Monthly Archive July 2020

7 for 7

Another “Balmy” morning in the Gloom today. I love Carolina weather in July…  Hot and sticky in the mornings and then just plain hot all throughout the day, followed by hot and sticky again in the evening. No use in complaining because it beats the heck out of being cold.

6 men joined me today at Cerberus for a “GEM hunt” in the COVID-Adjacent parking lot of Waltonwood Providence Retirement community.


Mosey around back side of Waverly and circle up behind Menchie’s for 25 X SSH IC. Continue Mosey and find our way to Ardrey Kell Rd East and circle up at the island for 25 X IW, 15 X Merkin IC, 15 X Peter Parkers, Downward Dog, Calf Stretch L/R, Runner’s Stretch L/R, Upward Dog, Jimmy Doogans C/L/R & back to C. Mosey down to Waltonwood for…


7 of Diamonds (or 4 of diamonds but we’ll get to that later…)

7 burpees at each corner of the loop (loop was ~0.3 mi) for 28 total (MARY for the SIX after each loop)

14 BBSU’s for the next loop for 56 total

21 Merkin on 3rd loop for 84 total

28 Monkey Humpers 4th (and final) loop for 112 total

9 minutes to go and ~0.8 mi back to COT so we started the long mosey back at this point and stopped along the way for a short MARY with LBC’s IC

AYG back to COT from Ardrey Kell East to Southgrove St.  (nod to the ladies in front of CYCLEBAR as we pass by…) and back to COT.

Have a nice day for 30 seconds and DONE!

Not much to say about today other than it was great to meet a few of the PAX from Area51 along with seeing a couple of familiar faces (Swimmers & Posse). These men really worked hard and I couldn’t keep up with Alf or McGee. Spare Parts holding his own and The Commish (R) and Posse out there getting after it. I felt like I was racing with Swimmers the whole time but he was probably just letting me stay with him to build my confidence. (What a nice dude!)


Second Blood Drive going is in planning stages. Looking at Octoberish timeframe…

A lot of choices in Waxhaw for a workout on Saturday. McGee is on Q at Homecoming, Shop Dog at Blackhawk

YHC took us out #ctg

Meat and Taters at Hydra

21 PAX ignored the #Fartsack and made there way to the premier Area 51 Thursday and chattiest boot camp and here’s what went down.


We moseyed over to the bus lot for COP.

  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Merkins x 10
  • Squats x 20


We headed off campus, making a left on Rea, then a left on Windyrush, then a right on Foxworth past Bedfordshire pausing at the bottom of the halfpipe. Partner up, Partner 1 runs to one side of the half-pipe and Partner 2 to the other side. Each partner performs 10 squats at the top of  their respective hill, then meet again in the middle for 10 merkins each. Repeato for 3 rounds total.

Rock work

With the half-pipe done and the pax pleased, we headed over to the church for some rock work, but stopping at each light post on the right for 5 squats. We completed 3 rounds of curls, presses, and tricep extensions, running to the goodwill bin and back in between each set. 

Bench Circuits

We moseyed back to campus, stopping at the benches, find a new partner, Partner 1 performs called exercise while Partner 2 runs to the basketball and back. 

  • Dips
  • Incline Merkins
  • Step ups


  • Flutter kicks x 20
  • Rosalita x 20
  • Dollies  x 20
  • Heels to Heaven x 20
  • Merkins x 10 OYO


  • Great effort by the PAX in these conditions, August is almost here and it sure feels like it. I’m already looking forward to fall.
  • After Cheese Curds Hawks Nest Q I was through with burpees, and made good on my promise of zero burpees with this Q. You’re welcome.
  • Cheese Curd was a no show have a HC at Hawks Nest. 
  • Bounce asked if we were going to get some running in, about 2.7 miles for the workout.
  • I was supposed to Q last week but had to switch out due to beach plans. Thanks to Pudding Pop for picking it up for me.
  • Sprockets crew that runs in seems to grow every week, its like he’s the pied piper or something. TCLAPS for the pre-run. Although Foghorn was absent, where’s he been? 
  • Proehl is not only young, but damn fast. I was paired with him on the half-pipe and not once did we meet in the middle. He kept getting closer each round and I thought for sure he was going to lap me if we did a fourth round.
  • When YHC called the half pipe and indicated we were to run to the light post and not the top of the hill Spackler uttered “What is this a moderate workout?”
  • Spackler has some new fitness tracker to keep track of his Tito’s recovery sleep.
  • The #Trifusenik was in full attendance and didn’t disappoint, Semi Gloss mailed it in during Mary.
  • Marge keeps us well informed on the latest from the COVID perspective.
  • Clover has new and vastly more green wheels, he’s reducing his carbon footprint daily.
  • With all that’s going on these days, it is great to get out and post, for 45 minutes each morning things seem normal. 
  • Thanks to Semi Gloss for the take out, thoughtful words about both sides coming together to get through these unusual times.
  • Thanks to Sprockets and Gummy for the opportunity to lead and please sound off with any mumblechatter. 


  • Christmas Party? Golf?

Hot Humid Indian Land

3 PAX gathered for the Thursday Indian Land tradition known as The Arsenal. Here’s what we did.


Jog around the right side of ILES back to the bus lot for COP. Lots of stretching, the PAX talk a lot about how we don’t stretch enough and we got a good 5 minutes in, YHC was tight from Carb Load’s beatdown at Dromedary yesterday, being the QIC has its benefits.


Mosey towards the Middle School stopping at each light pole for 1 burpee, last minute audible to go to the front of the middle school. Time for modified blimps, with a lap around the car line loop between each exercise.

B – 5 Bombjacks

L – 10 walking lunges

I – 15 imperial walkers

M – 20 merkins

P – 25 Potato pickers

S – 30 squats

Gather up and mosey back towards ILES, with everyone taking a round of mary on the way. Using the same light poles as before 1 bombjack at each pole until you make it to the playground for 20 supine pullups and a lap. Head back around to the front of ILES and done.


Small crowd with summer vacations and such, but we covered almost 2.5 miles and got a good mix of exercises in. The stretching at the beginning was a nice change of pace and necessary.

Atlas with the double prerun before we got going and Happy Meal put in his usual strong work. Not my best between the humidity and soreness, but the show must go on.

As usual great AO and we hit some rare ground with the front of the middle school. If you haven’t been in a while check it out, reach out to Happy Meal or Brexit and take a Q.




Baby, I’m a star(fish)

Six to seven hearty PAX Made a visit to one of Peak’s classic locales for a beatdown that can only be termed as “Old School Peak.” Why do we say 6 to 7? Read on …

YHC, Slim, Tweetsie, Smokey, Benny and Octane took off from the new launch point, which we will call the Back Alley and set out toward Peak’s classic launch point. Stopping off at the small shopping center with the compounding pharmacy to circle up …


  • SSH x20
  • IW x20
  • Windmill x20
  • Mountain Climber x20

After that, mosey behind to the FBC Matthews gym parking lot.

Time for a classic — the starfish …

The four corners:

  • Merkins x15
  • Wide-armed merkins x15
  • Diamond merkins x15
  • Carolina dry docks x15

Back at the middle, a twist: When you first come back, hold plank for a 5-count. After the next corner, 10-count. After the next corner, 15-count. After the final corner, 20-count.

We did that. Then it was round 2:

  • Lunges x15
  • Squats x15
  • Reverse lunges x15
  • Jump squats x15

Back at the middle, same routine, except hold a sumo squat for 5-count, the 10, blah blah etc.

After that, it’s time for a round of 7s. Starting off, it was 6 supine pull-ups at the bar, run down to the other end, 1 big-boy sit-up. Then 5 pull-ups, 2 sit-ups, you know the routine.

It was some time during the 7s that all of a sudden, Safelite appeared! It was pure magic.

Mosey over to FBC proper. Find some wall. Next up, two rounds of the people’s chair, with 50 arm-raises, civilian count.

Then some Mary — LBCs, flutter and Freddy Mercury.

Mosey back to launch, join up with Sparta for some box cutters, heels to heaven and protractor. Maybe some more stuff in there.


Counting, naming, Tweetsie with the takeout.


Benny is not doing some races, because there are no more races. He will share with you all of the races he is not doing.


First off, good to see Octane back for his second workout. You know, that second one is usually the hardest one. This is important because, well, hang on …

First off, Smokey pointed out that I was not in the middle during COP. I am a Q of the people. Let me stand with my comrades.

Okay, so, germane to Octane, as we approached the parking lot for the main thing, Benny, in discussion of races he is not doing, mentioned a race, maybe you’ve heard of it, called the “B. R. R.” So then Octane asks the magic question: What is that?

Needless to say, given the group’s composition, this was a mumblechatter gold mine. We noted that the lovely Blue Ridge Relay is a team relay race where you will see lots of lush scenery and enjoy only the finest luxe accommodations.

So yes, we lied. Well, lied is strong. We committed various sins of omission. Please see yourself to the nearest confessional booth.

During the starfish, Benny seemed to have problems with both the exercises called and the amount of repetitions for each one. He was vocal with these objections. He failed to realize that this was only adding to his agony, and the rest of us.

Safelite is a great BRR driver in that he has some sort of built in GPS, as there was really no other logical expectation for how he found us.

On the mosey back, Tweetsie and Smokey were having a theological discussion moving from the Acts of the Apostles to “Waterfalls” by TLC. Also, I showed off my great Biblical knowledge by quoting my favorite verse: “You shall not cast your visor on grass before referees.” It’s in there.

Strong showing all around, honestly. You know what you are going to get with these guys. Plus, getting back to the old favorites just felt good.

Sensei was missed. I don’t think he is missing us as he works on his tan.

Oh, and, stop me if you’ve heard this before — Slim knows people that you know as well. Turns out, he and Octane have some degree of professional cross-over. I still think it’s just because Slim knows everybody.

Finally, Benny claims he is going to show up to Skunk Works soon. He is required to alert both me and Tweetsie before this happens. If this happens, we will get the word out.

Oh, and finally finally, this week marked my four-year anniversary with F3. You guys got me through an extended period of joblessness, some bad football seasons, y’all picked me up on so so so many occasions and still continue to help me get better, in the many ways you can interpret that. You guys rock.

Chiseled: Classic Rock til You Drop

If you didn’t know Mt. Chisled before, you probably wanted to grab one of my extra sledgehammers after this workout to knock it down to size.  At least there was some hard-driving classic rock to get us all pumped along the way.

DiCCS given and away we go on the Sledge-O-Matic VQ

The Warm-Up:

Mosey up to the Five Stones entrance and return to Mt. Chiseled grabbing a lifting rock on the way back if coupon-less.  Circle up for some warm-up exercises all in 1-2-3 cadence: Sidestraddle Hop x 20, Moroccan Night Club x10, Potato Pickers x10, Imperial Walkers x10.

The Thang:

While one partner functions as the timer (run 1/2 around Mt. Chiseled the long way then up/over and back), the other partner begins the exercises.  Each exercise is done “as many as you can” style one at a time til the timing partner returns triumphantly over Mt. Chiseled.  The exercises (song: Duane Allman’s guitar gets us started – bring on The Whipping Post!): 1. Merkens, 2. LBCs, 3. Curls (21s w/ coupon) (song: The Who challenge us to find The Real Me), 4. Low Slow Squats (w/ coupon), 5. Diamond Merkens (song: at Chiseled…we “Ain’t Talkin ‘Bout Love”), 6. American Hammers, 7. Overhead Tricep Extensions (w/ coupon) (song: you’ve been Thunderstruck), 8. Monkey Humpers, 9. Carolina Dry Docks (song: Creedence reminds us that the next exercise is always just Up Around The Bend), 10. Flutters, 11. Curls (slow w/ coupon) (song: Springsteen’s got us thinking at this point that Roulette – – russian style – – might be a good option about now), 12. Shoulder Press (w/ coupon), 13. Off-Set Merkens (w/ coupon) (song: Pearl Jam’s got us looking in our Rearview Mirror to see to see who’s got the lead on exercises), 14. Big Boy Sit Ups, 15. Bobby Hurleys (song: Little Steven Van Zandt’s got got us scrambling for Guns, Drugs, And Gasoline to blow up Mt. Chiseled).  Certainly some made it to the Bobby Hurleys (I know Bottlecap got there), but not all – – IMPRESSIVE!

The Beastie Boys Sabotage us and we’re off on a couple minutes of sprints!  The lifting rocks are returned while other PAX plank up and we all line up at the edge of the parking lot and sprint All You Got to the COT area then sprint back only to the next parking lot island and back to COT again.  In a pure rookie move, yours truly prematurely calls a Have A Nice Day with 3 minutes to spare…Fuse Box and Posse graciously call out the error and Sledge-O-Matic audibles Burpees to close us out the last 2 minutes.

Whew, my VQ is nearly complete!  I tried to strike a happy medium for the runners and boot camp-ers…my mileage was 1.99 miles, so for certain many others ran more than that.

Announcements & a Triple Respect FNG!

Turnbuckle and Rudy will be organizing a follow-up Blood Drive capitalizing on the hard work and success of the one headed by Fuse Box last week…more to follow.  Bottlecap reminded us all about  3rd F opportunities (Open Door) to grow spiritually no matter your faith on Saturday mornings via Zoom and Sundays at Five Stones – check the News Channel for specifics.  Ricky Bobby introduced us to a triple respect FNG, a former NHL player, now known to F3 Nation as Penalty Box.  Penalty Box shared some sage words of wisdom about the importance of faith and fellowship…well done!

Take us Out

I am no preacher and I’m not the best practicing Catholic, but I was very glad to take us out this morning.  The welcoming and supportive attitude of all F3 PAX I’ve met has inspired an awakening in me physically and spiritually.  I said some days are diamonds and some days are rocks and that’s true as a matter of fact, but also as a matter of fiction.  We all have the ability to cultivate diamonds from rocks with the right tools and attitude…the fellowship and faith prongs of F3 speak to me and I am grateful.  Rave on men, Sledge-O-Matic.

Reminiscing The Brave


Remember the OLD Brave? YHC does… barely. Good thing we have backblasts, so we can #relivethememories . Back in the day we’d run the Ballantyne Village parking deck, which is, um… tiny. We had guys from all different F3 regions come down to do the workout. We did sopping wet shirtless partner carries up steaming stairwells, well, Mario and YHC did.  We did AMRAPs and challenges, and week after week Q’s would try to crush the souls of PAX right before the weekend. There was no LSD on Saturdays which required tapering on Fridays.  If you wanted one of the toughest workouts in F3 Nation, you posted at The Brave. PERIOD.

Not sure why YHC mentions this, other than a stroll down memory lane. Truth be told, YHC wouldn’t be able to handle the old workouts anymore anyway.  But they were great memories… which is why YHC has written a backblast for 100% of the workouts Q’d, regardless if BB are en vogue or not.  Here are two of them from the archives…

12.24.16 – The Brave Backblast

12.24.17 The Brave Backblast

Anyway… back on track here. 9* brothers showed for YHC’s annual Q at The Brave for the past three years (according to WordPress history).  Let’s get on with this…


  • 0545 GO-TIME!
  • 0546 run back to get Tuck coming in hot… #BFF …  See Kirby out of the corner of our eye, and run faster away.
  • Obligatory Warmup Exercises: SSH / IW / mountain climbers
  • Head to basement of 8 story parking deck.  Wave hi to security guards or construction crew on the way down.
  • #1: Run flats, backwards ramps, 5 reverse burpees at each level, all the way to the top
  • #2: 3 laps around top level, 5 lunges each leg on each round.
  • #3: On the way down, stop at bottom of each ramp, AYG race to the top of the ramp, recover back down 2 levels, up ramp, rinse/repeat all the way to basement
  • #4: Back up the deck from the basement. Same thing. run flats, backwards up ramps, but 5 group dragon flags at each level
  • #5: Sprints at the top of deck up the ramp until someone beat* Mario… this took a few tries.
  • Mary at the top while we watch the sunrise
  • Head back to launch, ask Kirby where he was
  • 0630 FINITO!


Couple of morning musings…

  • Midriff is faster with a mullet-stache. Grow them back.
  • Kirby says he LOVES backward runs up the deck.  YHC believes him, but he must love sleep even more since he was 4 minutes late and missed everything but COT.
  • Taco Stand’s tummy is the secret sauce to outsprinting YHC. However, he almost gave up his rice and beans at the end of them.
  • Teddy and Fallout found the source of the Wuhan Flu in the deck…. a giant pile of bat feces that we decided to do reverse burpees and dragon flags next to. Noted here for contact tracing purposes.
  • YHC tried to sabotage Tuck & Hazmat’s Saturday morning legendary #BFFrun by pounding the leg work in advance. Love you guys
  • And poor Mario just didn’t have it today… and couldn’t beat anyone in the sprints up the ramps. We gave him multiple head starts and attempts. You’re getting old young buck. 28 is the new 50.


  • SAVE THE DATE: 08.06.2000 Next Thursday.  The F3 Nation one-night-only premiere of “No Man Left Behind” The story of Growruck 17: Pinehurst, a 47minute documentary produced by YHC. Follow F3 Nation Youtube Channel or Facebook page to watch.  Here’s the railer to get you hyped up:


  • TCLAPS to Kirby, Strawberry, Bratwurst, and everyone else YHC didn’t mention for their participation and support of the HIMPACT LOCAL 5K. Leading isn’t easy, and these guys stepped up (as usual) to make it happen. Thank you.



School is not in session (anymore…late)

Warm Up

On a fine summer morning we went to school…and then it was over.

Chastain and Fuse Box explained what we would be doing until 8:30am, preached the DiCCS format and then we were off…no that was Fuse Box…with no weinke


We moseyed towards the front of the school trying to keep Fuse Box in sight.  An example of what not to do as a Q.  It also didn’t seem like Chastain knew how to count but again a lesson for us to do it right.


Jump Squats

4 corners (split the group/on your own)

  • Dry docks
  • Flutters
  • LBCs

Moseyed to the school bus lot for some work with a partner.  No partner carry exercises allowed now with Covid (phew) so we caught a break.  So while one partner did derkins, the other ran ~40 yards then back to change exercise positions with said partner.

Short mosey to rock area…


Shoulder press

Tricep press

Used the lamp posts by the shed/field to practice american hammers…only twice and then sprinted/jail break to the COT.


I really appreciate everyone taking the time to help me learn how to Q (after being here only 3 weeks) especially Chastain, Fuse Box and Posse.  Apologize for submitting this 3 days late (from time I could access).


n/a.  Chastain took us home with something other than a prayer

Bad Idea’s All Around

16 brave souls followed me into the gloomy morning dew to find our comfort zone and move passed it. (some more than others)

DiCCS Delivered and reminded the PAX to stay together as we cross HWY 75 (S. Main St.) a total of 4 times during the workout. Proceeded to tell the PAX we were going to Open House at the schools around town…


Mosey from COT to Sports Court behind S. Providence School for – IW IC X 20, Plank it up for Merkin X 15 IC, Calf Stretch L/R, Downward/Upward Dog, (This is where Rudy had to make a quick trip to the conveniently-placed port-a-potty over at the Shotgun houses near the school)


For the first bad idea of the day, Mosey to the other side of the school and find some wall for 11’s with 1 DK and 10 MT up/down to 10/1. Stopped at half way mark bc I was smoked to check if Rudy was back yet. (Nope) Let’s finish it! (All while thinking… “What the heck is Rudy doing in there?”). Rudy rejoined somewhere during the last few sets so all present and accounted for.

Next up – AYG up Bad Idea (Second bad idea of the day) Mary for the SIX when you get there.  Thanks Ice 9!

Mosey to last loop of cemetery near entrance and do four corners. First round do 10 Peter Parkers at each corner, Round 2 Merkins X 10, 3 BBSU or V-Ups and Mary for the SIX. Thanks again Ice 9!

Mosey to Waxhaw Elementary and start at farthest corner of front parking lot next to Hwy 75 and AYG to other side (long side) and BC around curbed curve (or bend for clarity…) back through the middle isle and repeat BC around curve and AYG to the opposite corner from where we started. We did reverse back to other corner but this time we Lunge Walked X 10 each leg around the curves.

Last (and worst bad idea of the morning) – Mosey from Waxhaw Elementary to crosswalk for Pedestrian bridge (~1.0 Mi). Mary for the SIX. Thanks for leading it one last time Ice 9!

Cross over pedestrian bridge (SHOOT! 2 mins left!) Find a curb on East N. Main St. for – 20 Dips and 20 Curb Jumps Ups/Step Ups and then AYG to COT.


All in all, I think the Pax that joined YHC this morning got something out of the workout. Everyone was sweating at least… (Of course getting out of your car and standing for 5 minutes would make one sweat in this humidity so…) By the way… When Shake N Bake is given a choice rather than a yes or no question, his answer is still an emphatic “NO”!


3 significantly similar but separate times for 3rd F with Open Door on the weekends. Join and lead if you are so inclined or just participate in the discussion so you can get to know your fellow PAX on another level.

Thank you to Foundation for stepping up to Co-Site Q THE Floater with YHC. Really appreciate the help getting solid Q’s for each workout.

Welcome (Formally) Shake N Bake (NO) to your new role as Co-Site Q for THE Floater! (We needed a reason for him to post more often so why not ask him to Q a site???) Kidding aside, (Not really) I welcome you to the #87thworstF3AO in all the world and I’m sure with your leadership skills you will get it to #88 eventually…

A Few great options for workouts this Friday with Dasher on Q at Swarm, Doughboy on Q at Impromptu and YHC is at Cerberus if you want to venture out of the bubble a bit…

YHC took us out #CTG


So This Is 37?

I’m not big on birthdays.  I tend to keep it simple with a small celebration with the family.  But this year, I saw The Body Shop had an opening on my birthday and I thought “Why not make some guys miserable on my birthday”.  And so here it is:


Mosey 10 Aussie Burpees where you stand.

Mosey about 100 yards for another 10 Aussie Burpees.

Mosey about another 100 yards for another 10 Aussie Burpees.


After a short mosey around the parking lot, we circled up for:

  • 10 Ranger Merkins
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Wide Arm Merkins
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 T Merkins
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 7 Arm to Heaven Merkins (Tried looking at lexicon to get official name.  3 pages into 9 total pages of Merkins, I gave up.  F3 really needs to clean up the exicon….its gotten too complicated to become useful).
  • 20 Mountain Climbers.  NOPE.  Sorry Das Boot (who begged for them).


Quick mosey to parking spaces to avoid Covid sweat pile crossing.   Jack Web of Carolina Dry Docks and Crawl Bear.  Somewhere around 4 and 16 I screwed up the counting.  Being the idiot that I am, I decided we needed to start over (Bad Idea).  Some pax groaned…others laughed.  Several suggested I needed to go back to Q School – touche.   Approaching the last round I had intentionally planned on ending at 37 since perhaps the pax didn’t quite register why we did 37 merkins earlier….but Posse decided it was his turn to Q Jack the count.  Nope!  I just kept repeating 37 over top of his 38, 39, and 40.

Quick Mosey to the rock pile for rocks.  Partner up.  Partner 1 Jail breaks 100 yards, takes a 10 second walking recovery, and jail breaks back 100 yards.  Partner 2 does a lifting exercises.  Keep rotating through.

  • 37 Curls
  • 37 Tricep Extensions
  • 37 Military Presses
  • 37 Rows
  • 37 Chest Press

It was at this point I noticed I was getting lapped and the angry elf in me called for those fast bastards to keep going until I was done.  Once the 6 finished (me) we joined back together for 37 sumo squats accompanied by Form Police Posse reminding us to keep our backs straight (mine wasn’t straight and almost never is during squats so feel free to call me out – it takes me back 20 years ago to my football coach yelling the same thing at me – I’ve never had good squat form).

Lunge Walk back towards the rock pile.  Apparently some pax heard mosey…I quickly nipped that one in the bud and had everyone lunging.  Rocks up and circle up for a final 7 Aussie Burpees  (Haha, I made y’all do my birthday burpees with me…suckers).  It was at this point that the first light headed moment took place.  Very quick and passing.  (Serves me right for making yall do my birthday burpees with me I guess)  Lets mosey to the speaker near COT.

5 minutes left, just enough time for Thunder Struck….damn it, black out coming again.  This one a little stronger.  Faked a music hick up to give myself a little extra recover time (I’m not sure we covered that at Q School – “What to do when your passing out”)….there we go, I’m back.  Ok, AC/DC Thunderstruck…Mountain Climbers until you hear Thunder then do a Merkin.  During instrumentals we stood up and did air presses.  It’s a fan favorite.  Every pax wishes we did this more often.  Ended right on time depending on your definition of “On Time”.  I’m never on Hooch time (a guy that use to do F3 (shots fired) in Waxhaw that typically ended his workouts 3 minutes past time), but sometimes I do like to apply Clemson Football Coach Danny Ford’s famous quote “Hit through the echo of the whistle” to F3 (Posse is grinning from ear to ear seeing that I mentioned Clemson Football).  We ended at 6:45:35 instead of 6:45:00 as some pax apparently feel is required.



  • What the hell is going on with me.  Since giving blood my cardio has plummeted.  I nearly passed out during my own Q today (has that ever happened in all of F3 before?!).  And my resting heart rate has jumped 10%.  But we saved a lot of lives so….that’s good I guess.
  • Posse pushing hard on the runs.  Apparently had races with pax who didn’t even know it.  JWoww and One Star….did you know you were racing Posse?  Well if you didn’t, did you know you lost?
  • Masher’s killing it as always.  Bunyon straight of his VQ on Monday stepped up to lead again.  Joined by Legalized and Damascus (Kotters).  Mashers still slow to get over to COT which results in screwed up counting.  You get a pass this time since Legalized was on crutches…but I’m looking at new Site Q Mayhem to clean that up under his new reign.
  • Chopper roped me into a Mile Prerun before we started.  He asked a group of us and no one volunteered to join…and I can’t let a guy go prerun on his on…so I left the music playing and off I went….Damn it, I hate preruns.
  • Lots of other pax I could name about working hard (Because pretty much everyone passed me on the runs), but I will leave it at good work everyone.
  • Soap Box Time!  Another year passed which has me reflecting on my time with F3.  I often used the example that the workouts were the bait, the fellowship was the hook, and the third F was the IMPACT – the life changing impact that you can have on others lives in our community that ultimately has impacting change on your life.  Almost 3 years into F3 and I’m to the point that I feel I’m impacting others enough for it to in turn impact me.  Life seems more meaningful now.  The sad clown has been left in the dust.  Much like giving Christmas gifts is more joyful than receiving them.  That being said, you don’t move from First F to Second F to Third F and leave the others behind.  You have to continually push in all three areas.  Some of us are more active in some areas than others.  My social anxiety usually means I struggle in the 2nd F.  Thanks to F3 I’ve openly admitted my issues there with a push from Lazy Boy last year who opened up about his own social anxiety issues.   Take note of where you can grow within F3.  If your a 5 workout a week guy but have never helped at Christ Closet or any of our other Third F opportunities, maybe its time for you to jump in.  If your a Sanctuary guy that has never come to a workout – guess what, we are waiting for you with open arms with plenty of guys willing to circle back to pick you up.  Where are you heavy, where are you light, and what can you do to improve.  If there is one thing I’ve learned from watching the pax in Waxhaw, I can always do more.  Some of yall amaze me.  Lets do more.  Lets impact our community.


  • Hey, speaking of second F….looks like the 2nd F’ers are getting together for socially distanced beers tonight.   Lawson (Small Pool?) parking lot.  No clue the time…look to GroupMe calendar for more info.  And after my soap box rant above…I can’t make it tonight due to Birthday Time with the family.
  • Blood Drive # 2 cooking in Waxhaw.  Turnbuckle and Rudy taking the reigns and looking at early October.  If you are interested in helping day of or helping them recruit, reach out to them.
  • Prayed for pax, their wives, and a couple dads going through surgeries, recoveries, or hard times now.


Move along, nothing to see here

I’m a bit delayed in publishing the results of Monday morning Flash Q. For that I apologize and promise to keep it brief.

23 men showed up to another early morning humid workout. A day that promised to bring temperatures in the 90’s for the like the 20th one of it’s kind in a row. The temperature was fine but the air was like how I like my women, THICC

Chicken Little offered to take part of the group if we got over 20, so we took a minute to divide the group proving once again that counting off by 3’s is impossible. I didn’t write a weinke so let’s just pretend both groups did the same thing.

The Thang:

  • Mosey down past Transporter’s Shed/Rudy’s Poop Palace/Dasher’s Dump Station the outhouse to the first wide opening. There we did some SSH’s, Imperial Walkers, and some stretches.
  • Mosey to the roundabout and set up for the first set of exercises (3 rounds)
    • Bottom of the hill 10 merkins
    • At the roundabout 10 prison squats
    • At the school 10 step ups
  • Mosey back towards the stadium, take a left to get to the side entrance of the High School.  Next set (3 rounds)
    • Against the wall, 15 Mike Tysons
    • Down the Hill, 5 SSH’s
    • On the steps, 50 Calf Raises
  • Mosey back to the back of the Middle School. 50 dips and a quarter mile lap.
  • Sprinkled in some Mary to allow others to catch up
  • Mosey to the front of the Middle School, more step ups
  • Return to COT for two rounds of sprints

And done. Thanks for letting me lead this great group of men. Look forward to the next time.

Announcements were Frackesque, there were none

Prayer was Deflatedesque, quick, low volume and probably incoherent