Numb Bells at Meathead

Numb Bells at Meathead

Temperature gauge read 27 degrees and unless you left your bell in a warm oven overnight it was going to be a nipple tingler this morning!



40 swings 10 diamond push-up

30 swings 20 wide arm push-ups
20 swings 30 military push-ups
10 swings 40 regular push-ups



20 teabags 10 upright rows
15 teabags 15 upright rows

5 teabags 15 upright rows

15 OH press and 5 curls

10 OH press and 10 curls

5 OH press and 15 curls



One handed sets:

30 sec snatch right

30 sec snatch left

30 sec high pulls right

30 sec high pulls left

30 sec alternating swings

Repeat with 25 sec rounds and repeat with 20 sec rounds




10  Louganis, 10 seated bicep curls, 10 seated tri extensions

Repeat with 9 of each and then 8 of each

30 secs Flutter press with bell

30 secs Dolly press with bell

30 sec American hammer no bell


Good crew this morning and everyone got at it quickly. Warm weather gear was quickly discarded although the fingers only got warm after a few rounds of snatches twenty minutes in. It’s tough to keep the whole body warm on a 0.0 workout but I believe mission was accomplished by the end. Witch Dr would have been proud! BD

Announcements: Christmas party this Saturday at Seaboard in Matthews. Would be great to see as many lads as possible even if stopping by for a quick beer.



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VoodooPosted on9:59 pm - Nov 30, 2018

Thanks for Qing what looks like a strong one, Bulldog. I’m sorry to have missed it for some work travel. I appreciate you stepping up to lead for a sickly Witch Doctor. #physicianhealthyself

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