Hills Hills Hills and More Hills

Hills Hills Hills and More Hills

  1. I was supposed to Q this AO a month ago and instead was ailed with the fartsack.  Fast forward a month later and I almost forgot that I signed up to Q.  In fact, it hit me so last minute that I woke up early this morning and wrote up the entire workout.
  2. Snookie approached me with a special request of not a lot of running this morning.  You know what that means….let’s MOSEY!

At what seemed to be a short mosey from one end of the parking lot to the other, soon the PAX would discover that it was to be naught.




5 Burpees OYO

15 Imperial Walkers IC

15 Hillbillies IC

Continue the mosey up the hill, past the farmers market and across the street to Don Griffin Park.  Stop on the other side of baseball field.

The Thang

Burpback Mountain

Partner Up

Partner 1 Runs backward up the hill and forward down 5x

Partner 2 Does Burpees at the bottom

Switch,  Rinse and repeat until cumulative burpees reach 100.  Since the geezers…I mean double respects teamed up together, it left Shepherd, I and Kiefer as odd men out.

Mosey over to the steeper hill… or the cliff if you want to be dramatic.


One leg lunge forward, one squat, other leg lunge forward, another squat until the top of the hill is reached.  This soon became a botched attempt as we had to bear crawl when the “cliff” turned into an actual cliff.

Once at the top of the hill, mosey back to Belk Tonawanda, specifically to the steep hill behind the bleachers

Heartbreak 1-2-3’s

Partner up again.  Seemed only fitting that we ended up with the same partners again.

Partner 1 run up the hill and back down.

Partner 2 do choice exercises.

Switch, rinse repeat until the following have been completed

  1. 100 Merkins
  2. 200 LBC’s
  3. 300 Squats

Just when you thought there couldn’t be anymore hill workouts, YHC threw in another two.

Triple Nickle

Run up the hill do 5x choice exercise, run to the bottom another 5x choice exercise.  Rinse and repeat 5 times.

Round 1. 5 bombjacks at the top, 5 bobby hurleys at the bottom

At this point the M interrupts the Q with a phone call on the digital Weinke.  Apparently wires were crossed and the memo did not get out about YHC Q’ing   The pax continue

Round 2. 5 burpees (pax heard bobby hurleys) 5 bombjacks at the bottom

Round 3. 5 Clap Merkins at the top 5 burpees at the bottom

Round 4. 5 CDD;s at the top 5 clap merkins at the bottom

Round 5. 5 LSS’s at the top 5 CDD’s at the bottom


Pax run up and down the hills backwards repeatedly until the Q calls time.




  1. During Burpback mountain Kiefer inquired if the cumulative of his and Shep’s burpees would count towards the aggregate.  Much to his disappointment, he found out the Glass Joe rules set a few months earlier that state only the highest of the two would be counted towards the aggregate.
  2.  YHC also encountered the infamous “Shep Count” in which at end of my first round of running during Burpback, Shep had already made it up to 27 burpees.
  3. The #mumblechatter was in full force today.  However, at some points turned conspiratorial as YHC was accused of plagiarizing or consulting with some unnamed PAX that rhymes with “pass moe” over the amount of hill exercises being done today
  4. Team Geezer(as you would have called yourselves), props to both of you for sticking it out during Heartbreak 1-2-3’s  I only hope to have the same type of energy and vigor when I reach that age.
  5. On a more serious note, it is a really good feeling when you can run from one park to another without stopping and catching your breath. It was an honor to lead you men this morning, and it is because of F3 that I have been able to make such great strides in my own physical health and well being.  I thank you


  1. Keep Snookie’s daughter in your prayers as she enters her third trimester.  Snookie’s going to be a proud grandfather to a baby girl when all said and done.
  2. The Indian Trail Boy Scout troop is holding a fundraiser BBQ today from 11-6 at the Boy Scout Hut in downtown Indian Trail.  Two PAX, Woody and Playoffs, have 2.0s in that troop,  Come out and support them.

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