3rd field trip for the Braircrestians

3rd field trip for the Braircrestians

Diccs- give to include social distance and heads up there is another group on campus who might RAT us out if we do not follow all the rules — FYI the Gazelles were out in force when we arrived– hummmm??? where they there to check up us t ensure we were following rules? check our parental permission slips? steal our bagged lunches? not real sure why they were there but I told our group to be ready for a show down as it appeared to be many Lawsonites running around…


Warm up

Mosey to front of school for 15- SSH, 15- perfectly counted imperial walkers by Schneider!! holy hell!! FINALLY, 15 merkins and a calve stretch.

Mosey to front of trail for the Thang

The Thang

Mosey to the shed while stopping at each light and alternate between 10 LBCS and 10 Big Boys 1/2 down the HEADS UP EVERYONE —-THE SHIRTLESS GAZELLES COMING ( the muscles on those dudes where bouncing everywhere)– GIRLS cover your eyes!! Fyi they ran right through the middle of us so we POLITELY parted the seas to allow them to WALTZ right on through — Not even one Thank you… ugh!!!!!

After the gun show came running through we decided to head to the shed for some wall work

3 rounds while staying in squat position

25 air presses / 25 air jabs

Mosey to stairway near buses ( 1 lap between each exercise and at bottom of stairs 5 bomb jacks and at top of stairs 15 calve raises)

15 donkey kicks, 20 box cutters, 15 merkins. 20 pistol LBCS

Mosey to bench area ( 3 rounds of 25 dips and after dips it is a sprint to the school for 10 bomb jacks)

Mosey around high school stopping in one of the cut ins for 25 donkey kicks

Mosey to front of high school 10 Mike Tysons

Mosey to front of middle school for 10 derkins then a lap 15 merkins then a lap.

Mosey to COT for some quick ab work 20 American hammers, 20 bicycles and finish with a 1 minute plank


It was our 3rd official field trip as a group and it is great to see the Cresters and a plus one traveled off site for a good gathered and great workout by Schneider. The PAX continue to impress and the youngster are starting to show some promise of continuing this back in the hood once the real F3 starts back up– time will tell!! Please keep 0-69’s daughter in your thoughts as she had a ER visit early morning and things seemed to check out fine but she was not feeling well , that’s why Chastain had to take control of the videoing– ( One day they will let me video again, I think I am ready!).

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