Yes, we’re still on

  • When:02/10/2018
  • QIC: Costanza
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Yes, we’re still on

YHC arrived early to welcome the PAX on a fine 50degree morning. As was getting close to 7am seemed like the regulars were fartsacking given the rain overnight and predictions for a rainy start. I was thinking about what to do if no PAX arrive, but F3 brother Cooter did not want to be placed on the no show list so my plan commenced.

Warm up
20 Side Straddle Hop
15 Imperial Walker
10 Merkins
10 Low Slow Squats

The Thang
1. Run down Olde Providence toward Harris Teeter
Stop at every light pole or electrical pole, 5 Merkins
Continue toward the Walgreens parking lot
10 Dips at the sidewalk
15 Incline Merkins
10 Lunges
Run back toward Olde Providence Elementary
Stop at again at light poles and electrical poles, 5 Squats
Once at school, Peoples Chair with 50 Airpresses

2. Run across street to church
Pick a rock
3 rounds-
15 Bicep Curls
15 Shoulder Presses
10 Tricep Extensions
Run to the Dumpster at end of parking lot and repeat after each round

3. Run up Olde Providence and stop at Ascent Hill
10 Mountain Climbers and then run back to the school

4. Circle Up for some Mary
Freddy Mercury
Elbow Plank
Baby LBCs

5. Run a lap around the parking lot, perform an exercise and run a lap in between each exercise; 10 Dips, 10 Decline Merkins, Balls to the Wall, Peoples Chair- 50 Arm Raises
Finish off with some Mary; Freddy Mercury, Flutter, LBCs and Protractor

Great effort by Cooter as we covered about 2.7miles. I look forward to seeing everyone next week.

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