Watchtower’s First Backblast!

  • When:10/20/16
  • QIC: Hollywood
  • The PAX: Moneyball, Dirty Bird, Bottle Cap, Backsplash, Posse, Hollywood (QIC)

Watchtower’s First Backblast!

posted on behalf of Hollywood
6 PAX showed for a beautiful fall morning, ready for a beat down.
4 PAX ready to roll when at 5:29 the Lawson clown car rolls up,
2 more to add to the fun.
Conditions: Temp- upper 50’s with muggy and foggy conditions, perfect
Disclaimer: short and sweet
SSH x 20 IC,
MC x 20 IC,
Merkins x 10 IC,
Plank jacks x 10 IC,
Imperial Squawkers x 15 IC
Quick mosey to the pavilion to begin.
The Thang:
Merkins x 30, run loop
LBC’s x 30, run loop
Squats x 30, run loop
Mosey to football practice field
Bearcrawl to 25 yard line, 5 burpees, then Frog Jump to 50 yard line, 5 burpees
Repeat through end zone
Heels to Heaven x 30 IC
Mosey to Refreshment area and the half wall
Derkins x 25 IC, Dips x 25 IC, step/jump ups x 25
Derkins x 15 IC, Dips x 15 IC, Step/Jump ups x 15
Derkins x 5 IC, Dips x 5 IC, Step/Jump ups x 5
American Hammer x 30 IC
To the football field:
Bearcrawl 10 yards, then do 10 pushups.
Sprint 10 yards, then do 10 squats….
Repeat entire length of field through end zone.
Back to the pavilion:
People’s Chair while we catch our breath, alternate raising left and right legs
Donkey Kick x 20,  Donkey Kick burpees x 5
Donkey Kick x 15,  Donkey Kick burpees x 5
Donkey Kick x 10,  Donkey Kick Burpees x 5
Plan was to run some more, but audibled and decided to partner up and complete a Lazy Dora instead:
100 Merkins
150 LBC’s
Squats until we ran out of time, announced jailbreak to AO but either most didn’t hear me or were too tired to run, which I would consider a success.
It was an honor leading the PAX today. It was really quiet early on, but the mumblechatter began when we started the Derkins. PAX weren’t too happy that YHC went past what they thought was the magic number of 20. Bottlecap and Moneyball leading the chatter of course. I’m pretty sure it would have continued but nothing quiets a crowd like Bearcrawls in 100% humidity. The goal today was to have as little rest as possible between exercises, and to get some work in on my skinny legs. That combined with the muggy conditions made this a nice little workout.
Everyone gave their all today  Thanks gentlemen!
Bottlecap –On Q tomorrow-promises to bring some solid tunes
Moneyball took us out

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