The road show! (not suggested for other AO’s)

  • When:12/1/15
  • QIC: Hoodie
  • The PAX: Happy, Lamont, Short Circuit, Countertop, Glass Joe, Turnpike, Hoodie

The road show! (not suggested for other AO’s)

7 strong men showed up to feel the Tuesday morning post-holiday pain. Here is how it went down.

Disclaimer given and recognition given to being on a public road (although not 1 car passed during the workout)

The Thang- (conducted on public streets)
Mosey from the parking lot for an extended HB mile around soccer fields, circle up in the street next to Carolina Courts for warm-up.
SSH x 50

Use light posts as station markers, 4 stations. Run back to first light post at end of round.

Round 1:
Partner Squerkin x5 , Partner Thrown Downs x5 Partner Derkins x 5, Partner Curl Ups x5, running from station to station.

Round 2:
Partner Squerkin x10, Partner Thrown Downs x10, Partner Derkins x 10, Partner Curl Ups x10 running from station to station.

Round 3
Partner Squerkin x15 , Partner Thrown Downs x15, Partner Derkins x 15, Partner Curl Ups x15 (with improvised alternating backwards run/karaoke between stations)

Bonus Round:
Because we all earned it, continue backwards run/karaoke between stations
10 Merkin/10 LS squats, Partner Thrown Downs x10, Merkins x 10, Partner Curl Ups x10 (continue alternating backwards run/karaoke between stations)

Not so slow Indian Run back to lot for Mary
Rosalita x20? (no hablo espanol)

Good workout this AM and thanks all for showing up to support my (Hoodie) first end to end Q. Strong effort by all men especially Turnpike who was fighting thru some shoulder pain but still kept it going. Glass Joe nice job keeping me honest on last set of Partner Derkins. Was wondering why they seemed a little less awful.

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Glass JoePosted on3:19 pm - Dec 1, 2015

Great Q. Really is amazing that not a single car came by us. This had the potential for major Frogger.

And yes, Rosalita was x20. That’s a Zip special to cadence that one en Espanol.

BTW, Hoodie’s legs must have weighed 75 pounds. Simply terrible trying to do merkins with those on your back. The struggle is real.

Hair BandPosted on3:34 pm - Dec 1, 2015

FYI, that loop from the park gate to the road and around the fields to the stairs and back to the gate is about a half mile… So we will call that a Hairband 5k.

Hopefully getting back in the swing of things this week, missing being out there with you guys!

Glass JoePosted on3:47 pm - Dec 1, 2015

I think I mumbled it was a Hairband Half-Marathon but who is counting at that point. We’ve missed you out there HB. This was not a HB friendly one but all of us got better.

Hair BandPosted on4:00 pm - Dec 1, 2015

Nothing will be HB friendly until I get consistent and stop hitting obstacles. Slow and steady!

Happy_a51Posted on4:05 pm - Dec 1, 2015

Hairband, I might be right there with you on the rehab! my left hamstring feels good during the workout but once it tightens up the next few hours and days until I workout again, it hurts.

When is someone going to include a potato sack work out so Hairband and I can compete?

Glass JoePosted on4:17 pm - Dec 1, 2015

Do what you can Brother!

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