Pain Station Friday in the Briars

Pain Station Friday in the Briars

DICCS and remind everyone of social distancing and safety crossing road again


Warm up

15- SSH

15 – Imperial Walkers

10- merkins

calve stretch

The Thang

Today we are going to split up in groups and have some pain stations 5 in total. When you finish a pain station you need to mosey to COT and complete 5 burpees before heading to next pain station.

Pain station 1-( Wall of Pain) -Tuscany club house – 25 Dips, 10 Shoulder tab derkins, 25 Step ups

Pain Station 2- ( The Abyss)- cul- de sac down hill (Robbins Meadows) 20 sec elbow plank, 15 LBCS, 15 Freddie Mercuries, 15 flutters, 15 leg raises, 15 heels to heaven, 20 sec elbow planks

Pain Station 3- (Burpee Back Mountain)- cul de sac right ( Willow Crest)- run backwards up hill to stop sign and then sprint down hill for 5 burpees rinse repeat 5 times and decrease burpees by 1 each time– THIS WAS HORRIBLE!!!

Pain station 4- ( Pony Express started April 3 1890)  cul- de sac left side ( Willow Crest)- from cul-de sac stop at every mailbox on left  towards stop sign for 2 merkins and 2 big boys and increase by 2 each mailbox– FYI THIS WAS HORRIBLE there are 11 mailboxes RICKY BOBBY!! we got to 22 merkins and 22 big boys – your a animal

Pain station 5 -(ZZ Tops)- cul de- sac up hill ( Robbins meadows)- from cul-de sac to stop sign alternate 10 walking lunges and 10 klow slow squats with mailboxes on the right.



This was a heck of a workout today and all groups pushed themselves hard but no groups fully completed all pain stations, everyone completed 4 . This workout was designed to push the PAX too the limit and in my opinion it absolutely did, nice work Ricky Bobby! The Briar’s and Crester’s might be putting the workout to use in the future and work towards a goal of completing this on a individual level. Have a good weekend boys and hope to see all you peeps soon.


Thanks to Ricky Bobby for taking us out….





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