May Day, May Day

May Day, May Day

Good crowd this morning in the parking lot. Disclaimer given and off we go to the Charlotte Aquatics parking lot. I decided to have the warm-up here as it was related to Swimming. It was Mermaid who kept talking about his F3 workouts while our daughters swam that prompted me to come out in August 2016. He was also the one that cautioned me to start at Base Camp and not Centurion!  Honored to be asked to Q now.


IW x 15

Hillbilly x 15 – the guys seemed surprised by this one. But, I’ve been at work outs where Mermaid has called this, so I thought they would know it. Oh well.

LSS x 15

Mountain Climber x 15

Superman X 15

Mosey down to the Credit Union for 7s on McMahon Drive.

7s – Jump Squats at the top and CDD at the bottom.

Mary led by Larenzo in the Credit Union parking lot, while waiting on the six.

Off we go to wave “Hi” to the Status of Mary and go to the circle of Benches. Directions were given, but realize now that it was still confusing

Main Event – Partner up for May Day Celebration (12 days of Christmas, but 5 exercises partnered) on Benches. P1 exercise. P2 run to far end of parking deck and back

100 Toe Taps/Air Presses

50 Step Up Left Leg

50 Step Up Right Leg

50 Derkins

100 Dips

After this fiasco, we headed to the parking deck and headed half way up to avoid cars.

Bear Crawl to the top

5 1 legged burpees on each side

Then run up another half way

Again 5 1 legged burpees on each side

Run back to launch site for some Mary…




Heels to Heaven

American Hammer




Beer Mile Coming up

Beer Run

Crane Relay is July 26th – 27th. Sign-up on Slack.


Per Wikipedia…The earliest known May celebrations appeared with the Floralia, festival of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, held from 27 April – 3 May during the Roman Republic era, and the Maiouma or Maiuma, a festival celebrating Dionysus and Aphrodite held every three years during the month of May.

I was looking for something that had 5 exercises in 12 days of Christmas repeat forma and a partner. The thought was good… The effort by the guys was great! But, it went sideways! Maybe, if I would have had less reps of each exercise or not have them run as far. Or maybe, if I would have just had partner stacks. So 5 exercises and move on when the team hits X reps.

Anyways, thanks for putting up with me and hope I get to Q here again, despite this! Centurian is a tough workout that is always moving.

As far as the workout, Lorenzo was out in front. Brushback and Chelms were quite the powerful pair. And other great work by Mermaid and Snuka always amazes me!

The FNG Sandi is Clay Sankey. He’s a Chiropractor in the area with a wife and young child. He heard about F3 from several clients. He had run an 70 Mile Ultra, hence the reward was a Girls name. He’ll thank me! Hope you come back.

Thank you for letting me lead!

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