.  Upon my return I find the PAX back in the ABC parking lot doing T Merkins.

YHC takes back the reigns and off we mosey to the traffic light on Providence.  I shouted “We all cross at once”.  And by that I mean when I go.  Well, thank goodness the Pax have a lot more common sense than I and waited until we had the light to cross.  Obviously my bout in the Quick Trip office drained any sense out of me as I began a game of frogger as I crossed Providence Rd.

Anyway, we continue en route to our destination, the hand rails/guard rails at the top of the Bank of America parking lot.  I saw this the day prior during my scouting mission of the AO and thought wow, we could get in a whole bunch of supines.  I called 25 Supines, 25 Merkins, Rinse and Repeat for a total of 75 each.  At this point Fusebox let me know they did 100 merkins in the ABC parking lot during my potty break.  Audible to 15 each, still 3 sets.

Here’s where it goes awry.  Transporter begins screaming like he’s being eaten alive after the first set.  Seems he laid down on a Fire Ant hill (was still dark out) during supines and the whole pile of aunts decided to scatter about Transporter’s body and begin biting him.  He takes off his shirt and is flailing about, slapping his chest and neck.  He continues to slap a few off and pushes through the set.

Next mosey to parking lot in front of bank. Bear crawl length of parking lot.  20 WW2 sit ups (Big Boy sit ups in Waxhaw parlance).  Crawl Bear back to start, another 20 big boys.  Again, Transporter lets out an even greater shrill, he begins stripping off articles of clothing, shirt, socks, shoes, shorts.  At this point it was evident the ants were ALL over his body.  So, several of the Pax rushed over and began patting and slapping the naked body (he did leave on his tighty whities) of this grown man, right on Providence road at the beginning of the morning rush hour.  All awhile Transporter pranced and danced around, screaming in pain (though from a far I’m sure it looked like a man in Ecstasy dancing in delight as 5 other sweaty men slapped and rubbed all parts of his body).  We finish up here (removing ants and the exercises) and mosey across Providence, back into Waverly.

Mosey in front of Whole Foods.  YHC instructs pax to form a line facing Whole Foods.  25 Monkey Humpers.  Oh, did I mention right behind us, about 25 yards was a group of folks doing a paid bootcamp class.  What better way to say Good Morning than 8 men showing you the proper form of Monkey Humpers.  Transporter didn’t feel comfortable with the Monkey Humpers in front of of this group of fellow athletes.   As always, modify as needed (but I did remind him he just stripped down and was patted down by several grown men on a very busy street in south Charlotte).

Mosey to parking deck behind Whole Foods.  Circle up.  30 LBC’s in cadence.  Next, 5 squats, run up to next deck, 5 squats at every turn until we reach the top of the parking deck.  Once on the top deck, grab some wall.  40 donkey kicks, 10 Mike Tysons.  Mosey back to COT, again with 5 squats at the beginning of each parking deck.  Arrive at COT.  Circle up.  40 flutters, 20 merkins, have a nice day.


Everyone pushed hard.  YHC especially at the Quick Trip.

Running with Rocks

Bushwood Site Q One Star <perform odd hand gesture> stepped up as a substi-q on short notice at The Body Shop a few weeks back and shared with the PAX the joy of running with rocks.  YHC decided to return the favor at the best country club AO this side of the Mississippi and here’s what happened…


Minute o’ mosey.

  • SSH x 18 IC
  • Mountain Climber x 18 IC
  • Nancy Kerrigan/Sun Goddess x 18 IC
  • Morroccan Night Club x 18 IC


Grab a running rock and head for the neighborhood. Add in a burpees at the two lightpoles on the sidewalk that follows the Marvin School Road because it’s a dumb idea to add unnecessary burpees.

Once in the Marvin Creek neighborhood, the group stayed mostly on the southern half of Autumn Blossom and the two cul-de-sacs that jut from the street.

  • 1st ‘sac – 18 side lunges with the rock
  • Faster-than-mosey to the second cul-de-sac
  • 2nd ‘sac – 18 Peter Parkers
  • Faster-than-mosey to the roundabout for a Circle Merkin to 36 total merkins
  • Run on Running Horse to the other roundabout
  • Circle Burp on the roundabout to 32 burpees
  • Supermans x 18 IC

Repeato on Autumn Blossom

Back to the cul-de-sac we entered on for another 18 side lunges then head back to the school.

Mary with rocks:

  • American Hammer x 18 IC
  • Protractor legs and arms, 2 rounds through the PAX
  • LBCs x 18 IC
  • Flutter x 18 IC
  • Return the rock with love

Mosey back to COT.



YHC learned early on in life to not run with scissors.  He never learned the lesson to not run with rocks… until today.  It didn’t take long for YHC to have numerous mental images of GOB on “Arrested Development” saying, “I’ve made a huge mistake.”  YHC tried to listen to another GOB quote — “It’s not a trick, it’s an illuuuusion” — and that somewhat dulled the anguish.

One Star went for one of his favorite rocks from the pile, but was reminded that it should be a running rock and he opted for a more appropriate size.  Kotters to Krusty (Aaassss Crack) for rejoining the PAX on a lovely morning — he must’ve brought the humidity of a thousand heat-lamped Krusty Burger buns with him because it was not so bad on Monday.

YHC apologizes for the poor choice of 36 circle merkins, sticking with the Bushwood course theme but depriving some PAX of an extra merkin.  Kudos to Spaulding and Krusty for lining up to go early on the burpees and J-Woww for going for the extra merkins.  Fiji and One Star even threw in additional, unplanned burpees on the way back to the school.  Kudos to Noonan on wearing the appropriate attire for Bushwood and it’s great to spend more time on the AO course with Hot Yoga, who recently moved out from city life and gets the work done.

Running with rocks is not as fun as, say, an afternoon at Top Golf, but it’s always good to be at the Bushwood CC.


YHC with the take-out.



Spaulding on tap for his VQ next week!

Sad reminder that weekday sites move to 0530 starts beginning Aug 3rd.  Back to the gloom!

Set my Alarm Cock

Happy Friday Tuesday everyone.

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety) – Centerfold late again

Warm Up:

  • SSH – 40 seconds
  • Imperial Walkers – 40 seconds
  • Moroccan Nightclub – 40 seconds

The Thang:


Group 1 – Use a small brick or nothing (4 rounds) (40 Seconds)

  • Front Shoulder Raise
  • Lateral Shoulder Raise
  • Shoulder Press
  • Triceps Kickbacks
  • Squat and Hold

Group 2 – Use Dumbbells (4 rounds) (40 Seconds)

  • Bottom Half Curls
  • Top Half Curls
  • Full Curls
  • Over Head Tri Extensions
  • Squat and Hold

Group 3 – Use a Coupon, small brick, or Dumbbells (4 rounds) (40 Seconds)

  • Coupon Press
  • Dumbbell Fly’s
  • Skull Crushers
  • Overhead Tri-extensions – 30 seconds
  • Coupon Shoulder Press – 30 seconds
  • Tri Kick Backs – 30 seconds
  • Hammer Curls – 30 seconds

Group 4 – All Ab’s and core (everyone called out an exercise

Group 5 – Monkey Humpers and Speed Skaters until time was up


Today was a great workout and even a better time. If you have never been to Diesel, you are missing out. You can get some great work in and enjoy a ton of fun mumble chatter. Proximity is a breeding ground for Scooby Do behavior. This week’s star pupil was Popeye. The workout started with a rooster waking everyone up. Popeye mentioned that he is looking to have that as his alarm. (Cock jokes started) We had silly references to about a dozen movies. I really need to watch King Pin again. Thanks to all for helping me get thru the session and picking up on the Ab work.


  • ALL WORKOUTS WILL RETURN TO PRE-COVID STARTING TIMES BEGINNING NEXT MONDAY, AUGUST 3.  As schools start back up teachers and staff will be returning to school early in the morning and traffic in the parking lots of most of our AOs will be getting busy.
  • Look for an announcement concerning our F3 Waxhaw Official 1 Year Convergersary.  Date is Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2020.  Mark your calendar.



You’re a Champion, We’re all Champions

What’s the best thing to do at 5:15am on a Monday morning after a long hot weekend?  Hit the crowd favorite Champion Forest of course.

No Hollywood, Wolverine, Easy Button or the newest Ignition regular Recalc but the show must go on.

DiCCS (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)

Warm Up:

  • Mosey .9 Mile into Champion Forest down Waynewood to the 4 way Stop
  • SSH x 15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
  • Calf Stretch

The Thang:

Mosey to Bauer Place

  • 5 burpees
  • Plank for instructions
  • 10 Merkins at the top
  • 10 War Hammers (1 Big Boy situp with 2 single count American Hammers) at the bottom
  • 3 sets

Mosey to Whitaker Place

  • 5 burpees
  • Plank for instructions
  • 10 Hand Release Merkins at bottom
  • 10 Heels to Heaven at top
  • 3 sets

Mosey to beginning of the Waynewood culdesac

  • 5 burpees
  • Plank for instructions
  • 10 T-Merkins at top
  • 20 single count Flutters at bottom
  • 3 sets

Mosey to beginning of Chisholm Court

  • 5 burpees
  • Plank for instructions
  • 10 Dry docks at top
  • 20 single count American Hammers at bottom
  • 3 sets

Mosey to the Waynewood and Dobson intersection

  • 5 burpees
  • Plank for instructions
  • Mosey back to stoplight at Cuthbertson alternating between 10 Merkins and 10 single count Speed Skaters at every street light
  • 5 burpees at the stoplight

Mosey to the benches in front of the High School

  • 20 Dips
  • 10 Derkins
  • 20 Step Ups
  • 20 Dips
  • 10 Derkins
  • 20 Step Ups

Mosey back to AO

Done!  About 5.5 miles in the books


Champion Forest always takes a toll but this morning seemed worse than normal.  The humidity, the loooong hill coming back up from the bottom, the long Chisholm Ct. repeats, it grinds you down.

The Original Plan was to start with the True Burpee Mile.  But, after Dasher’s 150 Burpee Iron Pax preview two days earlier that was not happening today.

Tool Time and Glidah were pushing the pace and set the bar high today.  Ice 9’s heave-o-meter was active early which is always an indication of how hard he’s working.  Bottlecap and Dasher made it through all those hand release and back exercises shirtless and are in the lead for the Iron-Bax challenge.

As we approached Chisholm Ct. today we saw Fuse Box pulling out on his way to Asylum and almost right into a couple of deer on Dobson.  That would have been a great way to start the morning.

73 degrees with a 72 degree dew point and 94% humidity is no joke and everyone really worked hard and pushed each other, great job!


  • ALL WORKOUTS WILL RETURN TO PRE-COVID STARTING TIMES BEGINNING NEXT MONDAY, AUGUST 3.  As schools start back up teachers and staff will be returning to school early in the morning and traffic in the parking lots of most of our AOs will be getting busy.
  • Look for an announcement concerning our F3 Waxhaw Official 1 Year Convergersary.  Date is Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2020.  Mark your calendar.
  • Waxhaw Express tomorrow at 5:30am at Cuthbertson.

Like fine wine or whiskey, good backblasts take time

Beaver sent this BB to me minutes after the workout, but it was to my work account which sits inside a WordPress-proof firewall.  So I emailed it to my home account and got to it as quick as I could remember.  Which is lame, I know.  But at least I got er done (finally).  So with apologies to Beaver, and no further ado, I give you the long-overdue Gumby BackBlast!!



Warm up:

Sitting hamstring and calves stretches – varietals

Butterfly stretch

8 Brocades (Ba Dua Jin) Qi Gong practice –

  • Two Hands Support the Heavens
  • Wise owl turns its head to eliminate fatigue
  • Bending over and wagging the tail to calm heart fire
  • And another one


The Thang:


Sun Salutation (x3)

  • Arms reaching overhead
  • Full fold (heavy body)
  • Up to halfway lift
  • Into plank
  • Down into up dog/cobra
  • Move into Down dog (walk the dog)
  • Step into Lunge, then move into full fold
  • From full fold to mountain

Back to Mountain

Begin Sun Salutation until Plank

  • Warrior 1
  • Warrior 2
  • Peaceful Warrior (repeat warrior flow on other side)
  • Starfish

Pigeon – both sides

Brocade – forward fold, with backward stretch at top

Standing/Stretch to Corners Pose – Right and Left

Dead Pigeon

Happy Baby




Today’s Gumby was mostly easy stretching and included a bonus stretch at the end!


Great to see Taquitos and Cocktail!  It was an honor to lead.