Stonehenge iPhone Dictated Backblast

  • When:07/22/2017
  • QIC: JRR Tolkien
  • The PAX: JRR Tolkien, Outback, Billy Goat, Turkey Leg, Teddy, Hula Girl, Frehley's Comet (R), O-Tannenbaum, Hula Girl, Wild Turkey, Nard Dog, Cul-De-Sac, Fireman Ed, Mary Kay

Stonehenge iPhone Dictated Backblast


Ok. Driving to Asheville to take kids to camp and no time to write backblast so I will dictate one on my phone. Whatever comes out of this stream of consciousness will be unedited and unspellchecked backblast. My apologies but enjoy. Most of you will never read this anyway as we transition to the new website. Let’s begin:

40 dudes showed up at Stonehenge Saturday morning three went for a pre-run all the wild turkey chicken and out and decided not to push the chariots for the 530 pre-run and our dog when along with him leaving me to wonder why the hell I woke up at 5 o’clock to shop at a 530 pre-run with racing chairs instead of my sex o’clock Q anyway today was another stop on the speed for need workout tou

THE Thang

Quick instructions were given about how to use the chariots disclaimer was made break it you buy it everything was cool with that so on we went ran over to parking lot in front of Loch Ness for some strides shadow hops para walkers and a whole bunch of Merkens then over to bag pie Hill each man sprinted all you got with the chariot to the top all the way back down until everybody went up the hill at least once in the chair every time we stopped at the bottom we did some exercise with the green stretchy band with their arms after that was done we headed over to the premier deck to see if we could get kicked out by security where we did the chariot racing up the ramps and down the streets all the way to the top when we got to the top did some exercises on the wall used more of the stretchy green bang little bit of Mary and sprinted all the way back down then mosey back to the vine to cover for an a half miles total Lotta running for a Boot Camp

Naked mole skin

Tough workout today Fraleys comet seem to have liked the style of work out and was killing the sprints when he faced off against O’Tannenbaum he met his match though in the battle of the old guys hula girl came out hips swing in but after one or two trips up bag. He’ll faded out a little bit it’s in our work out dude is up Billy goat has lost about 30 pounds since starting at three that’s right he can thank me for bringing them out there has made tremendous strides so far The most disturbing side of the day was watching farm ed take off his T-shirt and make a wave capOut of it leaving his wife beater underneath it which was soaked straight through that you could see his nipples probably the ugliest site anyone has ever seen but he owned it congratulations turkey leg made an appearance at Stonehenge this morning to it was nice of him to grace us with his presence after flying first class up in the sky drinking champagne living his life oh he’s fabulous and the company jet couple other dudes didn’t enjoy the foreign a half miles and decided to watch the six rotate watching the six even though they were the six OK this dictation sucks and is back plus sucks even harder but who cares if you bother reading this far down you’re a complete idiot go back to spending time with your family fool

Make sure to signed up for speed for need inaugural south Charlotte race the Isabella Santos 5K 10K led by fire hazard and Buckeye we will have two racing chairs for the event and hoping for a great turnout what are you run bring your family and support or race make sure you’re there check the pre-blast or go to

SYITG ~JRR Tolkien

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