Wet Mary

Wet Mary

8 men posted to get Monday off the right way.  Even if it was raining a bit.

Most PAX stayed in the dry warm car until about 5:29.  Not Firemen Ed.  He was out early warming up with a KB when I arrived.  Nice solid warm up.

The Thing:

Mosey around the parking lot a bit.  Circle up on the concrete headed toward the track.  Do some IW, Low Slow Squats, Merkins and Plank Jacks.

Partner Up.  Size, speed, good looks, don’t matter.

P1 Runs to bleachers for 15 supine pull ups, 15 derkins and 15 dips.  Returns up the stairs to meeting spot.

P2 Runs a hot lap around the track and returns.

Team combines for 30 old skool sit ups.

Flap Jack and continue the rotation for 3 rounds.

Peoples Chair with some arm raises as the PAX finish up the track/bleacher work.

Mosey to other side of parking lot for Plank Walk/Merkin bonanza.

10 Merkins, plank walk left, 9 merkins, plank walk right, 8 merkins, plank walk left – all the way down to 1.

Head back towards cars for team suicides along the basketball goals.  P1 runs to first goal and back, tags P2 who also runs to first goal.  Repeat for 2nd goal, 3rd goal, and end of the parking lot.  Goonie poured it on at the end of the race in an attempt at first place, came up 5 yards short to Smashed.

Find a nice wet spot in the lot for Mary.  Flutters, One legged Flutters, Other Legged Flutters, LBC and Freddy Mercury.



I don’t make it to Base Camp often but it’s always a good time when I do.  And as for “moderate” they are sandbagging it.  All the PAX were out there crushing it.  Thanks to Goonie for the invite to Q.  Good to see Mailman and Smash, not sure I have posted with those men before.  Thunder Road was well prepared for some street running in a high viz sleeveless shirt, but we stayed all on campus today.  Hannibal was running strong and always the first man up from the abyss of the track when his group was on the hot lap.  Good to partner with MAD, might be the first time I have seen him without a Ruck on!


  • Joe Davis Run sign ups are live now – Race is in March
  • Vagabond is THIS SATURDAY – Hickory Tavern – all paces welcome.  13 miles and 6 stops for pain stations.  Bring a bicycle or join in part way if you can.
  • Area 51 Christmas Party – Seaboard in Matthews on December 1st.  $15 per head, includes Brown Bag dinner.
  • Let Me Soar – 5K Covenant Day High School with SFN – Saturday.
  • Get out and VOTE!


Thanks to Smash for the take out and the Prayers for Goonie’s business partner who lost his son to an over dose two weeks ago.  Just another reminder why the Joe Davis Run is a big impact on the community to break the cycle of addiction.




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HorseheadPosted on6:25 pm - Nov 5, 2018

The #gopher rides again

    MADPosted on6:51 pm - Nov 5, 2018

    Ah..yes, the gopher. Flashback to my first F3 post – Dec 7, 2015 (Pear Harbor Day). Joker about killed me with a version of the gopher at Base Camp. Spackler promised a “moderate w/u”, EH’d me, and then no showed. Good times. I barely survived that one and I barely survived this one. Thanks Alf – that was tough. With all the slick spots, flooded side walks, mud, and darkness, good thing there was a disclaimer. Isn’t it supposed to be lighter in the morning now?

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