Track Day!

  • When:11/21/2017
  • QIC: Alf

Track Day!

So I rolled in right before the buzzer at about 5:14:30 this AM.  While I was on two wheels coming into the lot I realized Run for Your Life was not done at SCMS for the season, they just took last week off.  Darnit.  I now had 30 seconds to throw out a disclaimer and come up with an alternative plan.  It’s been a long time since we have done track work, which everyone is happy about, including me.  The track is like brussel sprouts, no one likes it but it’s good for you.  So now we have to find an alternative location for intervals.

The Brilliance:

5:15 and time to go so we start to mosey.  Haze mentions something about my workouts and sketchy parts.  I stop just short of a retort on said sketchy parts and headed on our way.  Mosey to Rounding Run and to the lower end of the loop.

20x Imperial Walkers in Cadence to stretch the hammy’s and check off the “Bootcamp” part of this Running/Bootcamp workout.


Run Clockwise on Rounding Run to intersection at “Hot” speed.  Much less technical term than Bratwurst uses, but we weren’t able to do the higher math at 5:15 to really do anything else.  Hot was defined as 5K pace-ish.  Once at the intersection, slow recovery mosey back to the lower end.

Repeat running counter clockwise.

Repeat running clockwise one full loop then half loop mosey back to intersection.

Repeat running counter clockwise one full loop then mosey back to lower end.

Repeat running clockwise one full loop, tag up at the speed hump and reverse course back over the hills for half a loop.  Mosey back to lower end.

Leaders circled back for the six most times or did plank work, or just stood there with hands on hips.

When done mosey back to campus.  2 minutes left but we already covered well over 6 miles with 3+ at HOT pace.  Time for stretching OYO until time called.  You’re welcome.  I let you out with only a 58 minute workout.


Lots of hard running going on out there.  Purell was up front smoking the laps all morning.  Rachel, Bout Time, and Lorax were close behind.  Astro was an FNG just a few weeks ago and is keeping a strong pace.  He’s got the swish-swish sound coming up behind you with that windbreaker on.  Gives you flashbacks of Fraiser cruising right by you.  Good to see Laronda, future M.D. back out in the gloom.  He’s been busy learning the doctor business.  I suggest you make an appointment for your ailments with him today, he’ll charge much less now than after he actually goes to medical school.  #HighDeductible.  Mr. Brady’s posts seem to increase based on how injured he is.  Time to rest up that Achilles.  Utah and Mermaid provided some company to him and made sure we just didn’t leave him for dead on the 16th fairway there. Prohibition almost wiped out on dead smooth pavement.  He claimed there was a hole or bump.  I’m just happy a liquor salesman can stay upright for the full hour and not pass out drunk, so one little mishap isn’t too bad.  Hairball rejoined us for the 2nd time maybe since having baby #2 5 months ago.  He only posted because I promised no Bootcamp.  Pretty sure he refusniked even the 30 seconds of plank work.  Fault Line ran in a full hoody all morning.  Pretty sure I would have dropped dead of heat exhaustion in that.  Cabin Boy had no quit in him and was giving it his all through the last interval.  Benny finished his 4th Fast Twitch in a row accident free but it was a bit dicey with some shoes touching with Prohibition or Haze as we finished up a lap.

Thanks to site Chaplain ‘Haze for the takeout.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

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ProhibitionPosted on3:42 am - Nov 22, 2017

I actually hit that same “flat” spot a second time on a different lap, but it didn’t bite me as badly. But Hairball got me worried on the complete other side of the loop on the really dark spot that there was a road hump that I couldn’t see. He was wrong.

Thanks for making my trip back to Fast Twitch as close to Swift as possible. Now I don’t feel bad about skipping a week!

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