Sisterhood of the Traveling Plates

Sisterhood of the Traveling Plates

14 at the Peak, legs feeling weak.  I still can’t feel my left rear cheek.


What had happened:

  • Warmup running with funky fresh freestylin
  • Lounge walk down the hill
  • Hairburner team relays, teams of 4 or 5.  Burn hair while your homies pretend to exercise.  Roll over and get out the way when your legs die or get plowed over by the Nomad/Sensei steamroller .
  • We did several variations of this, with Mary for the six.
  • Lounge walk up the hill, not good.
  • Sprint Gassers until somebody larfed by the curb, really not good.


What had really happened:

Sorry for the late blast.  It was not a nice day to spend 7 hours in the car.  Where are those inflatable pants when need them?

On another note, I did make the drive through Bishopville, SC today – home of the Lizard Man of Lee County.  Ask Lois what happened to his cousin’s dog . . . but he might get a little emotional.

Speaking of an emotional Lois, it was nice to see Stone Cold get greeted with the full on hug and heroes welcome.  It must be nice to be traveling celebrity guest pax.  Tweetsie looked a little jealous for a second, but who can fault the guy?

I thought about Sensei not being able to handle this type of a workout for about 3 seconds.  What was I thinking?  The man is an inspiration to me.  I bet he could make Chuck Norris flinch . . . well, maybe once.

I was really looking forward to spending some time with Slim Fast and his pile of coats and hats today, but I heard he was out hustling some golf in the desert.  Loser has to be on his BRR team # 17.

Swiss Miss won’t cheat a rep, and he does it all with good form.  Lots of slerkins and murpees out there, but he ain’t going for it.  I wish he’d come out and play at the other workouts.

Do you ever think about Tom and Jerry?  They are basically two cartoon animals beating the absolute hell out of each other, over and over.   I think about it sometimes.  Do they even have cartoons now?

When the winter weather hits, you never know how much clothing to wear.  A lot of guys start out with the long sleeves, and then ditch the top layer mid workout.  You can tell if you have a good Q going if the layers start coming off early.  What I don’t see much of are those camping pants where you can zip the legs off and then BOOM, shorts.  I need to give those a go.


Gotta go eat this Aldi chocolate bar I have hidden in my closet.




– HH









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