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Wristy Business

Aye, out of the Gloom came multiple Metro Clown Cars, gathering to check out the Union County phenomenon that is … Commitment. AP and OBT on the Q.

The Thang:

AP Leading: Mosey to open area.

COP with SSHs, squats, merkins (kind of), flutters.

Run to practice football field.

Four corners (10 merkins)
Four corners (20 knee-ups)
Four corners (10 burpees)
Four corners (10 Turkish Get-ups)

Mosey to game football field. Split into two groups.
Run to top of each stairwell and down. Five merkins.
Repeat until all bleachers completed.

Handoff to OBT.

OBT Leading: The Dirty MacDeuce

Set 1: Wide-Arms, LBCs, Mountain Climbers
1 lap around the track
Set 2: Stagger Merkins, R then L, Rosalita, Jumping Lunges
1 lap around the track
Set 3:  Jack Webbs (1 merkin, then 4 air presses x 12), Bicycles, Rock Hoppers
1 lap around the track
Set 4: Crab Rolls, Protractor, Burpees
1 lap around the track

Mosey back to the start for COT.

Spreadsheets from the Gloom:

_ AP: To me, the ultimate microcosm of F3 is the “lift-up workout.” Four years ago, I was out of town when The Rock’s workout started a trend that I say should never end. I’ve been on the receiving end of this while my M was recovering from a big surgery, and it’s one of the most powerful, moving experiences. I am and was honored to do this for Ice 9 and his M. Lots of Metro PAX in attendance. That was a testament to the man and his leadership.

_ OBT: Also great to see Bratwurst near his home turf. The Union County guys inform me that Marvin is the Eastover of Union County, so we really appreciate Brat’s willingness to slum with us over in hardscrabble Weddington.

_ AP: The first COP stalled a bit with a pinch in the wrist. I got deserved crap from the PAX/Incognitians for stopping the merkins and moving into something else. 50 flutters usually quiets the pax, and it did.

_ OBT: We had half of Team South Beach AND Pat Riley out for this workout, so Ice9 must be doing something right. Rumor has it the Black Tahoe got pulled over on 485 for an out-of-date license plate sticker and a trophy tied to the top of the vehicle; otherwise Cindy and 5-0 definitely would have been there.

_AP: LOVE this AO. Great for stairs, four corners, COPs, etc. Fun to do all of those.

_ OBT: All that, plus a nice track and a picturesque little bridge over the creek? I might need to look into those Union County taxes …

_BONUS: Chick-fil-a was doing free coffee day. Little did they know what hit them.

_ OBT: No one’s yet convinced me that Lizard’s Thicket in Cola isn’t the best Coffeeteria AO in all of F3, but … a trip to Commitment’s Chick-fil-A might be in order just to watch Ben Stein’s Money talk the counter girl into firing up the milkshake machine at 0745. Very strong.

_ T-Claps to Ice9 for what he has built with a ShovelFlag and a little #GingerLove. You guys have everything you need to build something great in UCo.

AP and OBT


Aye, the bell sounded and YHC posted at Spearhead for the first time to Q, courtesy of a kind invitation from Rucktard Nation.

The Thang:

Jog to football field, pull out Tabata timer for a full Ciabatta Cycle, Ruck-style (rucks up, unless otherwise noted):

1) Bear Crawl/Crab Walk (reverse ruck)/Lunges in rotation (use the 10-second rest to move your ruck as needed and change position)

2) Ruck Presses (from chest level, do an overhead press with the ruck; ruck remains at high chest during the 10-second rest periods)

3) Bottom-to-Bottom Squats (hold at the bottom of the squat during the rest period)

4) Ruck-ian Twists (rucks grounded, used like a medicine ball is used in Russian Twists; try to keep your feet off the ground during the rest periods)

5) He Sees Me … (sprints during the 20-second work period; drop to your belly, as in ‘He Sees Me … ‘ during the rest periods)

6) Four Minutes of Ruck Mary (rucks on chest for flutter kicks, Rosalita, high, slow flutter, LBCs, Freddie Mercury, leg raises, Hello Dolly, LBCs part deux)

7) Mountain Climbers

8) Tunnel of Ruck (a GRC707 fave … ‘We’re going to do a completely new exercise now … ‘)

Spreadsheets from the Gloom:

_ It was an honor and a privilege to lead this crew; I spend a lot of Friday mornings on the Front Porch in the WV doing Tabata exercises, so it was cool to do it instead with a ruck on and bring some ruck-style variations to the usual themes.

_ There was plenty of high-quality #mumblechatter, even during the super-smoker sets (Ruck Presses proved to be harder than I thought they would be, and the Ruck-ian Twists were no joke either) — there’s nothing like some high-quality Second F to get a man through a tough Ruck or F3 workout.

_ There was talk of a marathon ruck this weekend. I am most definitely OUT for that (I prefer my 26.2s with no extra weight), but I’m sure the Spearhead site will have details.