Two is Better than One

Two is Better than One

Two men ran different pre-runs and then met at the lot to wait for One Niner, Fire Hazard, General_, Madame Tussauds, Ringer… no one else to show up.



  • Mosey to the playground for COP – IW x15, LSS x15
  • Move to the pull up bars. Every minute on the minute: 10 jump squats, 5 burpee pull ups x6 minutes
  • Mosey down the hill of death to the practice field and grab yourself a tire
    • Line up facing across field
    • Flip tire once, run to other side, 2 HR Merkins, 2 Jump Squat, run back
    • Flip tire twice, run, 4 of each, run back
    • Tire thrice, 6 of each…
    • Until you get the tire across the field (last round was 9 flips, 18 HR Merkins, 18 jump squat)
  • Lunge walk back across the field
  • Run back to tires and roll them back to where we found them
  • Mosey back to parking lot and grab a KB
    • 10 reps of 3 exercises (choose from curls, swings, cleans, left hand rows, right hand rows, tricepts)
    • Run a lap
    • 10 reps of 3 different exercises
    • Run a lap
    • Continue until 6:13
  • 2 minutes of Mary
  • Lightning fast COT, go get warm



Expected attendance to be light today with many of the SOBs, especially the IL PAX, otherwise engaged traveling, tapering for Kiawah, eating for Kiawah (FH), and so on. Cobbler is a bad ass for not only showing up for a pre-run, but showing up at all with a shoulder that is stamped and ready for rotator cuff surgery. We modified where possible today and looked for exercises that didn’t send the shoulder into too many fits. Too bad Foxhole is dead and Genesis dies on Monday as Cobbler found KBs to be the only thing that didn’t hurt too bad.

F3 works even with just 2 PAX. That workout was decidedly less unpleasant than it would have been alone in the cold darkness. Too bad it wasn’t as warm down South there as I expected it to be. Good times and great conversation this morning in Indian Land. Thanks for the invite to lead. Madame Tussauds on Q next week.

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