#Rocknation at DMZ

  • When:08/22/2016
  • QIC: Run Stopper
  • The PAX: Bushwood, Checkpoint, Bugeater, chappy, film fest, doogie, pulp fiction, pela, pie hole, queen, bout time, hamlet, benefactor, aqua fresh, udder

#Rocknation at DMZ

16 men gathered in the shadows. Most were excited, some were confused, others were just downright giddy with excitement, I mean after all I was on Q..ha

The ‘business’

    • Run to Carmel Middle school, pause at the two speed bumps and do some merkens/planks.
    • Head to the back of the school, select a ‘respectable’ rock and then head to the wall.
  • Wall sit with Rock
    • Alternate between holding rock in front arms extended until failure; then hold rock above head. Repeat for 10 minutes.
    • Place rock on ground, arm raises in cadence to 100.


  • Repeat
  • Grab a partner – and a rock/sit-up/hand off of rock – 25x for two sets (OYO)
  • Wall sit without rock – extend hands in front and hold for 1 min. Elevate foot (yes, alternate and hold for 1 min)
  • Plank with feet on wall – 10 dirkens OYO
  • Ball to Wall hand stand mirken x 5 OYO
  • Grab the same partner – and a rock /sit-up/hand off of rock – 25x for two sets (OYO)
  • Run back to parking lot – Stop along the way, 25 Squats at stop sign and two speed bumps
  • Circle of Fire (cycle thru twice)
  • Done


labor day convergence – check site for metro and area 51

Instead of #Rocknation it really should be #thatworkoutsucked

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BushwoodPosted on9:03 pm - Aug 23, 2016

Terrible. The whole thing was terrible. T-claps RS.

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