Monday morning in the CREST

Monday morning in the CREST


Pre-work- via texted Schneider, and Ricky Bobby bailed and agreed to workout later – WTF is happening here? I guess with the lock-down and virus scare people can just make up their own darn rules and workout whenever it is convenient for them …. boooooooooooooooo

Warm up
Slow mosey 1/4mile
Circle up -10 low slow squats , 10 imperial walkers – 10 slow merkins , 5 diamond merkins , 5 wide Merkins – calve stretch

The Thang
triple nickel ( 3 exercises/ 5 times) running does not count
10-Jump Squats—5-burpees  5 high knees—10-bomb jacks

10 low slow squats before mosey

Mosey a 1/4 mile
Walking lunges – 20 then- 3 burpees, 15 WL – 3  burpees and 10 WL – 3 burpees — rinse repeat

10 low slow squats before mosey

Mosey up to intersection
Jack Webb 1 Merlin 4 air presses – 2 merkins 8 air press ect.. get to 5 merkins and 20 airpress

10 Mike Tysons, 10 shoulder tap merkins, stay in plank position when done pause…..

5 Mike Tysons , 5 shoulder tap merkins

10 low slow squats before mosey

Mosey down up road to COT

finish the Webb start at 6 merkins and 24 air-presses get to 10 merkins and 40 airpress

Mosey down and back in cul-de sac

Mosey to COT
1 burpee, 4 big boys , 8 heels to heaven , 12 second elbow planks rinse repeat but add 4 other than burpee increase by 1 each round until time is done. So second round would be 2 burpees , 8 big boys, 12 heels to heaven and 16 second elbow plank ect.. We got to 12 big boys..not bad


We had a great group today for some fun leg and arm work in the LARGE paved roads in the Briars and Crest. Even though we are on lockdown and panic is everywhere it is great to just gather ( but stay 6 feet apart) and get some good work in . It is also inspiring and uplifting to have some local kids get out with us and get their sweat on. Also I love seeing my nieces out here kicking some serious but– both Julia and Ava killed it today, proud uncle

We actually had 3 more FNGS TODAY in the Briars and Crest.

Ava Hayes ( Pulisic) named after USA soccer start Christian Pulisic.

Also we had the two FNGS from Saturday actually finish the workout and get their name now- Tyler Panek (Pinto) named after what he is going to school for – auto mechanic on high end cars

Nate Nelson ( Inspector Gadget) named after what he is going to school for – auto mechanic — but now we need to change his name to just inspector cuase it appears we have a inspector gadget  oppsps..


Lastly- I FORGOT TO DO THE DARN PICTURE–.. UGHH!!!! sorry boys

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