Hard Work for VP’s 1-Year F3versary

  • When:11/25/2015
  • QIC: Mermaid
  • The PAX: Alf, Champagne, Van Pelt (RESPECT), Utah, Rehab, Scabby (RI), Boutique, O'Tannanbaum, Cane, Grease Monkey (site FNG), Bout Time. Snowflake (RESPECT), Fault Line (site FNG), Mermaid (QIC)

Hard Work for VP’s 1-Year F3versary

14 pax gathered next to the shovel flag planted by Utah to ready themselves for some sharpening at Anvil.  While running at Fast Twitch the previous day, Van Pelt mentioned that today was his one-year F3versary.  T-claps to year one brother.  07/22/2015 VQ at Anvil, BRR, Mission Trip to La Flor, just to mention a few highlights for VP.  A good year.  Quick disclaimer and welcome to the pax. Fault Line and Grease Monkey site FNGs.


4/10 mile mosey around the parking lots of Calvary to get warmed up.  Circle up.


SSH x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC-hold high plank

Plank Jack x 15 IC

Merkin x 10 IC-hold high plank

MC x 15 IC

Mosey to rock pile and grab the biggest exercise rock you can handle.  Bring rock across thoroughfare and circle up.

Rock Set

Overhead Press x 10/Curl x 10/Squat x 10

North Face Loop Set

Rock Set.  AYG to entrance to NF through the trees.  20 Plank Jack at entrance.  AYG down hill and up NF.  10 Burpee.  AYG back to your rock.  Repeat x 2.

Rockees to wait for six.  Return rock to pile.  Mosey to parking lot at Entrance 1.  Line up.

Alternate exercise between islands for the length of the lot: Bear Crawl/Burpee Broad Jump.  Plank series ending in low plank to regroup.  AYG length of parking lot at QIC’s call.  Mosey to adjacent lot.


Six inches hold/Flutter x 15 IC/45 degrees/10 count/6 inches/10 count/Heels to Heaven/Six inches/Dolly Hold/10 count.  Flip over.

High Plank/RAH/RLH/10 count/Regular/LAH/LLH/10 count/Low plank (elbows)/RLH/10 count/LLH/10 count/RAH/RLH-10 count/LAH/LLH-10 count.  High Plank.  Merkin x 10 IC.

Mosey to bottom of hill at Entrance 4.  Plank to regroup.  AYG up the hill and back to launch lot.



Welcome to site FNG’s, Fault Line and Grease Monkey.  Glad to have you guys join us.  Thankful for the men of Anvil and F3.  Van Pelt celebrates one year.  Much RESPECT my friend.

YHC and Utah saw Scabby running in on 51.  Quick calculation raised the question of on-time arrival.  He made it with 30 seconds to spare and crushed the workout.  Strong.

Alf pushed hard and owned the NF loop set.  Always kills it.  Enjoyed chasing him today.

Kotters to Rehab.  Good to see him back out with the pax.

No form policing from Champagne today.  Form must have been acceptable.

The pax pushed hard and covered 2.86 miles with plenty of strength and core work.  Great work today men.  Anvil crew always gets after it.  It has been a few months since YHC has Q’d Anvil. Pleasure to lead this group today.  Happy Thanksgiving men.  Enjoy time with family.  Thanks to Van Pelt for the takeout prayer.


Sign up for the A51 Christmas Party.  12/12/2015 at Sardis Swim and Raquet Club.  Geraldo is Q.

Register for Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run.  01/09/2016.  Details and registration found HERE

Turkey Bowl at Matthews Sportsplex tommorrow, 11/26/2015.  0730 start.  Spackler and Chanel on Q.


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