ya can’t hide a horse in ‘dem hills

ya can’t hide a horse in ‘dem hills

12 men decided it was a good day to take on the hills of Horsey.  With YHC on Q all assembled in the parking lot at 5:15 except for a late entry by Mr Brady.  YHC had indicated, in a pre-tweet, that pax should wear reflective/safety gear.  Most pax heeded the call and had something reflective on.  YHC showed up in all black with a reflective ankle Road ID.  Veteran hide and seek move there. After a short disclaimer, the group took off for the top of Mountainview.

The Thang:

Hide and seek is a simple enough game, if you’re “it” you get a head start and the others don’t watch where you’re going but give you ample lead time to hide.  Then the others take off to find you.  Basically, CMIYC.

12 pax broke into 3 teams, Fast, Schmedium, and Slow.  One person from each team was “it” and took off along their selected route.  The other pax did 10 merkins, 10 shoulder taps, and 10 Peter Parkers before the chase.  Once the team caught up to their “it” person, rotate rinse and repeat.  Simple formula.  Strategy and tactics were left up to the pax.


YHC came up with this idea in the heat of the day Saturday, while doing yardwork and prepping for a big family cook-out.  The heat must have caused some neurons to misfire or it was the recovery beers from the double pre-run and heavy workout at Rock Zero.  Either way, it was an out of the box idea for YHC and should have been questioned at the door.

Nevertheless, good tactics on display from the pax.  YHC’s own tactic included a double-double-back on Old Bell and being able to circle back around to meet his team head-on.  Lying down on someone’s lawn (probably not Chester’s) while the team ran past oblivious to the 6’8” black hole smack in the middle of a green lawn.  Horsehead more than once attempted to hide behind a tree and a mailbox.  Mumbled something about Boo Radley’s driveway and losing his pancreas.

YHC assumes that the residents of this hilly hell in Charlotte must be used to this craziness.  Because no one questioned the wisdom of running through the gloom and shining headlamps onto stranger’s houses and lawns looking for your fellow pax.  Luckily the cops were not called, and no warning shots were fired.  Funky Cold was pretty sure it would be a shoot first, ask questions later type scenario (insert dueling banjos here).

The team breakdown is below.  Pax should sound off with their team’s highlights but we’ve caught a few from the hacked security cameras around Mountain View.

Fast Team –Lee, Thin Slice, Turkey Leg, Funky Cold

Schmedium Team – Benny, Flipper, What Did, Taf

Slow Team – Udder, Hoover, Mr Brady, Horsehead

Fast:  Always chasing Turkey Leg.  Seriously, dude was moving with everyone in hot pursuit every time YHC saw him.

Schmedium:  Caught Flipper trying to hide behind a pickup truck, at one point, he might have jumped into the bed.

Slow:  Mr. Brady was on the wrong team, and it has nothing to do with the nipple tape on full display during COT.  He blames the sweat, others thought he might have a part time job in the late night and left his tassels in the car.  YHC has no comment.

Announcements: Convergence on Thursday in Metro at 0630 Independence Park and Area 51 at 0700 at Hydra. Also American 4 miler on Thursday.

Thanks to Horsehead for the take out.

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1 year ago


We usually get a couple of “out of the box” workouts per year at the McHorse, and this is definitely going to count as one of them. It was definitely better than the time that Prohibition brought out those stupid sandbags (seriously dude) or the other workout that we will not speak of. That’s not exactly a high bar, but it’s something. Seeing your giant self skulking around driveways in all black was definitely a Monday morning experience for the ages. Pretty good workout too. Mr. Brady was actually pretty easy to find – just follow the sweat trail.

1 year ago

Also, it was great to finally meet Thin Slice. He is a cross between Joe Pesci and Bradley Whitford (before he went gray), in a minivan. Well, it was dark but that’s what I envision. We need to get him to Q one of these things before it expires for the year.

Chelms aka Tatertot
1 year ago

I will ping TS about the two openings I believe we have (last two of the year – wonder why no one wants those two).

Chelms aka Tatertot
1 year ago

TS is already signed up to Q on 8/5. I thought you were the weasel shaker for this site and knew important stuff like that?

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