Missed It By That Much

Missed It By That Much

Though it was cold and a holiday for some, not YHC, nine came to get better at today’s edition of DMZ. Another tried, but was a little too late.

The Thang

After a quick disclaimer, head across Fairview down Camilla. Continue down Camilla until it meets with Fernbank. Stop there for COP. 10 x SSH, 10 x Merkins, 10 x Mountain Climbers, 10 x Low Slow Squats. All IC. Next up was a bit of four corners using Fernbank, Pepperdine, Innsbrook, Camilla. At each of the corners do 20 x Merkins. Mary while waiting for the six. Run it one more time doing 20 x Jump Squats at each corner. Mary while waiting for the six. Once everyone was in, continue down Camilla to Innsbrook. Instructions were given for a Matterhorn. 5 Burpees at the beginning of Innsbrook, 5 Burpees at the top of the hill, 5 Burpees at the end of Innsbrook, run back to the start with no stops. Repeat until time is called. Run back to the launch. Done.

Naked Moleskin

Great work today men. Believe everyone got over 4 miles. Plus exercises. About the late arrival, during COT someone who was not with us originally came up. Someone asked him if he wanted to join. Turns out it was fellow pax Frack. Apparently he got there just a little too late and came looking for us but we were nowhere to be found. He decided to sad clown it. Better than nothing.


Mainly just keep Bout Time and his son in your thoughts and prayers. As well as the family of Gremlin who passed away this weekend.



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AquafreshPosted on1:28 pm - Jan 17, 2018

That four corners loop sucks and that sucked in general, thanks for the lead Rachel. Credit to Frack for hanging out on his own for a little 2F.

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