I couldn’t remember what we called it

I couldn’t remember what we called it

As the Casio struck 5:30 5 men headed out into the gloom to get beat by the????, I can’t remember what it was called, we have done it before at Death Valley anyways it was hard.


Two laps around the parking lot. Circle up

20 X SSH
15 X IW
15 X squats
10 X merkins
20 X mountain climbers

Mosey over to the lavatories

The thang

Partner up
P1 runs down to the track and does a lap and returns to lavatories.
P2 runs down to the bleachers and does 20 decline merkins, 20 dips, 20 supine pull-ups, 20 squats and returns to the lavatories.
At lavatories 10 burpees between partners the flip flop the above.

Repeat the above until almost time

Two rounds of Mary
40 LBCs
20 Freddie Mercury

Moleskin: I did hear a low grumbling at the beginning from Hammer that this is base camp. Ok maybe a bit much for base camp but we did reduce the normal 20 burpees to 10 that was good right. We all made 4 complete rounds and ended up around 2 miles according to the Casio Thanks again to goonie and Benny for the honor of q Ing, even though neither showed Benny at least had a pretty good excuse getting hit by a car. Goonie’s was due to something. Thank you Thunder road and marvel for keeping up the conversation and making the workout go by quickly. I know we slowed you down a little Marvel. Insomniac great job taking us out and for all the extra gas at the workout. Typing this up on my phone in the Airport so please excuse the multiple errors. Heading to make some Maple Syrup

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