Great Grandma Wilby

Great Grandma Wilby

8 men gathered to collectively visit Great Grandma Wilby’s house. Unfortunately, we didn’t actually see her house as the large hill spoiled our visit.  A great group of Joust veterans was the perfect sample to try out the off-campus location.  Smokey mentioned that he recently took a fellow church member home to a house in the neighborhood above the Wilby hill and remembers thinking “I’m sure glad we don’t come over here at Joust.” Well, those words ended up proving to be prophetic!  Dollywood and Lightfoot crushed  the ‘ol Triple Nickel (5 jump squats at the bottom, 5 regular squats at the top, and 5 times up the hill in between).  Stone Cold is just a machine and is so steady. It’s great to have Duct Work back in the fold.  Still hoping his foot injury continues to heal!  Header and Yeti never seem to tire, or at least they never show it!

Following Great Grandma Wilby, the PAX ventured to the small playground above the bleachers.  Partner work, two times through, consisted of P1 running to parking lot and back while P2 did the called exercises of pull-ups and dips.

Lastly, one competitive lap around the track against your partner while stopping for merkins in each corner.  Mary at launch and then done.

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