No sweat

No sweat

With the windchill around 19F, YHC bundled up full Cantore style and headed over to see if any others were brave (foolish?) enough to join me at Elizabeth Lane Elementary.  Fortunately (unfortunately?) two others were.  Rachel, working on his windburned leg tan, and Blazing Saddles, looking like Randy from Christmas Story.  With a super-quick disclaimer given, we started trying to stay warm.  Here’s how:


8-count merkin-10

The Main Thang:

10 Halos (5CW/5CCW), 20 Good Mornings, 30 Goblet Squat, 40 Alt 1-handed Swings
Repeato Twice (3 total)

Start with 50 X 2-handed swings, do the exercise on the list, and do 50 X 2-handed swings between each of the following:
50 X squats (squater’s choice)
50 X shoulder presses (alternate as needed)
50 X curls
50 X upright rows
50 X lawnmower (alternate as needed)
Only 20 2HS
20 X merkins – Right hand on bell
Only 20 2HS
20 X merkins – Left hand on bell
Only 10 2HS
10 X merkins – both hands on bell (think “diamond merkin”)

3 minutes of Mary


Anyone have Floatie’s contact info?  Blazing Saddles needs to confirm he’s ready to Q Tuesday at Skunkworks



YHC, inspired by his Christmas Alexa, wanted to do an all-request workout – not the exercises, but the songs.  Unfortunately, Alexa needs 110V.  And even with a car-charger-converter, there’s still the problem of needing WiFi.  So YHC did it the old fashioned way: pulling up requests on YouTube piped through a Bluetooth speaker.   Worked pretty well, but did cause me to fall behind the other two, who were powering through the workout with barely a pause.  (YHC was gasping and taking multiple extended pauses in addition to the “pulling up the next song” ones.)

I commented at one point that between the cold and the wind, I wasn’t breaking a sweat, even though I was pushing as hard as any other workout.  Somewhere between the start and finish, Rachel did say he wasn’t cold any more.  He also said it was nice to have some padding on his back for Mary. #Silverlining.

Be safe this weekend, gents.  See you next year.

-Swiss Miss

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