Dodging the rain?


Dodging the rain?

The Thang

Quick disclaimer (somebody threw out “lawyer”) and we were off. Mosey to the Church at Charlotte parking lot for warm-ups. No need to get out of the rain, and so we stayed out in the open.

SSH x20

IW x20

Mountain Climber x15

Peter Parker x15

Parker Peter x15

Run through Church at Charlotte breezeway. No need to stop – again, not raining, across Colony and down Charmay Trail to Castellaine Dr.  Hang a right to the cul de sac for instructions.

7s from one cul de sac to the other at opposite ends of Castellaine (squats & wide-arm merkins)

Mosey back to Church at Charlotte campus, run through the smaller breezeway north of the “other” breezeway – again, no need to stop, not raining. Find the wall in the main parking lot for some let work.

People’s Chair, with 30 air presses x2

Okay, now we’ll go to the main breezeway and stop. Even though still not raining, I’m running out of modifications for this workout planned with a downpour in mind.

Partner up.

Each team does 300 150 step-ups, 200 LBCs, 100 dips

While partner 1 does exercise, partner 2 runs the short lap around the building. Flapjack.

Mosey back to launch.

2 MoM (Dollies, Rosalitas)



Great group out today. I think the A51 guys outnumbered the Metro guys for a change. Forecast called for a steady rain, and so YHC planned for a workout that would keep us (sort of dry). By the end of the workout, when we were still all mostly dry except for the sweat, YHC figured that it would be a terrible to end a wet workout all dry, and so we left the cozy dry confines of the breezeway for the wet Carmel Park parking lot for our two minutes of Mary. And yes, the intent to get nice and wet led to the call of dollies and rosalitas.

The 7s on Castellaine turned out to cover 2 miles! YHC didn’t see that coming. Good BRR training if you can get it! Kirk was way out in front, with One Eye right behind. Enjoyed the mumble chatter, led by Gummy (as usual). Good to see Rock out there again. Always a pleasure (and a challenge) to lead this group of men.


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