That’s a lot of PAX

That’s a lot of PAX

Qing for the first time at Hawk’s Nest and given a heads up that Skunk Works would be converging, I showed up a little early to make sure I had my bearings with summer construction and a new parking location (which works great by the way).   As the cars started coming in and parking spots ran low I realized I had my work cut out for me, the PAX were gathered, 5:30 came and it was time to go to work.  After a brief disclaimer was given we were off…


Mosey to the new field-turf field for the warmup
*20 side straddle hops, 15 imperial walkers, 15 mountain climbers, 15 low slow squats


The Thang

off we went again, mosey covered area w/ picnic tables (sidenote – we really should name this spot)

*10 jump-ups, 10 derkins  *10 step-ups each leg, 10 incline merkins  *10 jump-ups, 10 derkins


off we go again, mosey to the football field, quick audible given the field was soup from over-watering.

*everybody on their 6 for some Mary – 25 LBCs & 25 Chippy crosses (new one for Hawk’s Nest I guess) in cadence.

*then the PAX counted off by 4s to divide up around the track at start/ends of each turn.  running 4 laps with exercise at start/end of each turn – merkins, LBCs, burpees, squats – starting with 5 reps each, then 10, 15, 20.  Mary while waiting for the 6.


after brief 10 count off we go again, mosey around the corner to parking lot with a wall.  PAX partner up – 1 PAX does 5 muscle-ups while other does carolina dry docks, then flapjack (3 rounds).  quick mosey back to the launch and we are done.



I enjoyed leading the men of Hawk’s Nest and Skunk Works around Charlotte Latin this morning.  Everybody was on board until the track work, even YHC was questioning the wisdom of that but all the men got the job done and were no worse for the wear.



American 4 Miler – Speed For Need race.  signup (join F3 team) and run if you are in town on July 4th

Prayers for Alf’s family, Utah’s family, Dumpster Fire’s family, & Mic Check’s family

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HopsPosted on3:04 pm - Jun 21, 2018

Solid Q Billy Goat. Definitely not easy with that many pax. Added to that was significant mumblechatter including Area 51’s living, breathing vuvuzela known as Busch! Of course, it could’ve been worse had Gummy or Spackler been there.
A couple observations:
* I’m certain several of the pax were “worse for the wear” after the trackwork/4 corners.
* most disclaimers include a suggestion to modify if necessary. * Several of the pax have interpreted that to mean do nothing if they so choose. #refuseniks One of our refuseniks was so bold as to taunt YHC while simultaneously taunting me for planking.
Hey, sometimes physical refuseniks are necessary. I have three or four exercises I simply don’t do – due to injury concerns. Key is to not let the refuseniking bleed into other parts of our life. That sometimes has another name like laziness, apathy pessimism or cynicism. Aye?!

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