I get wet, without even trying

I get wet, without even trying

So, YHC slept through his alarm, hauled it over to South Charlotte Middle School, and thought to himself, “Man, I’m really really late for Mountain Goat. In fact, it’s Monday. And this isn’t Mountain Goat. But there are PAX and a shovel flag, so, let’s have a workout.”

And that we did. After a barely adequate disclaimer — a minor Q fail since a FNG was in our ranks — we took off out of the parking lot and into the damp, misty gloom. After hanging a left on Strawberry Lane, we stopped at the Gateway Academy for …


  • Side-straddle hops x 20
  • Imperial walker x 20
  • Low, slow squat x 20
  • Mountain climber x 20
  • Windmill x 20

After that, mosey to the intersection of Strawberry and 51 for our instructions.


Time to battle The Beast: 6 exercises, 6 reps at 6 stops.

YHC’s original plan was to do this on the cozy, contained confines of the SCMS track. But, since there was rain, the track was flooded (#GlobalWarming #ThanksObama?), YHC decided to take this show on the road. Literally.

So, starting at Strawberry and 51, the stops were:

  1. Rye Mill Court/Gateway Academy
  2. SCMS entrance #1
  3. SCMS entrance #2
  4. SCMS entrance #3
  5. The Brandenburg Gate (or whatever you want to call the big, fancy gate into that big, fancy neighborhood)
  6. The first entrance to the little crescent/semicircle drive

Once you finish, mosey/recover to the second entrance to the aforementioned crescent and wait for the six. Reverse course for the next round, with the recovery being from Gateway to Strawberry/51. Simple? No. But, whatever.

The exercises were:

  • Round 1: Merkins
  • Round 2: Jump Squats
  • Round 3: LBCs
  • Round 4: Lunges (1 “rep” is one lunge each leg)
  • Round 5: Mountain climbers (civilian count)
  • Round 6: Plank jacks

Once we were finished with that, mosey back to the SCMS parking lot. Some Mary once we got there …

  • Heels to Heaven x20
  • LBCs x20
  • Dolly x15

Finish off with some Sevens. Start with 1 squat, run to the truck, 6 Carolina Dry Docks. Run back to the start, 2 squats, run, 5 CDDs. You know the drill.

We made progress, but started to run short on time, so, finish up and head back to the flag.

Count-o-rama …

Name-o-rama …

Name the FNG …




BROlympics coming up — Feb. 24 at Weddington High School. Preblast with, wait, a trailer? … man, some of y’all are professionals … right here.

Tweetsie on Q next week. Glad he wasn’t scared off by the weather this morning or anything like that.


First off — welcome to our FNG, Chris, an environmental consultant. Despite a last name that would suggest Irish ancestry, he’s actually more Norwegian and German, so, therefore … Leprechaun. We thought about naming him after an endangered specie, but, we couldn’t really think of a good one.

In all seriousness, welcome Leprechaun. We promise, it gets better from here (kinda sorta).

Things started off with a bang as Goonie gave me crap about my apparently poor SSH form. At least I was able to turn and pivot and all of that.

Admittedly, I was a little hesitant about running The Beast on the road. As a wily veteran of Mountain Goat, I’m used to dodging a few cars, but that’s easier when straight-up running, versus knocking out LBCs and hearing “CAR UP!”.

I advised the PAX to bring headlamps for safety. Then, while I was giving instruction, Fireman Ed pointed out that many of the PAX, myself included, were standing in the middle of Strawberry in a blind spot. #SafetyFirst

We did have to be wary of a few cars, but, I like to think we made the most of it and kept everyone safe. Plus, we got a little more distance versus the track (I clocked in at 2.56 miles), not to mention the little hill climb coming back. It’s never too early to start dreading BRR training.

Goonie, as expected, got out in front and led the way. Everyone did a great job and I’m happy we were able to stay together as a group. I’m also glad the rain held off, but everyone was still able to go directly to the wet set.

I know there was definitely more mumblechatter … sound off in the comments.

Thanks to Goonie, Benny and Thunder Road for having me out. It was an honor and privilege to lead.

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JelloPosted on5:06 pm - Jan 29, 2018

Good workout! Meat and potatoes exercises and kept us moving.

GooniePosted on7:09 pm - Jan 29, 2018

Great job, Lois. Thanks for leading.

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