Complete Domination!!!

Complete Domination!!!

6 PAX, posted for what has to be the greatest comeback and basketball game in F3 boot camp history. More on that in a bit.

When Beaker and I pulled in at 5:25 am we were worried it might just be us. We drove around to see how affected the lay of the land was from the overnight rain… Not bad. Pretty dry. When we made it back to launch 4 more PAX had shown up to get after it. After some hugs and high-fives… We were off…

The Thang:

SSH (Side Straddle Hop) x 23

Jogged to the corner of Main St and Joshnston – Low Slow Squats x 10

Jogged to the corner of Johnston and Lowry – 14 Imperial Walkers

Jogged to the Pineville Elementary school bus lot basketball goals – We played a 5 minute game of the most epic 3 on 3 basketball game in F3 boot camp history. More below…

After the 5 minute game we each shot a foul shot. If the shot was made we did 20 LCBs (or LBCs). If the shot was missed we did 50 yard wind sprints.

We headed back to launch stopping at each of the locations we stopped at earlier for 20 LCBs.

When we made it back to launch we did an indian run to the baseball field entrance.

At the entrance area we did some Plankers Delight. PAX planked shoulder to shoulder, while 1 went down the line doing two hand slap merkins with each man. We did two rounds.

Jogged to some rocks for some curls and overhead tricep reps.

Finished up with one last sprint to launch.


Cheddar had our mileage right at 3.0.

The Moleskin:

Excellent effort by everybody. Lots of good Monday morning comradery… At least until we played the basketball game. Teams were me, Costanza, and Cheddar vs Beaker, No Show, and Council Fire. Now on paper you’d think Beaker, No Show and Council Fire would dominate this game. What happened for the next 5 minutes though was really a testament to the saying… “Never judge a book by its cover”.

30 seconds into the game Council Fire tripped Costanza for an early intentional foul. This definitely got the juices flowing… At least mine anyway. Nobody likes seeing a teammate get pushed to the ground. Costanza took it like a champ though. He didn’t even call a foul. When he stood up with bloody hands and wiped the blood on his sweatshirt, it’s like you could see the transformation in his face of going from Costanza to Lebron.

For the first two minutes of the game it was as most would have expected. No Show and Beaker were just too much to handle inside. They were just bigger and stronger than Cheddar and I could handle. I’m of the Roy Williams school of thought that you just play through… Catch the other team off guard but the reality is we’d only been playing with each other for two minutes. So, we called a quick timeout to regroup. We decided to go zone with the two big guys and let Costanza follow Council Fire at the point. We’d force these big guys to have to shoot outside shots. It was as if the basketball fairys listened and for every clanked shot they had, Cheddar was there to tear down the rebound and outlet the pass to me.

From there, I had the easiest job on the court. I kinda felt like Phil Jackson back when he had MJ with the Bulls. Remember back when you’d watch those games on TV? There would be like 5 seconds left in the game. Phil would call timeout. You knew what he was saying. The same thing the greatest coach of all time would say when MJ was at Carolina. The 23,000 fans that went to the game knew what he was saying. The refs knew… the other team knew. The 20 million people watching the game on TV knew. Get the ball to Michael and get out of his way. And over and over and over and over again he displayed his brilliance on the court. We lived it. We saw it time and time again. MJ is the greatest basketball player of all time. Anybody that saw him play would understand there is no questioning it. Not to take anything away from the other greats he played with or came after him. He’s just simply the greatest.

All of that, to get back to what I was saying… I had the easiest job on the court. Get Costanza the ball, and get out of his way. The guy turned into a Larry Bird/MJ McDonalds commercial. You couldn’t stop him, you could only hope to contain him. His range started when he walked on the court. It was rainin’, it was pourin’, Costanza was the one that was scorin’. Needless to say, the good guys won.

Now, I don’t know how many people have played on that court. But, I bet you there are not many who have lit it up light Costanza did… Dominant. Simply Dominiant. I’d also imagine there aren’t many people that have been carried off on shoulders like Castanza was. It was just his day.

Constanza… Cheddar… I’d pick the two of you over anybody… anytime… anywhere. It was a blast!!

The rest of the workout was nice as well. Kinda epic. You never know when you’re going to miss history or the greatest F3 Big House workout ever. Thank you to my dear friend, Council Fire, for giving me the opportunity to lead this morning and thank you for taking us out. Well done!


Richard Sheltra 5k/10k and Fun Run – Saturday, April 28.

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