Us Vs. the Gladiators

  • When:02/20/2017
  • QIC: Semi-Gloss
  • The PAX: Steinbrenner, Jet Fuel, Silent Bob, Pot Hole, Runstopper, Skywalker, Mr. Drummond, Rachel, Dougie, Aquafesh, Kirk.

Us Vs. the Gladiators

Brisk President’s day morn and 12 pax decided to not let me go back to bed.

Items that we did.

Mosey to carmel middle

Iw – 20 CAD
Merkin – 15 CAD
Mountain climbers 20 CAD

Mosey to track
4 corners.
3 rounds
Merkin 5 each corner
Cdd 10 each corner
Lbc’s 15 each corner

Mosey up to top
Partner rock work
One partner runs while other does
100 curls
100 overhead press
100 triceps extension
Mosey to front of school
Triple nickel on the front parking lot – merkin and squats
Bench work
Dips – 20 CAD
Derkins – 20 OYO
Dips – 10 CAD

Mosey back to launch

Mary –
Boone crunch – 20 CAD each leg
Merkins – 10 CAD
DMerkins – 20 CAD –
Flutters – 15-20 CAD
Merkins till failure


Was curious how many guys would be out this am considering that it was presidents day, I was leading and it was a bit chilly. Regardless we had 12 strong pax out. I got up this am around 4 to write my weinke for the first time in 4 years #yahtzee, even went out there early to get a lay of the land and make sure the rocks were still there behind the school. Apparently there is another workout called ——- Gladiator (can’t remember) and the guy must have thought I was going to run off with his weights because he followed me out.

Kirk showed up in a goalie outfit so there’s that. Thankful for Steinbrenner for the time keeper award. Silent Bob made me think about the Gladiator show on USA back in the day when the contestants would try and make it through the obstacle course. The pay to play folks didn’t have that much stuff but it was intimidating especially with the Techno music blaring.

Every guy out there was really pushing themselves and it was great to see. Got to see some new faces and some guys I haven’t seen in a while. DMZ is always a great workout and AO.

Also don’t ask Runstopper to do Mary, he turns everything into Merkins. My arms hurt.


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