Bag up

  • When:11/21/15
  • QIC: Dear Abby
  • The PAX: Prohibition, Fault Line, Beaker, The Mouth, Heartbreaker, Hairball, Radar, Flutie Flakes

Bag up

9 men braved the cold and rode into the rising sun at #F3DayZero. Here’s what we did.

The thang

Warm up lap around the track

Circle up on the basketball court for a quick COP:
SSH x 25
Merkins x 15
Mountain climber x 20
Low, slow squat x 15

Mosey over the parking lot to retrieve two sandbags. Divide into two teams. Each team is responsible for chaperoning its bag over the ensuing route.

Run out to 51 and over to Calvary. Head in the first entrance to attempt a fly-by but no one is home. Pause in a parking lot for 2 minutes of mary (Dolly and Heels to heaven). Continue the mosey right on Rea, right on Bevington and right on Carswell back to the AO. This is the 3 mile loop.

People’s chair to regroup. Air presses x 25

Mosey to the playground and complete three sets of the following:
Pullups x 10
Derkins x 20
Dips x 30

Divide into groups of three and head back to Carswell and the Touchstone entrance loop. Three-man grinders with jump squats at the bottom and CDDs at the top

Head to the Tuesday Morning (RIP) parking lot for a suicide lap. Then do the zoo.
Bear crawl down and jog back
Crab walk down and jog back
Duck walk down and jog back

Mosey through the back gate to the basketball court for the remaining 4 minutes. Each pax gets to call an exercise of their choice. We did a little mary, a little merkins, an elbow plank challenge and finished with the J.Lo.



Thanks to the pax for putting up with my on-the-fly decisions. Thanks as always to Radar for the running commentary that keeps the Q on his toes. Love the intensity brought by The Mouth on the elbow challenge. Prohibition is looking fabulous with his beard and his conditioning is through the roof.

Until next time…

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