Track Work!

Track Work!

10 Pax @ The Big House on the Monday after Easter!! Happy Meal from Raleigh grace us with his presence. If he dominated his interview like he did the work out we will all be working for him in no time. Hope the interview went well!! 5:30 is approaching and its time to pay for all the candy stealing from the kids Easter baskets. Disclaimer is given and we  start to Mossey only to be surprised by Dumpster Fire pulling in Hot. We meet him at his car and wait for him to join. Councilmen are so entitled!!

The Thang

We take a run around the track and end up at the bottom parking area of the park. Get in a line to do some leg warm ups. Make a loop around the parking lot alternating leg exercises at each concrete pad break. High legs, Butt kicks, shovel both directions, karaoke both direction, Broad Jump, and lunges. We circle up for some more warmups – SSH, moon gods, sun gods, imperial walkers, and cotton pickers.

Now that warm up is complete, We start the real work! Meet ate the concrete block planters and do 20 jump ups, 40 step ups, and 40 one leg lunges. Wait for group and then run the track back up to the top part of the parks parking lot.

Meet up at the shelter with picnic tables. Do 25 decline merkins, 25 incline merkins, and 25 regular merkins. Wait for 6 and run the track back down to the lower parking lot.

Partnered up and ran in opposite directions around the parking lot loop doing 10 slap hand merkins when meeting partner. Meet Partner and do Exercise 3 times. Mossey over to the dug out wall.

Get in sitting position on the wall. Do 20 sec right leg out, 20 sec left leg out, 50 air presses, 30 sec count on low seat hold. Shake out the legs and do a 30 sec count balls to wall.

Circle up for some Mary. Have the Pax call out Mary exercise but it takes longer than expected. Cut it off after half the Pax lead a Mary.

Make our last track run back to the upper parking lot. Use same partners and do a quick alternating circuit work out. one partner does 15 squats while other partner does 5 pull ups. everyone does each exercise 3 times.  Line up and plank after we are done. First person does 5 merkins and we go down the line. Everyone planks while waiting for their turn to do merkins.

Run out of time so we head back up to Launch. Do a quick roll call and QIC takes us out.

Great group of guys who put in some work. We got about 2.75 miles in and a good bit of merkins. Thanks to Dumpster Fire and Pvt. Benjamin for allowing me to lead. Great way to start off the week!!



Richard Sheltra – 5K or 10K  4/28. Cops and drug dogs will be there. Tool Bag, come at your own risk.

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