A visit from Mr. Jack Webb

  • When:05/25/2017
  • QIC: Benny
  • The PAX: Smooky, Sonny, Snoopy, Cocktail, Mindcrime, Hard Hat, Pop, Louis, Fireman Ed, Bullwinkle, Elizabeth, Tweetsie, Shake and Bake, Crayola, Retread, Nomad(R), Sensei, Slim Fast, Dr. Seuss, LaRonda, Lumberjack(R), The Mouth, Winger, Sanka, Booyah, Early Bird, Benny(Q)

A visit from Mr. Jack Webb

27 strong pax made a smart decision to come out on a cool May morning as your YHC popped his  VQ Cherry, After a quick disclaimer we moseyed on over towards the back parking lot where the workout commenced.


25 SSH

20 Imperial Walkers

20 LBCs

15 Americans

On to the Main Thang: Moseyed on over to the far end of the parking lot where we partnered up for some suicides.

Partner 1- run suicides throughout the length of the parking lot

Partner 2- called exercises

Round 1-LBC

Round 2- Burbees

Round 3- Imperial Walker Squats

Plank it up when finished, then moseyed on over to the bus parking lot for the next stage of the workout.


Middle- 5 Burbees

Station 1- 15 Carolina Dry Docks

Station 2- 15 Americans

Station 3- 10 Diamond Americans

Station 4- 10 Low Slow Squats

Plank it up when finished while waiting for the six where we then moseyed on over towards the baseball field. By request of Fireman Ed and Shake and Bake last week came the visit of Mr. Jack Webb and the excitement was in the air especially by The Mouth.

1 slow american followed by 4 slow air presses, then 2 americans followed by 8 slow air presses etc….all the way up to 5 slow americans and 20 slow air presses. Afterwards moseyed on over to the bus parking lot where the pax followed YHC for a lap around the parking lot before heading back to the starting point for the final stage of the workout.

Moseyed back to the church wall- Wall sits with 50 air presses. Repeatto as the request of Lumberjack who asked for another round to reach 100 air presses. Moseyed on over towards the parking lot for some Mary.



15 Flutters

15 Dollys

15 SSH



I put a lot of thought into this workout with it being my VQ almost 8 months to the day of my first F3 posting here at Peak 51. After doing some research from all the various Peak 51, Base Camp and Death Valley workouts I’ve been to since first posting at this Peak 51 workout by Geraldo Gopher where he found out he still had more time during the workout.  This has been a great month for posting at Peak 51, averaging at least 26 pax for the month.

Had a little confusion with the lengths of the suicides and starfish station locations- sorry guys, just some first time jitters- as Tweetsie said the same a few weeks back it’ll be better for my next Q!

There was a decent amount of mumble and chatter, especially from The Mouth as he made himself notice the only way Mouth can.

Thanks to Sensei and Booyah who handed me the Q- Peak 51 has made a big impact on my life since moving down to Charlotte back in August when Early Bird told me about this site back in September. I truly love coming to this workout every Thursday morning and being apart of this community.


  1. Coveregences this weekend:
    5/27 at Rock Zero with Area 51
    5/29  at  Basecamp with Foxhole, Big House and Matrix
  2. First Q at new AO this Wednesday Conviction at Stallings Elementary, bring an FNG to come if you can’t personally come.
  3. #F3SpeedforNeed – Get involved!

Thanks for the take out prayer Slim Fast!

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Retread_a51Posted on8:26 pm - May 25, 2017

Excellent VQ Benny. Strong cadence counting, well-planned Weinke, and great execution. None of those things are easy, but you knocked it out of the park on all three aspects.

High TidePosted on2:12 pm - May 26, 2017

For anyone needing a basic black Area 51 shirt (now available sleeveless) or a high-visibility option for running, the Summer Shirt Order is now open through June 7!


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