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Need a little wind here

Spent the last seven days in Colorado, but Hops asked me to Q this day a month or so ago. Good to be back out in the gloom the day after my return from being a Mile High, and Q’ing actually was a good thing for control purposes. Legs got a good workout on the mountains out there #mercy, but the craft beer and bison definitely did a number on the midriff. Wanted to keep moving to shed the unwanted vacation calories, I think the PAX like it too.

Hops had the HN shovel flag planted promptly, and some late comers rolled in. HIPPA’s disclaimers are the absolute jam, so I plagiarized his “you can sue me, but it won’t do anything” thing and we had a good laugh. Good words direct from an attorney.

Got moving down the road and up to the turf field. Actually we went to the east field (which I had never been on), but quickly found it to be natural grass, rife with moisture. COP:






Mosey to the start of the road to the hotbox, instruct the PAX to their first All You Care to Give run up the hill to hotbox. Partner up.

P1 does called exercise at benches (three rounds: R1 step ups, R2 Dips, R3 derkins/irkins)

P2 runs around end zone net of practice field to the far corner and back

On your six for some Rosalitas and Dollys

Recover and Mosey to home plate area of the baseball stadium.

AYCTG to right field pole, 15 merkins, AYCTG back to home

Same for center field, 15 merkins, too much moisture in field to run back, Omaha straight over to left field pole for 15 merkins, then back to home.

Run to upper parking lot north of turf field, find your friend again.

P1 does called exercise (3 rounds: R1 CDD, R2 wide arms, R3 diamonds)

P2 runs the short track

On your six for LBC x 50

Mosey to turf field again, find your friend again

P1 stays on line of 18 yard box doing exercise (3 rounds: R1 jump squats, R2 sister mary katherine, R3 bonnie blairs)

P2 AYCTG to far 18 yard box and back; the wind here was merciless.

Mosey down to the bridge over troubled gas (Gloss) for wall sits and arm raises x 50 civilian.

Mosey back to launch for 40 seconds of burpees


Story time

Today would’ve been a great day for sailing. Outside the fact of being 5:30am and (feels like) 30 degrees.

Threw this one together, but some was planned out. On our first run on the football field by the hotbox, Gloss asked me if I was already off script. Damn, is it that obvious? Actually, that part of it was planned, but some other parts, not so much.

Also, Hops mentioned that Hawks Nest is coming up on the one year anny on March 13th. This weinke was a mishmash of things that have been done in the past, but I think everyone got something from it.

Typical chatter from usual suspects in Gloss, Hops, HIPPA, Pop Tart. Sprockets was crushing it up front as per the yoozsh, Cottonmouth and La-Z-Boy were two peas in a pod as per the yoozsh, Floor Slapper appeared 40 seconds before launch as per the (kinda) yoozsh, Thunder Road and Escargot were quietly getting work done as per the yoozsh, and great to see Mr. Magoo at another AO. Have worked out with him a couple times at Hydra.

Always look forward to starting my F3 week off at Hawks Nest. Great group of guys and great AO. There was an exception this morning as Gloss sharted on the bridge, claiming it to be clean. That stuff might have flown at Indepants High School, but not at Latin dude. NOT UP IN HERE!!

Hoover apparently smoked his Fast Twitch PAX, as only about half of them showed up for our COT. Good to see him along with Purell, Turkey Leg, and Duct Work. Apparently Haze ripped every muscle in one of his legs, and Gummy probably had to take a dump early. Not sure who else joined them this AM.

Great takeout by La-Z, thanks brother.


Hops informed the PAX that Red Rocks recently had a massive stroke, and he is now having to have major surgery to alleviate some of the pressure on his skull. This one hit me like a ton of bricks man. I went to App with Red Rocks (Brad Sherrill), and those that have attended Anvil and Hydra over the past few years probably have gotten to know RR. Such a great guy, and fit as a fiddle. Please lift Brad, his family, and his doctors up in prayer. Isaiah 53:5 – But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.

The Slaughter of Raintree, A Comedy of Errors

It started with an idea. A non-runner Qing a running workout. Plans were made, mumblechatter ensued, the Q confirmed “a” start point. Then it all came crashing down.

The Q made plans, started a weinke, and planned where to be and when. This is a runners workout known for going off-campus. How was the non-runner Q going to keep these hooligans in line? Apparently, NOT the track according to the consensus.

Questions came up, “Where would the workout take place?” Vague answers were given. A refusenik was tossed out weeks prior to the workout on the vague hint that the track would be used. The Q was unwavering in his commitment, the workout would happen. It was planned, the pax can just suck it up and deal with it. Then the day before the workout came and something was posted to the Twittersphere. The Q hadn’t even begun to advertise his workout for the next day and the cyber bullies were lined up at the door posting gifs and hashtags. Slightly concerned, the Q made adjustments to the weinke the night before. OK, if the pax demanded this workout not be in the track, then so be it, we would stay off the f*cking track. (Don’t say the Q didn’t warn you)

So with the updated weinke in tow, the Q set out to Charlotte Latin at 0450 to make the 0515 start time. Pulled into the parking lot with more than a few minutes to spare and waited, then waited some more, then said “could it be that no one showed up today”? A DM was sent to Purell looking for the pax. No answer. The Q said, “well I can always drive home and climb back into the fartsack.” Somewhere around 0523, 7 pax moseyed into the parking lot. The Q steps out of his car, “If I knew you guys were going to run this one in I would have joined you.” And that’s when the wheels fell off this thing.

The thang: From the “proper” Charlotte Latin Parking Lot (not to be confused with the “actual” well-hidden parking lot) run to the intersection at Whitehorn:  10 merkins.  50% of your mile pace to Deerpark Lane:  10 merkins.  Take Deerpark Ln to Doe Ct (this was uncharted territory). At Doe Court is the 1st Round of Rabbits vs Clydesdales.

  • Rabbits run first, Clydesdales chase after a 2 count.  AYG to the end of the cul-de-sac.
  • Clydesdales run second, Rabbits chase after a 2 count.

Back at Doe Ct, run to the intersection at Nettlewood. Repeat rabbits vs. clydesdales down to the end of Deerpark lane and back. Mosey down Nettlewood and end up on Whitehorn. Go left and stop at White Dove Ct. Repeat rabbits vs. clydedales. Get back on Whitehorn and stop at Stonemark for, you guessed it, rabbits vs. clydesdales. Keep moving back to Deerpark and go left back up Deerpark. This is the loop. It would only be repeated one time.

On the final loop the pax went to the end of Whitehorn and had one final round of rabbits vs clydesdales, but by then 3 pax had quit (some due to injury and 1 because he legitimately had to leave early). So it was kind of a sad trombone ending. The pax, maybe feeling bad for the Q, maybe wanting to show him that the track really wasn’t worth it, indulged the Q for 5 minutes of 100 yard AYG, backwards runs, and 2 shuffles (left side and right side). Then they all joined the Hawks Nest crew just in time for burpees, losing another pax in the process.

The Moleskine:

8 started, 4 finished. It was a slaughter. The original weinke was to do a lap or two of warm-up on the track so YHC could gauge speed amongst the pax and then split up the rabbits and the clydesdales. Then the pax would have run 100 yard sprints chasing each other around the track, with a recovery yog around the curves. This was tried at SIBling Rivalry a few weeks ago and it was a solid plan and well executed.

Not so much with this crowd.

YHC’s biggest concern was developing a workout where he could keep the pax together. Injury never crossed YHC’s mind especially doing something like, you know, running at a running workout. At least if the pax got injured on the track, they wouldn’t have to walk all the way back to their cars from Raintree. That’s assuming the injured made it back to their cars. We offered to accompany them and they begged us not to.

The first man to peel off had a legitimate excuse as he needed to leave by 0600. The second man to peel off was “injured” with a pulled calf during a sprint. He walked back to his car as the remaining pax passed him, twice. Mumblechatter ensued. The third made it to the tail end of Whitehorn, before the last sprint, and also claimed an “injury” something about a pulled calf. Things were starting to look suspicious but the remaining pax kept going. The fourth pax peeled off just before joining Hawk’s Nest for COT. Maybe he didn’t want credit for the workout, maybe he had other places to be. Maybe he realized it was too late for the injury excuse. Whatever the case, we were down to 4 and YHC bragged to the assembled Hawk’s Nest pax that he had officially slaughtered 4 pax somewhere in Raintree. Guess they should have listened and stayed on the track.

Thanks to Purell for the chance to lead. Next time YHC will make it to the right parking lot for 0515 launch. Hope the pax enjoyed the workout, even if it there was a high propensity for injury. And for the injured, hope it was nothing serious and to see you all in the gloom again.

The names of the pax have been withheld to protect the (sort-of) innocent. They can sing the praises of this awesome workout in the comments below.


YHC had the honor to Q back to back with today being the 2nd 1/2 of that equation. Despite having what I thought was a solid plan to nuke the legs of each of the 22 PAX, I had to audible twice this morning – The 1st because we had too many PAX to use the sandbags I loaded into my truck and the 2nd when I completely screwed up the Beast (6 exercises, 6 reps each, 6 rounds)… So much for planning.


  • Disclaimer given
  • Mosey around the whole parking lot
  • Circle up
  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 Mountain Climbers IC
  • Calf Stretch
  • Instructions on noise level before heading to the neighborhood for a failed attempt at the Beast

The Thang

  • Part 1
    • Mosey to the top of Springwood
    • Run to 1st light – perform exercise / Return to start / Run to 2nd light – perform exercise – run to 2nd light – perform exercise / Return to start… All the way to the 6th light
    • Light 1 = Squats x6
    • Light 2 = Jump Squats x6
    • Light 3 = Lunges x6
    • Light 4 = Reverse Lunges x6
    • Light 5 = Side Lunges x6
    • Light 6 = Burpees x6
  • Part 2
    • Mosey to PetsMart
    • Groups of 3
    • P1 = 1 legged Roman deadlifts
    • P2 = Step Ups on wall by Brooklyn Pizza
    • P3 = Run in between
    • Repeat until time runs out
  • Jail Break to start
  • COT / Announcements

Starting Five

With the NBA All Star game in Charlotte there are a lot of world class athletes around but five guys rolled up at Davinci to make a starting five that would rival any in town (for F3 workouts anyway…not sure if they can play basketball at all). Rain? Pfffffftttt…what rain? 6:30 hit, disclaimer made and we were off to get better. Here’s what went down.With the NBA All Star game in Charlotte there are a lot of world class athletes around but five guys rolled up at Davinci to make a starting five that would rival any in town (for F3 workouts anyway…not sure if they can play basketball at all).  Rain?  Pfffffftttt…what rain?  6:30 hit, disclaimer made and we were off to get better.  Here’s what went down.

The Thing

Mosey over to Blakeney and find a good spot for warmup.

SSH x 15

Hillbillies x 15

Peter Parkers x 12

Mtn Climbers x 12

Morrocan Night Clubs x 15

Mosey to 131 Main for some 4 corners in honor of the all star game.  Partner up with P1 running one way and P2 the other way.  10 merkins at the first corners, 10 jump squats at the next corners with P1 doing 10 partner plank merkins when partners meet at the middle.  Then finish the 4 corners with the jump squat and merkin corners with P2 doing their partner plank merkins at the end.  Repeato with 15 reps then a 3rd round back down to 10 reps.

Next off to the Montessori School stopping halfway for Mary.  At the School grab a lifting rock.  Circle up for lifting consisting of curls, into overhead presses, into tricep lifts and then bent rows.  Started with 16 reps of each then 14 and reducing reps by 2 at each set.  After 2 sets put our rocks down and took a step to the right using that person’s rock.  YHC questioned this trading of rocks when he saw Mighty Might’s rock.  Holy cow it sucked doing the reps with that rock, especially since it was so slippery from all the rain.  Continued the sets until 0 reps left.  Leave your rock and lets mosey.

From here a jog to the playground further down Blakeney Heath.  Partner back up.  P1 does 10 derkins on the wall while P2 does 10 pull ups.  Flapjack then repeat for 3 rounds.  Next P1 does 10 step ups on wall while P2 does 10 pull ups.  Flapjack and repeat for 3 rounds.

Back to the Montessori School where our rocks awaited for a Double Triple Nickel.  10 reps of side to side plank jumps followed by 10 reps of jump shot squats with your rock for 5 rounds.  Lots of mumblechatter regarding this one.  Yes, I know the concept of a triple nickel calls for 5 reps but that is why it is a “double” triple nickel.  Jump with your rock and thank me in two days when it hurts to squat down.

Head back to Blakeney during which Chopper even stopped to pick up an unusually large bag of trash and throw it in the dumpster.  F3, continuing to give back in so many ways.  We continued until stopping at the stairs at the yoga studio.  P1 start at one side doing 10 supine pull ups with P2 at the other side doing the same.  Run up your stairs meeting in the middle for 10 hand slap merkins.  We got 3 rounds of this in and then time to head back to Launch.


I feel like a broken record because I feel like I type this with every one of my Backblasts but what looked to be a nasty, rainy post ended up rain free and comfortable.  I know that he has bigger things to deal with but it makes me smile thinking that just maybe the man upstairs is pleased with us waking up early to improve ourselves and says “Boom, here you go.  Here is 60 minutes of rain free weather”.  Nice work by the starting five out there.  One Star has come back from what sounded like an injury heavy January to regain his form and be at the front of the workouts.  Gilbert gets noticeably faster and stronger every time I see him at a post.  Looking forward to his VQ at Davinci March 2nd.  Chopper does impressive work for any age but at 59 it is incredible.  T claps my friend.  Mighty Mite continues to pick the biggest and heaviest rock for lifting.  MM had his own Swole challenge going with the boulder he chose this morning.  It almost bit the rest of us in the butts when we swapped rocks during the lifting portion of the workout.  We will feel that one.


Joe Davis March 9th

SOB Happy Hour Thursday, February 21 at The Gibson at 5:30

Rebel Yell and Davinci are looking for Q’s for March and April

You get a Rock!! You get a Rock!!Everyone gets a Rock!!

PAX-Wolverine, Rubbermaid (R), Chainsaw (R), Chicken Little, Gerber, Posse, Tupperware, Wedding Singer, Zinfandel, Showgirl, Snooky, Gator Cub (R), Jingles, Doughboy, Old McDonald (R), Trojan, Recalculating (R), Dana, My Pleasure, Foundation, Mayhem (FNG), Hollywood, Deadwood, Bottle Cap, Draper (R), Shake n Bake, Dancing Bear

It had been a while since I had been to a workout let alone Q. Went to Cuthbertson on Sunday to scout it all out. I felt like I had a solid plan. On my way home I almost took out fellow brother Fuzebox. I should have hit him #form police. Lol strike that from the comments. 4am hits and the Q juices start flowing. Out the door just shy of 5 to check the gates to ensure they are unlocked. Lets get this going. The 27 PAX had no idea what was coming at them.

DCCS and Disclaimer-Thanks for letting me know I started 4 minutes early Zin. I knew it was going to be a fun workout.

Mosey around the parking lot and Circle up.

20-SSH’s-with the commentary that I was counting to fast. What can I say, I am concerned keeping the heart rate going.

20 Imperial Walkers

20-Merkins-This was to show everyone their would be no cat pee on this day.

Light Pole Alternating Down to Transporters house

10 merkins and 10 Bobby Hurley’s-In honor of the big game this week-for you Recalculating.

Once at the house, everyone grab your rock. This was when the whining starting. Deadwood-“It’s muddy as sh!t over here.”Cry me a river and get your rock.

Back up against the wall in squated position. Your rock straight out for 20 seconds. Then do 20 side to sides with rock. Drop the rock and run up to the intersection and do a burpee. Increase 5 seconds, 5 reps and 1 burpee for 3 laps.

When the 6 is in we mosey over to the track with our rocks in tow. We stopped along the way for an Al Gore to keep everyone together.

After an audible for safety we moved to the far side of the stadium to run steps.

Lap 1-20 squats then up and down each flight with no rocks. Lap 2-20 squats. Carry rock down each flight but on the up you carry the rock over your head. Lap 3-same as Lap 1 but cut short due to time.

Mosey back to the rock pile. Rocks were thrown back down in disgust.

We Moseyed back for circle up where the Ignition group was already back.

Some other highlights from today’s workout: “I want to hide all the rocks in the woods.” “Someone keeps stealing my rock!!””20 seconds holding this rock sucks enough, we have to do more?””DB, Turn off your headlamp. You are blinding everyone.” Thanks Posse!!

Announcements-Welcome Mayhem!!!

March 23-Speed for Need 5K. see Rubbermaid for details

March 9-Briarcrest 5k and 1 mile fun run-See Dancing Bear for details.

March 1-Father daughter date night-ask Gator Cub for the details

March 2-Rock Hill Marathon Relay-Posse sending link on group me.

DoughBoy-Thanks for taking us.

Thank you all for allowing me to lead today. I am sorry if there was confusion or the workout didn’t meet your needs. I was shooting to do something different. It was good to be out with this group again. Sometimes it is impossible for me to get out of bed as I battle some seasonal depression. I have spoken to a few about it. The struggle is real. I wanted to share with you as it is just important to talk about it as it is to fight it each and everyday. Have a blessed day gentlemen.

Basecamp 3-miler

Nine pax opted to start their week in the wet Basecamp gloom.

Jog around lot (straggler sweep)

IW, CDD, PP, Lunge x 15 plus disclaimer given

Half tempo run to Davie Park (3 stops CDD, DM, WAM x 10)

Davie Parking Lot Loop (10 jump squats @ each of five lights on left) x 2

Mosey to soccer fields and partner up at mid-field:

Run opposite sidelines and back to partner, 10 hand slap merkins x 5

Four corners core (HTH, Dolly, Flutter, FM x 20) x 2

Half tempo run from Davie Park back to SCMS (3 stops CDD, DM, WAM x 10)

Ten jump squats at each basketball goal (4)

COT: 9 pax count (Mailman 27 war baby, BOG 54 War Daddy)

Thanks gentlemen for listening to my prayer send off.

Moleskin: Charlotte just hosted the NBA All Star game this past weekend so I considered a basketball themed workout. Clover was anticipating a big Presidents Day theme but I decided the day off of work was celebration enough. Instead we ran and hit the soccer fields. We logged a deceptive 3+ miles today, plenty of movement and some boot camp thrown in. Insomniac had a recent birthday, cheers to 47. Thanks for the opportunity to lead Jello and Thunder Road! BOG, always great to see you out there. Magoo has been on a tear recently posting several times a week since BOG brought him out over a month ago. Great way to start the week.


Pax-see attendance in Flash.

Mosey to Champions Forest school entrance for COP – Various warmup exercises IC

Cross street into Champions Forest 

10 Knee ups at each light to stop sign 

10 Bomb Jacks at each light to cemetery

Cross into Lawson

10 Scorpion Dry Docks at each intersection until Clubhouse

Triple Nickel (5 times at each exercise)

5 pull-ups at swingset

5 Bomb Jacks at top of curb

5 Mike Tyson’s at entrance of pool 

Mosey to my house

Partner up 

P1 Overhead plate runs (4 driveways, 3, 2, 1)

P2 bicep curls

Mosey up Lawson to Millchase hill

10 Merkins at each light

Finish with various 6” planks and a couple sprints

Legs are Tomorrow

5 PAX posted in what promised to be a wet, soggy morning, but as usual, the weather man was wrong and the rain stayed away. That did not stop this group from destroying chests, shoulders, and triceps.

  • Mosey around parking lot
  • Quick warm up
    • 30 SSH IC
    • 10 merkins (civilian count)
    • 20 mountain climbers IC
    • Calf stretching
    • Shoulder stretching

The Thang

  • Round 1
    • Mosey to Target parking lot for 4 corner work around the perimeter
    • 10 merkins at each corner
    • 5 laps
    • Circle back for 6
  • Round 2
    • Mosey to the wall at Hickory Tavern and partner up
    • P1 = Derkins / P2 = Lap around side islands
    • 200 Derkins team total
  • Round 3
    • P1 = Dips / P2 = Lap around side islands
    • 300 Dips team total
  • Round 4
    • P1 = Carolina Dry Docks / P2 = Lap around side islands
    • 200 CDC team total
  • Mosey around Brooklyn Pizza
  • Short Mary
  • COT
  • Finito


  • Even though we were small in numbers, everyone worked hard
  • Always great to see Shop Dawg posting (thanks for leading Q Source)
  • Great to see that Frack is becoming a regular again
  • Ackbar continues to make strides and is threatening to lead the pack
  • Swimmers continues to show up and is getting stronger each time out
  • Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning

A Tale of Two Saturdays

It was the land of affordable chicken, it was the place of overpriced bagels. It was the original home of the SOBs, it was new land utterly devoid of hills. It was grit and focus, it was endless mumblechatter. It was pearls on a string, it was suffering in place under weight. It was a glorious sunrise, it was dark, wet gloom. It was the best of marketing, it was the worst pain.


da Vinci (2/9/2019)
One Niner, Cobbler, Escobar, Twinkle Toes, Mary Kay, Dora, Taco Stand, Purell, Teddy, Chopper [R], Mighty Mite, War Eagle, YHC

After some Mighty Mite / Wild Turkey marketing that went over most SOB’s heads (but was still entertaining) and a lack of Bucky (aka the carpool driver), numbers were slightly lighter than usual at da Vinci in spite of all the cars parked in the lot courtesy of an early run crowd consisting of Bunker, Gumbo, Enron, Meatloaf, Woodson and Turkey. Nonetheless, 12 left Chick-fil-a in search of a way to earn our delicious breakfast.

We did lots of merkins on our way up Ardrey Kell to our base of operations for the morning – the parking lot behind Mickey’s Nail Bar. Here we found some lifting rocks and did something like the following:

Round 1 – 20 Curl & Press, 20 Rock Thrusters, 10 Merkin Right Hand on Rock, run a lap (repeat all this 3 times)

Round 2 – 20 Tricep Extensions, 20 Rock Squats, 10 Merkin Left Hand on Rock, run a lap (repeat all this 3 times)

Round 3 – maybe? Actually no. Can’t remember.

Round 4 – Grab your rocks and line up facing long way up lot. 5 Rockies, 10 walking rock lunges, 5 Rockies, 10 walking rock lunges, go for a while

Then we returned our rocks to the pile, and did more merkins and mary and step ups and dips on our way back to launch.

Notable performances included Taco Stand who has gotten exponentially stronger and faster each time I have seen him. Pretty sure this guy is pulling a pool haul style hustle on all of us and will begin challenging people to competitions for money sometime soon. #dontTakeTheBait

Escobar was almost late, again. War Eagle lied to Mary Kay and told him the workout wouldn’t be too hard. Mary Kay killed it anyway. Really, everyone did. Cobbler picked the wrong workout for a bum shoulder but made the most of it and put in some good miles while we all suffered under the rocks. Purell won the prize for biggest breakfast burrito eaten in the least amount of time. He also gets a prize from everyone else who attended for pointing out the rock pile to YHC on the pre-run. Had to scrap the original weinke when I realized there were no street lights in the other direction on Ardrey Kell. For everyone else who had trouble walking for a few days after last Saturday, you can thank our bald friend.

Chick-fil-a breakfast right after sunrise was pretty damn awesome as usual.


Stonehenge (2/16/2019)
Wild Turkey, Nard Dog, Frehleys Comet [R], Cheese Curd, Cheddar, Strawberry, Cul de sac, Haggis, Fire Hazard, YHC

None of the same guys from last week. Either (1) they still hate me (2) they like chicken (3) the cultural divide between da Vinci and Stonehenge will never be bridged. Still, 10 guys (including 6 of whom are named after consumable products) made their way from The Vine parking lot on this rainy Saturday morning. Two of the guys had been personally EHed into showing up at Stonehenge with the promise that we would hit the deck. They showed.

Here’s what we did instead of the deck:

  • Mosey towards the bull ring
  • COP: IW, cotton pickers, merkin/shoulder tap ladder (1 that’s what she said, 1 refusenik)
  • 4 corners at Bull Ring putting green (Bobby Hurley, CDD, Sister Mary Katherine, Merkin). 3 rounds with reps of 5, then 10, then 20. 4th round of 5 for Haggis who did 15 on round 3. #notListening
  • Top of the steps at the pond that’s not Loch Ness with a partner
    • 10 handslaps, down stairs and opposite ways around pond, 10 jump squat when you meet then go back the way you came (remind Haggis to go back the way you came #stillNotListening)
    • Repeat but go the other way around pond
  • Mosey towards the deck and stop under an overhang for 6 minutes of Mary (and 7 minutes worth of mumblechatter)
  • Triple 7 (man I miss that guy) at the big hill up to Costigan Park
    • 7 jump squat at the bottom, 7 sister mary katherine at the top, 7 times
  • Mosey home and elbow plank for about 80 seconds until time

Really did have a plan for the deck but when it wasn’t raining too hard it just seemed like a crime to go inside. What we ended up with was a little more Brave than Stonehenge with 4+ miles and lots of exercises, but there was enough joking and chatter that it still felt like Stonehenge.

Wild Turkey was tearing it up today on 4 corners, Haggis made us all look like bumbling children on the hill sprints, Frehleys Comet was cutting weight and wore his heaviest sweat proof jacket. Cul de sac was kind enough not to compare this morning to the beautiful days he has been spending out at F3 Mountain View and Cheese Curd was kind enough not to mention that this workout was child’s play next to dragging his 120 lb sand bag around his garage while balancing a slosh tube on his noggin. Cobains to FH for abandoning the deck plan and props to Nard Dog for consistently coming out on one of two mornings he doesn’t have to get up at 3 in the morning.

Awesome seeing Strawberry back out in the gloom after a hiatus and hope it becomes a habit again. And while Einstein’s still may not be the best place to eat, it’s still top 2 in best dang places to hang out on a Saturday morning. We had Mario, One Niner and the man himself, Cooter(2-if you follow Slack) join us for coffeeteria. Cooter is on the up and up and looking to ease his way back into the gloom with some zero running options.


In Conclusion

  • I never read “A Tale of Two Cities.” Just got caught up in life and never wrote last week’s BB so this seemed like the time.
  • Posting on Saturdays, anywhere, is really worth doing if you don’t do it already. Different kind of energy when no one is heading to work after.
  • The pullup/merkin/core challenge thing has officially gotten awful. Tried to get the guys to 200 merkins today and bailed around 130 for leg exercises. Ouch.



  • Joe Davis Run is on 3/9/2019. Sign up to run, or sign up for the “sleep in” option. At the very least follow this link and watch last year’s race video.
  • COTS – get in touch with Strawberry if you want to get out and serve the homeless of Charlotte one Sunday. People are always welcome (bring your family) and the experience is consistently a great one.
  • Christ’s Closet is holding an event at Freedom School on 3/2. Get in touch with Ice Nine or Transporter to help set up/distribute items to the community as well as if you have things you would like to donate (clothes, books, etc.)


You Go, I Go

All of the 13 Pax gathered at Calvary for #RockZero expected to workout in the pouring rain. But the 100% chance posted on the weather apps yesterday kept decreasing, and we ended up with a very nice morning for getting some work done. After a thorough disclaimer that no one listened to was given, off we went meandering around the vast parking lot until we found a good spot for COP.

  • IWs x 15 IC
  • MCs x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • LSS x 15 IC

Then we took the long way to the rock pile in front of the Church. Even with a leadership change, Flipper’s RZ Manifesto remains in tact and so one must take circuitous routes to get the required 3 miles. We fell short of the mark by only reaching 2.5 miles this morning, which will reflect in my performance review and will likely mean that a % of my pay will be withheld.

At the rock pile, instructions were given to find a partner of similar strength. One partner was to grab a lifting rock that would challenge you but would allow for some higher reps work. The other partner was to grab two smaller rocks that could be held in each hand. (Note: I should’ve clarified two rocks that could be pinched with the finger tips while carrying…next time). Then we moseyed up the front parking lot for the workout.

You Go, I Go

Partner A does 10 reps of called exercise while Partner B rests. Then Partner B does 10 reps of called exercise while Partner A rests. Take turns until each Partner gets 100 reps.

  • Merkins
  • Squats with the lifting rock

After those two rounds, Partner A grabs the two smaller rocks and walks the front parking lot loop while holding the rocks with his fingertips to work on grip strength. Partner B runs the loop until he gets back around to Partner A, then Partner B walks with rocks while Partner A runs the loop.

Then back for a round of You Go, I Go: Overhead Presses

Then another round of the loop with the small rocks.

Then back for a round of You Go, I Go: Curls

Then another round of the loop with the small rocks.

Then back for some more You Go, I Go.

  • Flutter kicks (with the resting partner holding 6 inches)
  • Burpees x 5 each round, until each Partner reached 20.

Return the rocks. Mosey back to launch point. One sprint out and back to kill the clock.

The Skinny

A lot of big talk has occurred and many promises have been made at The Lodge on the eve of workouts. Apparently last night was no exception, as Hops and Bugeater committed to the workout, and berated Mall Cop until he HC’d via text later in the evening. But only Mall Cop showed up and got better. Iron Horse was a witness to it and even he drove in from Union County to post.

Gummy complained a lot as usual…about the exercises, about the reps, about the weather. Even had the nerve to call out Marlin for his overhead press form. He even complained about the rock he selected, as it had a very dangerous point, especially on the downward movement of the curl. IH was Gummy’s partner and claimed he wasn’t worried about which “point” would win that battle. But if it’s more that 4 hours IH, call a doctor.

It seems liked BLC, Sprockets, Nemo, Swiffer and Rafiki were all one big group. They all kept switching up rocks and rest periods…but all in all put in a solid morning’s work. They all took their squat form very seriously.

Elsa worked so hard that he needed three different coffees at Starbucks to recover.

Flipper and Geraldo partnered and talked about how much better things would have been with their GoRuck sandbags.

Hoover appointed himself RZ Czar…and also wasn’t there.

Joe Davis Run – 3/9