Don’t you remember you told me that you loved me baby…

Don’t you remember you told me that you loved me baby…

I tweeted last night that I made the rookie error of agreeing to sub Q for Witch Dr who claimed to have a “dodgy back” before looking at the forecast.

I knew the numbers would be light and almost hoped for a no show so I could listen to the Weather Channel while sipping my hot tea in the car. Alas there was a car in the Elizabeth Lane Elementary parking lot but could it be a school employee? No it was Mighty Mite who had driven 15-20 mins from SOB land.

Quick conversation:

BD: You want to do this?

MM: Well I drove from Ballantyne…

BD: Bollocks! (in head) Well lets do it then! (out loud)

We headed for the covered awning as the wind blew and the rain swept in and as I set up the Beats Pill and the tunes muffled the awkwardness.

The only other time I have worked out alone with another man at 5am was with Header in the days of Pre-KB. That day we swung bells in perfect unison to the entire Bangles collection. We bonded and found ourselves singing along just like Chris Farley and David Spade in Tommy Boy:

I didn’t feel that Mighty Mite was as sensitive a soul as Header so the tunes were a little more rock themed – Red Hot Chilli Peppers, AC/DC and the like. Before we knew it we were sweating it up and Header was long gone in the memory.

Great workout. Not a great deal of mumble chatter but I knew the pax enjoyed it as I could see it in his eyes…



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