Union County Convergence

  • When:06/03/17
  • QIC: Damascus
  • The PAX: Jabber Walkie, Dr Rythm, Transporter, Armadillo, Jingles, Popeye, Camacho, Chastain (former FNG), Madison, Shepard (R), Espresso, Shriber, The Count, Smokey, Shop Dawg (R), Hair Band, Scissor Hands, Posse, Double E, Turnpike, Goodfella, E Harmony, Stuffed Crust, Bull Winkle, Pogo, Bonhoffer, Damascus

Union County Convergence

Convergence (Noun) /kənˈvərjəns/ –  the act of converging and especially moving toward union or uniformity


27 strong, brave men converged on Sun Valley Middle School on a beautiful sun soaked June morning for the latest Union County Convergence post.


Several gluttons for punishment (Double E, Madison, Goodfella, Transporter, Shop Dawg (R), and Damascus), presupposing that the Q of only 1 year could not bring the heat, decided a pre-run of varying distances was required to burn the required number of calories.  This was especially curious given one of these men (YHC) was on Q.  You will have to ask them if this was a good or bad idea.


Warm Up

  • Quick parking lot lap
  • Circle Up
  • Disclaimer provided (don’t hurt yourself, don’t sue, blah, blah, blah)
  • SSH X 30
  • LSS X 20
  • Merkins X 15
  • Mountain Climbers X 20


The Thang

  • Groups of 3 – At least 1 man needed to be someone you do not normally post with
  • Hair burners – Squats / Merkins on each end – 3 rounds
  • Mosey to bus lot
  • Partner Up (twosomes) – Again, with someone you do not normally post with
    • Alternate partners – 1 Exercise / 1 lap around buses
    • 100 box jumps (team)
    • 200 dips (team)
  • Flutters / planks for 6
  • Mosey to path between schools (plank 1/2 way for 6)
  • Partner carries to soccer field (I’m not positive, but it may have been 5-6 miles)
    • Faster partners circle back (still in partner carry) to join 6
  • Bearway to Heaven (turned out to be a HUGE crowd favorite based on all the chatter)
    • Bear crawl 5 yard / 10 burpees
    • Bear crawl 5 yards / 9 burpees
    • Bear crawl 5 yards / 8 burpess
    • ……….
    • Bear crawl 5 yards / 1 burpee
    • PAX showed great comradely by volunteering to finish the last 2 bear crawl / burpee segments with the 6
  • Mosey to obstacle course
  • Morning Calls
    • 2 groups
    • 1 person does max pull-ups (up to 10)
    • Remaining PAX perform 1 merkin for each pull-up
    • Alternate until all PAX have completed pull-ups
    • Repeat but substitute squats for merkins
  • Partner Carry back to Parking Lot
  • 4 minutes of Mary (some confusion during the protractor)
  • It’s a Wrap



  • F3 Dads is starting up and will run all summer – Each Saturday at 09:00 at Francis Beatty Park
  • New UC Post on Wednesday’s at Stalling Elementary – Moderate workout
  • Sanctuary (3rd F) – Monday’s at 19:30 at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel – Current book = Unoffendable
  • F3 Nation removing regional BBs from website – Each Region will create their own (older posts will be ported in)
  • Welcomed FNG (Chastain)



  • This was my 1 year F3 anniversary.  I cannot express what a honor it has been to work out each with such an amazing group of men.  You push me, encourage me, make be laugh, and waste a lot of my time (Group Me Memes… ).  I am a better man today than I was a year ago thanks to God and you brothers.  Thank you for the privilege of getting to know you.
  • Welcome to Chastain – Solid 1st post, as he pushed through every exercise like a champ.  We expected him to tear his shirt off at the end (per his namesake), but were happy that didn’t happen. We look forward to his return at a UC post in the immediate future.
  • Thank you to the men of Outpost for hosting this convergence and allowing a guest Q in honor of the 1 year.  You have a solid group of men and I for one will look to post with you again in the future.
  • Shout out to Bonhoffer, who despite being pancaked by Popeye during the 1st partner carry, pushed on through the remainder of the workout.
  • Another shout out to the PAX as a whole for lifting a struggling brother out during Bearway to Heaven and encouraging him through the end.

Peace – Damascus

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Hair BandPosted on1:25 pm - Jun 3, 2017

Solid Q brother great to have you at #F3Outland along with all the other UC PAX. Congrats on 1 year!

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