Virgin Q for ‘Merica

Virgin Q for ‘Merica

(Posted by Chico on behalf of Frosty Paws)


5 brave souls rose from their fart sacks to conquer freedom and sweat in memory of the 242 years of Patriots bravely standing up for us all.


After a quick apology from the virgin Q, the Pax were off. In honor of the previous days symbolism, multiples of 7 and 4 became a theme.


20 SSH in cadence

20 Murkins on your own

20 LBC in cadence


4 Laps around the OP track


Mosey to Little League Clubhouse for starfish

5 stations, 20 each of murkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Low Slow Squats, pull-ups and dips.


Rinse and repeat, descending by 4s for three rounds, plank it up between sets for America Mosey to school for 3 rounds each of people’s wall and Balls to the wall, again, for America.

Mosey to side, bus lot for 4 rounds of suicide sprints Finish up with a lap around the school on behalf of freedom followed by 2 minutes of merry.


All in all, a good crew posted for my virgin q.  Thanks for allowing me to supervise the rear detachment.


In the immortal words of Lee Greenwood, God Bless the USA!!


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