Preblast – Mario Party

  • When:02/09/2018
  • QIC: Mario

Preblast – Mario Party

You may have seen the letters MFT floating around YHC’s Strava account. Well, you’re bouta learn today. MFT stands for Max Frequency Training, but has also be referred to as “Mutha Fuckin’ Tuckin”, or more understandably the “Mario Flatulence Theory”. The concept behind this is to focus on compound lifts that involve more than one muscle group (i.e. bench, squat, OHP, etc.), rather than isolated lifts. Could give you the science behind it, around protein synthesis and whatnot, but fuck it and just trust YHC on this one. Thus, welcome to BFT® (Brave Frequency Training). Duh.


Note 1: Gloves strongly recommended

Note 2: Time under Tension (TUT) is important. Ask a bro if you don’t know what this means. They are typically the ones not wearing sleeves.

Note 3: Rep breakdown: Strength (5-8), Mass (8-10), Endurance (10-12)

The Thang:

  • 0515 Launch towards Room 101 and head straight up the ramps to the 8th floor, using the entrance off Community House (yes, this is the 2nd floor). If you’re late, catch up.
  • Head down the stairs to the Basement, and find @Thin Mint’s truck.
  • This is going to be an AMRAP style workout. You will find a print-out similar to this in the truck for reference throughout the morning. Just start when you get to the basement, and get as many rounds in as possible:
Sets Reps
Lap 1 Legs Coupon Squats 1 8-12
Jump Squats 1 8-12
Sumo Squats 1 8-12
Feet Together Squats 1 8-12
Shoulders OHP – Coupon 2 8-12
Balls to Wall w/ Press (Carolina Dry Docks) 2 8-12
Stairs – Every other step (aka 2 at a time)
Lap 2 Chest Merkins 1 8-12
Wide Arm 1 8-12
Diamond 1 8-12
Burpees 1 8-12
Back Coupon Rows 4 8-12
Stairs – Every step
Lap 3 Shoulders/Back Pull-ups (Ledges in deck) 4 8-12
Chest/Tris Dips (You’re going to have to be creative here) 4 8-12
Stairs – All You Got
Lap 4 Bis Curls 4 8-12
Tris Tricep Extensions (or Curls if you’re Goonie) 4 8-12
Stairs – Coupon


  • As you can tell, there’s 8 sets in in each lap (because there’s 8 levels in the deck, but also because MFT). In each lap, you will complete each of the exercises, run to the top of the deck, and climb the stairs. IDGAF how you get this done. Do all the exercises at the bottom and run up. Do an exercise on each floor. Super set them. Split it 4/4. It’s your call. 8 Sets, 12 Reps/Set, 4 Laps. Get It Done.
  • Coupons will include sandbags, cinder blocks, weight plates, kettlebells, etc. Leave ‘em or take ‘em with you on the way. Do AMRAP (8-12), WITH GOOD FORM. Emphasis on that. Maybe you should re-read the bold & underlined statement prior.
  • Finish all 4 laps? You’re a BADASS. So start over! You know, AMRAP.
  • 0610 Return to launch for COT


If you have questions before tomorrow, reach out. If you have a question during the workout, ask someone beside you.


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