Chest, Legs and Abs – Chlab day

Chest, Legs and Abs – Chlab day

After spending 5 minutes trying to find out which entrance to use for Death Valley, I finally stumbled across it. Stinger, out on his pre-run, helped me find my way. That would have been a rough start to my guest Q at Death Valley.

Once everyone arrived, we did 15 side straddle hop and 15 imperial walkers before we moseyed (don’t think I’ve ever written that word out before) down to the track to start the workout.

2 laps

Chest w/ partner

  • Alternating merkins with partner to 10, planking all the while
  • Wide arm partner hand slap merkins (x15)
  • Diamond merkin into nippler (x15)

100 yd dash (4x)


  • Go 100 yd length on the track – alternate between 3 broad jumps and 6 lunges
  • In succession, low slow squats (x15), jump squats (x15), and Sister Mary Catherines (x15)

2 laps


  • LBC (1 min.)
  • Flutter (1 min.)
  • Birddog (1 min.)

100 yd dash (x3)


  • 20, 15, 10, 5 merkins
  • speed skaters (x20 each side)
  • Freddy Mercury (2 min.)

One lap

Jack Webb to 7


Highlights from our time included:

Stinger’s unfortunate BRR tale, Header’s morning gas that he had to walk away from, Fletch’s beard, and insights into the CCS/Carmel admission process.

Always a pleasure to lead. Thanks, Death Valley!


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