12 days of rain and Smokey

  • When:11/30/15
  • QIC: Smokey
  • The PAX: Alf, Lobster Roll, Witch Dr., O Tannenbaum, Paper Jam, Squid, and Smokey (Q)

12 days of rain and Smokey

Posted on behalf of Smokey.

With bellies full of leftover turkey and the sky raining down cats and dogs, seven helped to kick of the Christmas season, which had a strange, festive twist of multiples of twelve.


The purge went like this:


Mosey Lap

24 SSH

24 Imperial Walkers

12 Merkins


Mosey to side parking lot for ladder

12 Merkins to 1 Burpie


Mosey to front play ground where we partnered up.

First partner did:

12 Pull ups

24 dips

24 squats

while partner 2 ran to the far end of the parking lot, touched the bushes and ran back

Rinse and repeat 3 times


Mosey to awning to find some dry ground for some Mary

24 LBCs

24 arm raises while sitting on the wall

24 Fluttas

24 arm raises while sitting on the wall


Mosey over to the front parking lot for a suicide followed by a jail break.


Mosey back to cars for COP



Many Area 51 sites will be collecting toys for Alexander Youth Network.  More information to come.


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